Language and Thinking

I think if you could speak Chinese and English equally well or any other Alphabet dependent languages then I think your abilities in mind will have a broader scope for you to see and understand the unseen side to you. The difference will be very difficult to measure and hence will go unappreciated but employers probably could sense a difference or weirdness in the way you think which can create more positive outcomes or contributions.

美术 – Art

I think what is happening with dual Chinese/English speakers is this:

The unseen side to them naturally opens up just by learning 2 languages that read differently. Chinese is a more pictorial Language and English is a verbal silent self-talking language and hence you are really naturally or unknowingly shaping this aspect of you in your mind:

Siri Perera’s answer to What is the difference between visual and verbal thinkers?

You can see here that you are just strengthening both your visual and verbal thinking side of your mind just because of how the 2 languages are read; one pictorial and the other verbally.

Of course, there are other routes to opening up your mind. Not via learning Languages but just by experiencing the different mind spaces using meditation and exploring other ways of thinking via the silent mind.

Other options to naturally delve into these silent mind spaces and having a dialogue with the processes of the mind and observing its limitations is via the Arts. Total freedom to create with nothing is not possible attitude and conscious awareness of the processes of the mind will show some of the limitations of the thinking mind. You will find that it can only create from the repository of its experiential and it cannot see outside this box. So everything it creates is just a puzzle of the old in itself. To find the “new” in oneself one needs to open up to the repository of the Cosmic mind where everything that already exists is stored and we feed off its repository for information. Opening up to the silent mind is essential for this via slowly becoming a Tathagata where the tangible and the intangible in you is seen clearly and a new way of thinking emerges in your mind. You can see how with learning the different languages you are also doing this naturally.

When the unseen side of you opens up you also get lucky and purely because you have increased the possibilities of things happening for you.

The evolution of the mind goes from this: naturally slow process…

to this: you can see how by opening up the unseen side of you via exploring the silent mind you have increased the possibilities for yourself by now accessing the repository of the Universal mind.

Brain consciousness interface:

manifesting the possibilities and probabilities of the unmanifested quantum mind. These are the 2 states which are in existence around us: our manifested world that we know so well and the unmanifested world of all potentialities from where with intention in our minds we ask for and receive and make use of to create our manifested world.

It gives us anything we ask for but the personality verbal thinking mind has to step down and be silent and with conscious awareness and intention in mind we can have a dialogue with Universal Brahman mind.

Here are some people in the past who knows how it works:

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb:

The above examples are just a couple of people who have opened up to the unseen side of them to access the repository of the Universal mind. There must be millions of people in the world who are of similar capabilities who are creating a world of their own and their futures as the numbers increase and their minds evolve. This is a natural progression and a phenomenon of the universal mind: it gives you what you ask for and allows you to create your world using your personality-driven verbal thinking mind and when it does not exists within the natural laws of the universe – it falls apart and then a new opportunity is given to choose the way one needs to live. I think this cycle exists until the subjective personality-driven verbal thinking mind understands what is required of itself to take into consideration when it plans and creates its living space.

31 January 2020


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As Times are a Changing

New ways of thinking are called for:

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb:

Becoming Godliness in mind is a natural process.

A portal into the Universe:

summer in winter, Adyar India.

Summer in winter accommodation:

So What’s new?

Let’s find out together.


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What has Buddhism taught her?

When a Buddhist nun (who had gone to University) was asked what has Buddhism taught her, her answer was:

The biggest thing that Dharma has taught me is that there is a world beyond our normal senses; a world that is absolutely vast and different from which lies at our feet. And much much more real!

And also that subtler world can be changed much easier and quicker than this coarse world we live in.

And that even though the most basic rules can be the same most other laws that govern the two worlds are very different.

The more we withdraw from our senses the better we can experience the reality of the world.

And that this physical body is a cage; a ball and a chain and an immense hindrance to our true selves and abilities.

Dharma has taught me to treat all beings equal and be vegetarian and the immense benefits you receive by it.

Buddha’s dharma has taught me that mind is the most impermanent thing and that it can be annihilated at will. 

