Hasta la vista, ego

When a question merits a standard reply but then you give it a minute to let the mind tell you otherwise because the mind is all of these questions asked and should know the true answer for this question. So leave it to the mind to decide. Keep yourself out of it for just a minute or so. The EGO is not going to be happy. When the mind is totally silent the ego just has lost it and it loses its power somewhat. The power of the ego is when the mind is spinning itself with verbal thinking. The ego, trying to make answers by spinning a question it gets in its mind and it works hard to give you an answer. More importantly, the ego keeps you safe. When someone is coming at you with a knife it is the ego that is telling you, hey nuts start running and save yourself. If it was awareness it is not going to save you from a dangerous situation, it is just going to be watching and being aware. Awareness will say, a man with a knife in the distance. Man with a knife coming closer very quickly. Man with a knife next to me and the ego would have its hand on its head and saying, run you nuts, as you wake up from the stupor of awareness and get away just in time.

If you are in the spiritual path then the ego-mind might be a distraction. But if your life depended on it, the ego will be there for you to save you. It will show you the dangers. Awareness just observes them and the ego takes the observations and creates a solution for you.

Let’s face it, everything which has evolved in you will have a reason for being there. It is just at times they do come in the way and cross paths and start being a nuisance and at other times can be right nasty, the ego, when their powers are being taken away by conscious awareness.

The robust and subtle should learn to live with each other as they both have their uses.

And, one should leave the mind in silence at times, to give you your answers, rather than leave it to the robust noisy ego-mind to get ahead of itself and over the brain of the Universal Mind. All the ego does apart from keeping you alive is to create this illusionary world in your mind and it only does this to protect its own illusionary world.

If the ego starts to bother you and wants to start chatting to you as in psychological thinking then just bring on the silent mind. This curtals the ego-mind and its verbal thinking ways.

Hasta la vista, ego!


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Subconscious Mind

Where is it?

The personality-driven self-talking noisy verbal thinking mind camouflages everything in our mind such that we have to invent the word subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the deeper recesses of your silent mind. If you want to know what is happening in your subconscious mind shut down your verbal thinking mind and try and remain silent for as long as possible. Initially just slightly difficult to be aware of the slight flutter of your vocal cords while you are trying to remain silent and devoid of thoughts but it gets easier with time. No need for cross-legged meditation. Just go along with your daily activities and keep all thoughts out of your mind by making sure you don’t silently speak what you want to think in verbal thinking. Take my word for it that after a few weeks you will have to remind yourself if you want to think. Ones your silent mind has set in you, it gets increasingly comfortable with the situation in time and you will find that thinking and the silent mind state has flipped over. 

The silent mind starts to become normal and you start to get comfortable with the situation. I am not sure if epigenetics gets involved here where habits or states of mind are made normal with practice where the DNA starts flipping switches to allow your prefered state of mind to remain frontline, and I think that is why time makes things easier. You will find that once you have allowed the silent mind to set in then you can sit back and enjoy the ride as all else comes through on autopilot with only conscious awareness. The subconscious mind will start to rise and everything that has been hidden from you with the chaos of the frontline verbal thinking mind will rise as pictorial thinking or as images in the mind. They call these images your samskaras. Stuff hidden away in you will start to create anxiety in you and trouble you with a kind of psychological pictorial thinking. 

Try and find all your mind spaces until there is just a no-mind state of being, where all thinking has stopped and you are just in the presence of pure consciousness. Any further and you fall over the edge of darkness with no memory of where you have been. So not worth going there as you won’t remember anything about where you have been. Stay at the edge of thinking and in a samadhi no-mind state of being but still aware of your surroundings and in a state of choiceless observation. A restful state of being and communicating with the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind.

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Can fine arts transform thinking?

It sure can! It can do more than just development. It will transform it completely into something totally new. This is what will happen if you treat the Arts, not as just entertainment but a tool for self-discovery.