She also made some interesting points about miracles: 

Well, there are 5 major types of miracles mentioned in the cannon.

clairvoyance (dibba chakku)

clairaudience (dibba sotha)

seeing in to past and future lives ( pubbe nivasanussati)

reading others minds (chetho pariya gnana)

performing physical miracles (such as walking on water, air, shapeshifting, conjuring things etc.) (iddhi vidha gnana)

While the former 4 are relatively easier to develop since it all are concerned with only the mind, the last one is very complex and requires an extremely strong samadhi and equanimity becasue it also concerns the coarser material world as well. 

The last miracle above of performing physical miracles is discouraged by many who have attained some amount of evolutionary benefits and powers of the mind, is because they find that people are only interested in seeing magic – stuff that the lower self can only dream of doing but make no effort to discover their minds, and hence is magic to them. But rather than take the evolutionary path, they prefere to take from others who have without they themselves making an effort. I have read some that those who have made the effort and their experience is that when they oblidge and then realise the reason for their popularity and stop performing, all they get is abuse in return and there in it is the dark side of the lower mind rising.  So best is if you have powers latent in you that show up during the evolutionary path of the mind, it is best to keep it under the hood. An occasional offering to wet the appetite might be allowed, as they say, to show that there is more to oneself and to what you can be, is allowed, I think. 

The effort is minimal to attain the state of silence in mind and allow the rest of you to merge with the Universal Matrix Cosmic Intelligence/mind is where the magic starts. What is stopping you is your own subjective personality driven mind. Give it up, if only temporarily for an experiential journey into the mind . That is all you have to do. It is much easier than you think when you realise that the frontline thinking mind has an anomaly in it that when used to your benefit can stop your thinking mind instantly and bring on the silent mind. You can then stay in this silence of mind for as long as you want by just making sure you have control over the silent flutter of your vocal cords. You will realise that your brain needs to hear what you want to think, so you have to silently verbalise your thoughts for you to think at all. When silent self talk stops, the mind become silent. This is a mechanical process to stop thinking and it is much easier than using a mantra, or concentrating on your breath etc. 

Allow the silent mind to find its true self – The “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. One can actually have a conversation with the Universal Mind via an intention in your silent mind and a kind of intuitive “sense of knowing” type of thinking as feedback – a completely totally tangible experience. Try it or your money back.

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Keiser Report

Max Keiser tells it as it is.


Krishnamurti mentioned here in this video above of Keiser report on at 18.13 minutes into the video. 

Episode E1493 is also interesting – end times are coming, Be prepared. The largest mass movement back to the land is about to start? 

A new way of thinking is required and a new mind:

Evolution of the thinking mind:

A new way of thinking together:

Thinking from the silent mind:


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Walking like Elvis

I saw this in a newspaper today:

Drawings, prints, collages, and sketches offer an intimate insight into what sparked the artist’s imagination.

So I see Picasso has an exhibition at the royal academy into how his mind worked and how his insight sparked his transformation from realism to cubism.

This below was Picasso with his early realistic work:

He went from this above to cubism. Picasso was always shape-shifting in his work and I would have loved to have been in his brain to see just how that insight came through for him to go from realism to shape-shifting cubism.

So what sparked the artist imaginations. Look at his drawings in this exhibition and see if we can spot that moment he had that aha eureka moment or did Picasso Walk like Elvis on Georges Braque’s insights. The initial spark of cubism was not from Picasso’s own mind. 

This was really the first cubist painting and it was painted by Braque. He had submitted 6 of this kind of paintings in an exhibition in Paris in 1908 to see if they would be chosen for the final show. Matisse was part of the jury.

All 6 of the painting he submitted were rejected.

 Matisse had said of Braques painting: “Braque has just sent in a painting made of little cubes.” The painting in question was almost certainly Houses at L’Estaque (1908), as yet unexhibited but neither unseen nor unheard. 

Matisse was not able to see the importance of Braque’s cubic paintings because it was not in his past in memory as a reference for him to compare it to. Such is the nature of insights which are totally “new”. They always are rejected by the mind, because there is nothing to compare it to, and hence are discarded and Matisse rejected the paintings in jest, not knowing its importance.

“After the dust had settled, Matisse remembered it as “really the first picture constituting the origin of cubism… We considered it as something quite new, about which there were many discussions.” Later still, he let slip a further significant detail. He had seen it not in Braque’s studio, but “in the studio of Picasso, who discussed it with his friends”. Picasso had borrowed it to study and to learn. Matisse and Picasso knew well enough that there was a third man in town – a new gun – slower, perhaps, but dangerous.”

“Braque’s rebellion had shattering implications. The audacity of this work, and the cool effrontery of its maker, propelled him into partnership with Picasso. He was the only artist ever to sustain such a relationship with that ravenous genius. They entered into an intense collaboration – at times almost cohabitation – legislating the future, vandalising the past, subverting western ways of seeing. The relationship lasted at least six years (1908 to 1914) on what might be called the conjugal model, and the rest of their lives (another 50 years) in remission. Its nature is not well understood: it was longer, more complex, more intimate and more evenly balanced than is often supposed.”

So Picasso and the judges now saw the significants of Braques insight and chose to learn from it and progress with it. But it is not the same when the “new” pops up in your head and gets embedded into the self and one gets transformed by it. Picasso would never have known what that felt like while he studied Braques paintings. 

Picasso was very famous for blatantly taking off others and Walking like Elvis with other peoples insights.

But it was Braque who should be walking like Elvis. Picasso would pursue Braque and work together with him but he could not make paintings as Braque did. 

 “It was Picasso who pursued Braque – more assiduously than any woman – and not the other way around. “Why doesn’t Braque come and join me?” he asked a friend, plaintively, in 1961. “I always keep a floor for him.” Picasso’s needs were visceral and overwhelming. His encounter with Braque was in some measure the most satisfying relationship of his life.”

  Ultimately, Picasso was jealous of the man himself. That Braque could do what he could not was a puzzle and a provocation. That Braque could be what he could not was a regular torment. Morally and metaphysically, Braque had a stature that was beyond rivalry, unapproachable. Braque invested heavily in being. “Few people can say: I am here,” he reflected wisely. “They look for themselves in the past and see themselves in the future.” He had an almost mystical aura about him, but he was the least delusional of men. He became le patron – detached, seclusive, inscrutable – master of the artless art. Tales of the mature Braque have a Zen-like ring to them. He was always suspicious of “talent” and insisted he had none. His dedication was complete. “Painting is an answer to everything,” he told Nicolas de Staël, “even success.” 

 From reality to abstraction and somewhere in between was cubism.

The year the world stood still was 1913 when Kandinsky crossed the line from reality to abstraction.

Art history would at times point out that it was Paul Cezanne who started that shift between realism to abstraction but it was Kandinsky who finally crossed the line in 1913 with the first abstract painting with a watercolour study for an oil painting.

But first, here is what they say of Cezanne, even before Braque’s (1908) first cubist painting:

 PAUL CÉZANNE: “Mount Sainte-Victoire view from Lauves”, 1904-06 – oil on canvas, 60- 72 cm. – Basel, Kunstmuseum.

Paul Cézanne painted many views of the Mount Sainte-Victoire in the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, and this beautiful work is one of the most developed versions of all them. We can say about this work that it is “cubist before the cubism”: the triangular mountain and the prairie elements -geographic or edificatory- acquire volume by the superposition of many chromatic planes.

Kandinsky’s painting below was the first to make the bold move into abstraction.

Kandinsky’s Composition VII watercolour study 1913

Kandinsky’s Composition VII 1913 oil painting after study above.

What triggered this transition from realism to abstraction:

Cezanne – 1904/1906

Braque – 1908

Kandinsky – 1913

All 3, walking like Elvis.


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The Extended Mind

Listen to your background noise. Learn how to read tonal modulations. 

If your brain needs to hear what you want to think so it can process your thoughts, then you can be certain that others are listening too. 

Coupling of the mind-body to its living space creates an extended mind that can be heard when it is thinking.

In self-talk thinking, we have to silently speak what we want to think for the brain to first hear what we want to think for it to process our thoughts. Self-talk thinking does not sound like we speak but it sounds like a modulating tone. If you want to see what it sounds like keep your mouth and lips shut and try and speak – what you hear is an amplified version of self-talk thinking. All it takes is a silent flutter of the vocal cords for it to sound in your chest cavity and in your head for your brain to hear what you want to think – the brain listens first and hears the internal tonal modulations and understands what you are thinking and then it processes your thoughts.