Art a sacred space:

To discover the self the mind needs to see itself by having a dialogue with an another. Art is a process you can have a dialogue with to show the limitations of the thinking mind and why one needs to open it up to discover the truly “new” in oneself. You will find if you keep the discovery of the “new” in you as a priority that the self-talking verbal thinking mind which is the spinner of the creative process has its limitations. It can seem only to operate off its past experiential self as its database. It cannot seem to come out of this cocoon hence nothing truly blindly “new” will come out of this use only of the personality-based self-talking verbal thinking mind.

The mind needs to open up to the silent mind to find the truly new.

You can find the action of Truth only by listening to the voice of the silent mind for the truly “new” in the repository in the Universe and not the local thinking mind. Basically, it is coming off your local mind and working off the repository of a greater Mind:


Spirit mind:

The collection:

This series of capturing the shadow on canvas using photo emulsion as a binder for pigment had a high probability of chance in it for creating the final image. The idea for the process was adapted from screen printing without using the screens to print any of these images. It was the direct capture and layering of different patterns of shadows on the canvas. Without going into details each layer manifested needed to be prepared and sealed or not before the next later was manifested etc. It was complete joy in me to see how chance had a big part to play in the making of these paintings. My thinking mind had a small part to play in the overall look of the canvas and it had no control over what was manifested.

But the idea did come from a screen print of an image of a chair overlapping each other until the image of the chair disappeared and was not recognisable any more:

It is like the personality losing itself to another space in the silent mind:

Not very different from this process of transformation in the mind from the local personality-driven verbal thinking mind to the silent mind and access to the greater repository of the Universal Mind:The action of Truth and insight: having an epiphany, while manifesting all probabilities and possibilities from nothingness in the Universal Mind: 

And finally, the mind balancing out with the tangible and the intangible in itself:

All through having a dialogue with the process of making art.

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Brain: What’s the Question?

 Recently, I read that thinking is the simple concept of asking ourselves questions and answering them. What is the scientific evidence behind that? 

 Why do you need scientific evidence? You can just check it out for yourself.

Verbal thinking where thinking is only possible unless you ALSO silently speak what you want to think. If not you cannot think at all or ask-think-a-question and answering it.

Ues this anomaly to get a silent mind and find other ways of thinking. You will be surprised by what you find.

The magic starts when verbal thinking stops!

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Synchronisation of Population

This has always been the purpose of Mysticism: synchronisation:

Its main purpose is to organise the subjective verbal thinking mind.  It is part of the evolutionary process of the mind.

You can easily see the pattern in our minds which matches the pattern in society as a whole and hence its actions externally. How can a chaotic mind create a peaceful society? There has to be a central source of transformation that is of the individual who should be responsible for his own transformation.

The source of most problems is the subjective mind. The verbal thinking mind. The creator of the lie’s in the Truth in oneself. It needs to be understood and see it for what it is by finding your true inner self which is part of the energy of this Cosmos and the Universal Mind and its natural laws.

The way to find it is to give up your verbal thinking mind and allow the self to find its other mind spaces:

The pattern of transformation:

Find yourself alone with your intuitive mind and communicate with the Universe:

Find the silent powers latent in you.

Art can find the pattern:


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Overpower Anxious Thoughts

Firstly you have a noisy mind and quiet mind:

There is verbal thinking and here is pictorial thinking and there is Intuitive thinking.

You only have these 3 types of thinking to deal with, so why are you having difficulty in stopping these thoughts.

These are 3 different types of thinking. If you want to stop something you need to find an anomaly in the process and then use it to stop the process instantly.

Let’s take them one at a time:

Verbal thinking is responsible for most of the noise in your mind. It is not only an observer like the other 2 but it is also a spinner. It can take an observation and spin it into 100 different things. It is the thinking behind the creative force. It is the thinking behind psychological thinking which generates anxiety out of all the lies it creates. It will take a small problem in your head, an anxious thought and create a catastrophe out of it. But this verbal thinking has an anomaly in its process and it is its weak point that you can take advantage of to stop this type of thinking instantly. Its anomaly is that when the mind has to spin a thought it needs to also simultaneously silently speak what it wants to think for it to think at all. If it does not self-talk at the same time what it wants to think then it cannot think. So watch the slight flutter of your vocal cords during this type of thinking. Force yourself not to self-talk and you cannot think. In meditation that is why they use a mantra – it distracts the mind away from self-talk and the mind goes silent.