Try not to simultaneously silently speak what you want to think and see if you can think at all. This also applies to reading. Observe the slight flutter of your vocal cords of what you are reading. Comprehension is difficult if you also do not silently speak what you read. It seems with the brain it is sound first. You speak aloud, it hears you and it understands what it hears and processes it. When you read, you silently speak what you read so it hears you and understands what you are reading and processes it. So it is with verbal thinking: it needs to hear you first so it can process your thoughts.

If your brain needs to hear what you want to think then you can be certain that others are listening too. 

There are other forms of thinking, like pictorial thinking. Just watching images in mind kind of thinking. Then there is intuitive thinking. These are all non-interactive thinking but not verbal thinking: Verbal thinking is an interactive form of thinking. It can take an observation and turn it into something else completely different from where it started. It is the spinner and the powerhouse of the creative process. It is the thinking process that takes a fact and turns it into a lie. It creates a construct or an idea. All your other forms of thinking cannot do this; they can only observe.

Verbal thinking creates all the lies that are sitting beside all the facts or the Truth in you. The subjective mind was created by the verbal thinking mind. No two lies are the same in any one of us. Give us just one fact and any one verbal thinking mind can spin it into a 100 different constructs or ideas. Every single one is a version of the same lie.

If you can see this you just cannot imagine what wonders await you with the advent of the silent mind. Just stop silently speaking what you want to think and the mind is instantly silent with no more thoughts. The silent mind only observes.

The visual-spatial learner model is based on the newest discoveries in brain research about the different functions of the hemispheres. The left hemisphere is sequential, analytical, and time oriented. The right hemisphere perceives the whole, synthesizes, and apprehends movement in space. We only have two hemispheres, and we are doing an excellent job teaching one of them. We need only become more aware of how to reach the other, and we will have happier students, learning more effectively.

Choose your advantage from the puzzle above and allow your mind to evolve is what science is saying. You can recite ancient scriptures from yesterday all your life but today has moved on with the sciences. The advantage is to put them both together.

26 January 2020


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Night Train

I took the above picture using a simple digital Canon camera and was surprised at the results. It was an electric train with its cables above driving the train. The pic shows the electric sparks perhaps coming off the electrical cable above BUT I did not see any of these sparks from the bridge above. Only the camera manifested these sparks. Just like the eye is designed to capture only specific frequencies to reveal our world in front of us BUT what about the stuff that we do not see that lies outside our operating frequencies. There are limitations of our body-mind and soul that we cannot access. So our reality is limited. So what is the Truth? What is the whole? Our manifestations itself is an illusion of sorts because it is a translation of the eye to create an image for us. In reality, we are probably all energy-based. What would we look like if not for the eye translating these frequencies?

Spirit: painting, oil on canvas, 6ft x 5ft

or for what we cannot see or the eye cannot translate:

Painting, oils on canvas: 6ft x 5 ft.

Your living space generates a “synthetic consciousness” which runs in tandem with the natural laws of the universe. So where is the Truth?


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Becoming Godliness in Mind

The spanner in the works in spirituality is thinking. One can string along as many thoughts as possible during meditation and all one is doing is just staying persistently in the “I” in you. The idea is to get away from one’s thoughts and see if there are other mind spaces in existence from which we can think. That is why we meditate is it not; to experience the “dream of existence” itself and see that it is all the play of the thinking mind. Nothing out there is changing. It is all created and changing only in our minds.

Only Ramana Maharshi kept it simple with thoughts. Thinking is the Judas in the Jesus story. One can see what hanging on to your thoughts can do to you let alone hanging on to them during meditation.

You see the similarities between the image below and the Jesus/judas pic above:

Ramana Maharshi showed us the difference between the Jesus mind and the Judas mind. Ramana Maharshi (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950)  was a sage from the south of India. Found a cave in a hill called Arunachala, when he was a child and made it his home in a town called  Tiruvannamalai. 

He started young:


I visited this Ashram around 2015 and stayed for about a week. I noticed more spiritual tourist than compared to the other places I had visited in the south of India. Of all the things I remember vividly when there was when I was having a free lunch at the Ashram. I was seated on the floor, crossed legged, eating my food quietly and contemplating silently in my mind. I noticed that someone had come and sat opposite me but as you do you just don’t want to be rude and look up and continued with my lunch head lowered so nothing around me was a distraction while I enjoyed my vegetarian meal. Soon after, unknowingly and without any intention in mind, I looked up while chewing my food and almost choked on it when I saw opposite a lady, probably in her late 20’s, her blouse unbuttoned halfway down her chest and I think she was in shorts and I can understand why as it can get hot in the south of India at certain months of the year. I cannot remember much else of the Ashram. I know I did walk around the hill and even sat in the cave where Ramana spent most of his life. 

There was and still is something about Ramana where he did not make spiritualism unnecessarily complicated so it was out of reach for us. He said it as it is: just get rid of your thoughts and nothing else needed as probably all else will follow. I remember reading a blog where a European gentleman said he wanted to know about spiritualism and read one book after the other because he told himself I will be enlightened and when he came to Ramana Maharshi and saw this:

He stopped reading any further. He probably realised the processes is very simple.

Basically what he is saying is this: Just shut down your thinking mind and be in that silent space and everything else just naturally follows through as the mind opens up and with conscious awareness, you get to see that everything is just a “dream of existence” and all is just an illusion of the mind and yet behind the Lie is the Truth in you which is your true self and part of the “intelligence” of the Cosmic Mind. 

 You can see why he says to just get rid of your thoughts because the frontline thinking mind is noisy, disruptive, subjective and it creates the lie in you. Leave the personal “I” behind and your thoughts and inherit a silent mind.

Then you see all these mind spaces open up:

Ramana says:

My 2 pennies worth which was an epiphany in me was when I realised that thinking was sound first. That brain needed to hear what you want to think for it to process your thoughts. This is an anomaly you can use to have a silent mind anytime you want. So if you use this anomaly to your advantage and just refuse to silently self-talk first what you want to think so your brain cannot hear you then you will find that instantly the mind falls into silence. As Ramana says, “While his hands are in society, he keeps his head cool in solitude”. Now it is very easy to drop your thoughts and bring on a silent mind. It is very easy to remain silent in mind all day long and “keep your head cool in solitude” while you go about your daily activities while keeping psychological thinking at bay or when the mind wants to spin a lie from an observation watch the flutter of your vocal cords so there is no self-talk as a prerequisite to thinking. It is easier to stop a mechanical process of self-talk than to remind oneself not to think. The function of the mantra in cross-legged meditation is just this: to distract you away from self-talk thinking. 

There is also pictorial thinking for you to deal with in a silent mind, the flow of images across your mind that need to also end but pictorial thinking has no anomaly that you can use to stop this flow of images in your mind. Only time and the longer you spend in the silent space will the images start to fall off the “screen” and the mind is then on its way to the end where it just disappears into nothingness and no-mind and no memory where you have been. There is an intuitive thinking wave which runs all along this process which also disappears towards the end. 

But then there is also this to observe: what is the source of all your thoughts and pictorial images as you travel the journey to the ends of the silent mind.  Where do thoughts (self-talk thinking), pictorial images (pictorial thinking) and intuitive thinking: where is their source from whence they arise. Is your mind in your brain or outside of you in the ether/matrix?

Stay consciously aware in the higher mind while the verbal thinking mind has been forced to step down.

Go global and allow the mind to become part of the Cosmic mind after the personality verbal thinking mind had stepped down.

As the mind becomes closer to and more like the matrix which surrounds it then it is able to interact with the intelligence of the Cosmic Mind and make changes to our living space:

The brother/sisterhood is created when more of us are part of our true self and the Universe: all lined up in mind to the same centre.

Evolution of the mind has a very tangible outcome when it lines up with the Cosmic Mind and its intelligence: more luck is created as more probabilities possibilities are manifested from the matrix.

The more we are like the natural laws of the Universe, the more luck comes our way. We communicate with the intelligence of the Universe for our needs via intuitive thinking and an intention in mind.

At the end of this mind journey we have become Tathg’s:

Buddha was a:


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Epiphany – What is “Speak Thinking”

Your mind has other spaces, but you might not know about them. They hide behind the noise in your mind. You have to find these spaces so you can open up your mind to different other ways of thinking. There are spaces outside high up in the sky and spaces inside your mind, hidden from you.

They say that we only use about 10% of our mind. Can we increase it so more of our minds can be used for thinking? Do those other mind spaces think the same way as our frontline mind think, or do they think differently?

So let’s find out. You understand the mind you have now. There is psychological thinking, pictorial thinking, intuitive thinking and also ways the mind can spin itself to create things for you. These are all different types of thinking.

There is a kind of thinking where you have to silently speak what you are thinking for you to think at all. These two processes are linked together. If you force yourself not to silently speak what you are thinking at the same time, you will find that you cannot think at all. Here is the epiphany: I realised, with this anomaly, I could stop thinking instantly and bring on a silent mind anytime I want. From thinking to no thinking instantly – just silence in my mind. I could go for days with no thoughts in my mind by just watching the flutter in my vocal cords. 

Psychological thinking comes into this category. It is thinking of this and that when anxiety fills your mind of the past in you or if you are planning what to do in the future. Sometimes you have to think to build up an idea in your mind – and here too you have to simultaneously silently speak what you want to think for you to think at all. It is a strange phenomenon where it is as if the brain has to hear what you want to think for it to know your thoughts so it can process what you want. If the brain does not hear you, then it cannot process your thoughts. You can try forcing yourself to not also self-talk what you want to think and see what that feels like when thinking comes to a standstill. There is no movement in mind. Thinking stops. The mind is just silent. Thoughts have disappeared.

Psychological thinking and the other types of thinking creates a lot of noise in your mind behind which are hidden other spaces in your mind. If you want to open up your mind, so you have a higher percentage of your mind to work for you and if you want to see what is behind all that noise in your present mind then you need to shut down all your thinking in your current mind to see what is behind it.

There are different ways to shut down your present mind of thoughts. Just remove all your thoughts from your mind. You can do this in different ways. One is to use a mantra and meditate, and this will distract you from thinking and can bring on a silent mind with no thinking. But you will be stuck in the corner of the room with your legs crossed and nowhere to go. If you look closely at the process of meditation and the process of thinking and see if there is another way to stop thinking while you are in a walking talking mode doing your daily activities.

There is an anomaly in your thinking process where thinking is tied up biologically with the fact that you have to silently speak what you are thinking for you to have to think at all. This phenomenon is an anomaly in us. It is as if the brain has to hear what you are thinking for it to know what you are thinking so it can process the information. So if you break this link between silently speaking your thoughts and thinking – you will find that you cannot think anymore. The purpose of the mantra in cross-legged meditation is to distract the mind away from silently having to speak what it wants to think. You do not have to cross your legs anymore in the corner of the room if you want to stop thinking and “meditate”. You can do it anytime. Just watch the flutter of your vocal cords working during the thinking process and try and stop them intentionally from working and you will find you cannot think anymore.

What I am saying is that these vocal cords are repeating what you are thinking. If you intentionally stop these vocal cords working then, thinking stops. You can use this anomaly to come to a silent mind by stopping all thinking.

What happens when the mind becomes silent? You will find a new space behind that thinking mind of yours. The thinking that you know of, of this and that is gone. You do not generate thoughts anymore in this space, BUT there is a different kind of thinking at work. It is an intuitive stream thinking still at work. It is a streaming with intention in mind. If you ask a question with intention and the answer is given via streaming of information, but no thinking as sorts from your previous body-mind. This happens for as long as you have an intended intention in mind. It is stream thinking in a very quiet space with no thoughts as you knew them before. You are just listening with an intuitive-ear to understand what is being “said”. It is still silent thoughts but it is intuitive in nature — it is there and you know what is being said and the vocal cords are silent/still so it is not coming from your normal frontline body-mind thinking. If you are silently talking while you receive these thoughts, then you know you are generating them with your own mind. If you get yourself into silent mode – the thoughts are all from another realm. It seems that way. You still need to observe and watch its operating system to try and understand the phenomenon of the universe and its relation to your mind and body and to understand the source of this stream thinking intuitive thoughts.

My impression is that all the streaming is true and correct. It just passes on the Truth of things to you. No thinking by you is needed. If true, then what is its source? When you can enter this space and live in it for a while, try and find out what the mystics say about this other world that is in you, as to your rational world mind. When you use both minds together – both with different types of thinking have you increased the capacity of your mind? Are you using more of your brain/mind. 2 spaces instead of one. What can you do with two mind spaces together? How does “speak thinking” in mind-1 compare to mind-2’s stream thinking with intention?

So now are there other spaces for you to explore. I find that perhaps this space in mind is an evolutionary space. I am saying this because with spending more time in this space, I find that all the pictorial images that were in the previous self-talking mind and which encroached into the silent mind will also slowly disappear and in that sense, it is evolutionary.

The mystics have taken this state of Samadhi to its extremes and into a silent space of nothingness. I gather you can push it to its end and with it into a state of stupor of nothingness. You are trying to find mind spaces, and the end could be extraordinarily nothing such that the body cannot function off its mind.

So perhaps the idea is to find that sweet spot of a type of thinking that will serve you well in everyday life and work off it. Body-mind thinking in space-one for practical purposes, crossing the road thinking, kitchen preparing a meal thinking and so on. Reading the newspaper, you need to silently speak what you are reading for the mind to know what you have just read. It is sound first remember. You try reading the newspaper or a book without your vocal cords also having to silently speak what you are reading. You can scan the words with your eyes but trying to understand what you have just read with your eyes without you also silently speaking the words – it is almost impossible. Since it is also sound first with reading for comprehension, is a good indication that the brain needs to hear you to understand or know what you are reading. Self-talk in reading and also with thinking and the obvious, speaking aloud, so I listen to you and hence understand you – all sound first for brain processing and understanding.

Mind space-2 with silence in mind – streaming with intention – only the Truth shows up here from its repository in the ether. There is no conflict in mind in the silent mind with intuitive stream thinking, as anything and everything that appears in this space is true. It is a listen-only type of thinking with no spinning of what the mind receives.  You have to intent a question in mind and the repository will know what you want. If you write a sentence down – the next line comes naturally with no effort on your part. You can use this phenomenon in many different ways with your daily activities and see how it works and study its movements. Try and find and know the source of this repository of all things where everything is TRUE.

As high as the sky and into Mars with a Tesla and deep into the mind into Samadhi or anywhere in between where you want to visit and stay for a while.

The intuitive mind, when separated from the self-talking mind and used exclusively, can connect one to the repository of the universe and its natural laws, where all things are true.

The question one needs to ask is are these states mystical in nature and only for the mystics or are they processes of the mind and it is for everyone to discover. The advantage is to know thyself and the limitations of the self-talking mind as you know it and find the other spaces in mind and get on with your life. You have set the evolutionary pattern of the mind to continue after coming out of the noise of the body-mind via silence and then functioning normally with more spaces of the mind at hand and then in the background the evolutionary process of the mind is switched on and on its way.

I love these mind games. You never know what you will find.

So what are the implications of separating the self-talking mind and the intuitive mind and using them separately?

What are the implications of realising this epiphany?

“Speak Thinking” – where one has to silently speak what one is thinking for one to have to think at all. When the light is distracting during a quiet moment, one draws the curtains to stop the distraction to the mind. When one meditates, one sits in a dark room in a quiet corner. To get connected to the universal mind, one finds a quiet corner in the mind and how it does this is by isolating the noisy self-talking psychological thinking mind and working off the silent intuitive thinking mind. 

The self-talking mind is not sent to the bins but is left in the periphery of the mind, silenced when not in use and we know how to shut the self-talking mind down by just stopping self-talking what one wants to think. It is a walking talking type of meditation and use it any time of the day and all day long 24/7, a silent mind with just awareness and intention in mind to connect to the repository of the universal mind. You can see why we have always been all one, united through the ether, but separated by the noisy self-talking mind.

What are the implications in the Arts and Innovation? The discovery has a broad spectrum of influence. It changes everything. In its simplicity comes great transformation in the human psyche in unifying the beast it is now, with their chaotic minds of this and that all because of the self-talking mind that perpetuates the psychological thinking process. The human race, when united by a small shift in its psyche, by a simple discovery to the inner workings of the thinking process, can now go straight to the source of the powerhouse that is its mind and shift its thinking by just watching its vocal cords like using a mantra during cross-legged meditation.

Imagine with the advent of the silent mind unifying the human race via intuitive awareness resulting in little conflict among the races and the countries. Looking ahead into the future who would have thought that such a simple observation hidden in the crevices of the mind would have transformed the world when centuries of evolution via the self-talking mind as we know it only just maintained the chaos in the world. Imagine all that money spent on weapons to protect the line drawn in the sand to separate people who are different from each other. It is time to swing the dragon, the self-talking mind, by its tail and send it into exile, and use the verbal thinking mind only when needed, and create a new baseline for the mind, to be the silent intuitive mind.

You see, I think not many people know this: Meditation is of no use if you still have a noisy mind. Meditation with a noisy mind only gives temporary relief to psychological thinking, just like all pleasures with the frontline of the mind. But if your mind has already been silenced by stopping self-talk thinking and experienced that space for a while, and then you introduce meditation to it: it takes you to the next level, to the abyss of the mind that you have not yet encountered, hidden from you by the noisy self-talking mind.

One needs a walking-talking type of meditation where one can spend more time in this silent intuitive space to be able to experience how intuitive stream thinking works. There are times when the streaming stops as it evolves, and the mind space becomes completely silent like a void in the mind. This, I feel, is that leap into the void. It is that existence with nothingness in mind, where the self completely disappears. 

Your past now a distant past. You forget all your experiences. That personality which was only an illusion, has disappeared. You are at the edge of your mind with an abyss of nothingness below – and everything you experience here will be “new”. One is now part of the universal mind. One has dealt with the limitations of the self-talk thinking mind as you know it.

Leap into the void:

In this silent space, the mind has access to all possibilities and probabilities of the quantum space, where everything is possible and could be called upon by just the intention in mind and receiving a reply from the repository of the ether, where all the thinking has been done for us as per natural law, like the workings of one large biotech quantum computer.

Seeing from the edge.

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Judas in the Mind

Is the story of Jesus really the story of the mind: The story of the Truth in the Lie in us humans? 

Is free will, or thinking itself, the real Judas in the mind?

Jesus the silent Cosmic being of the mind and Judas, the renegade and the traitor of the silent mind, chaotic and disruptive.

 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.  Romans 1:20  

Blessed are those who see their thinking mind for what it is:

 Blessed are those who find wisdom,
those who gain understanding.
 Proverbs 3:13  

The Truth in the Lie in us. Set your minds on the illusions you create with your thinking mind:

 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  Colossians 3:2 

Work off the repository of the Universal Mind and it will give you what you want. Create your own lucky mind when you embrace silence in mind:

 Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.
 Proverbs 16:3  

 search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.
 Psalm 139:23-24 

 He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”  Mark 7:20-23 

Jesus worked off the Cosmic mind and not his own thinking mind:

 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
 Isaiah 55:8 

Renew the mind? Know the full spectrum of your mind:

 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12:2 

 I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.  .1 Corinthians 1:10 

How different is the above from this:

 A person may think their own ways are right,
but the Lord weighs the heart.
 Proverbs 21:2 

Sure the Cosmic mind knows what you are thinking and all saved in its memory:

 You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
you perceive my thoughts from afar.
 Psalm 139:1-2  

Only from the silent mind will you know Godliness:

 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.  Matthew 6:7 

Give up your frontline verbal thinking minds:

 Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become “fools” so that you may become wise.  1 Corinthians 3:18 

 For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.  1 Corinthians 2:11 

 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.  1 Peter 1:13  

Be free of your thinking mind and embrace silence:

 Let the wicked forsake their ways
and the unrighteous their thoughts.
Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,
and to our God, for he will freely pardon.
 Isaiah 55:7 

 Did you nail this guy called Jesus on a cross?  What were you guys thinking? 

Jesus: painting, oil on unprimed linen, 6ft x 5ft 


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