So, that is some major noise in your mind that you have taken care off. But you still have pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking. These 2 forms of thinking are only observational forms of thinking. They are not spinners like verbal thinking. They can only observe. Images going past in your mind and you just watch them and acknowledge them but you cannot take them and spin them into something else. Intuitive thinking gives you that sense of knowing or intuition. It is not pictorial is it but its thing is this sense of knowing kind of feeling. You will find these 2 types of thinking lingering in your silent mind after you have shut down your verbal thinking mind. These 2 guys to me don’t have any anomalies in them which we can take advantage of to shut them down instantly like verbal thinking. But I found that the longer you remain in the silent mind then slowly they start to drop off the mind. Pictorial thinking, or the image thinking, will first disappear from your mind. Intuitive thinking will linger on a bit longer until it disappears and what’s left is the no-mind state. A no-mind state of “being”. The mind is totally silent and it just is. You can go on like that for the whole day. Give your mind a rest. Peace. And if left longer like that it has been known to disappear altogether and with no memory of where you have been when it comes back.

The Buddhist calls this whole spectrum of the mind the “Dream of existence”. Your whole external world is only a mental construct and you can take it to its edge before it leaps into the void of darkness and disappears.

So, why can you not overcome your anxious thoughts in your mind?

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The Collective Extended Mind


I am looking for an underlying baseline function of everything. I am hoping that this will give me a big picture of how the natural world operates and hence it will make it much easier for me to navigate every function that is riding on top of this basic function wave.

The baseline will be a line drawn through this whole article. Put it to a test and it will explain everything because it is the underlying process discovered through the past and is part of the collective extended mind in the ether and part of the natural laws of the Universe and its own unchanging repository.

Things to consider are:

The Natural law of the Universe.

The baseline for body-mind and how it works.

How these different entities couple to each other.

I am navigating some of this from experiential information and some from lectures I have been too and some from reading knowledge.

I obtained some experiential information from the dialogue between my mind and the process of making art in a studio. This has shown me the spectrum of my mind, and its limitations and what it means by “the dream of existence” in Buddhism. Mind constructs. The “new” in mind from insights.

My entry point to this narrative if from Rupert Sheldrake’s idea of where the mind is located and also the nature of the repository of the Cosmic Mind. This is what he says:

Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems (other humans that came before us).

We all live off a collective memory of the same species. It is not just your memory or mine, but we work off all of them collected over the years and it is stored in the ether and acts as an extended mind.

The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance. Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains…..


And biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.

Memory is part of the cosmic repository. The collective memory is stored in the ether.

And here what are the characteristics of the natural law of nature:

In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits.

Morphic Resonance

Here he is suggesting that natural laws “are more like habits” means that they are unthinking in nature. There is an administrative element to them in maintaining the balance. It cannot recognise or choose between you and me. It other aspects it is possible they work like AI (artificial intelligence)as the extended collective mind is self-learning because he suggests in the video that as each of us learns something new and unknowingly contributes to the collective mind, then the others coming after and attempting the same process finds it much easier to do as the information is already in the collective memory. You can find this in most learning processes as it is much easier on the second pass. So you can see why this can almost be true:

One can start a behavioural pattern and others attempting the process will find it a lot easier. Imagine Buddha and everything he had to go through and today we just cross our legs and meditate to find out what he discovered. Jesus, Lao Tse, and the rest of them and all the unknowns contributing every day to the collective memory which we are feeding off.

So there is a baseline to the cosmic repository which includes our collective extended minds. It also includes programs to many of the processes of human evolution. It includes everything that is blindingly “new” to us that we do not know about and only waiting to be discovered. It includes the future and our evolutionary path waiting to be discovered and we can only come to these by discovering our way through it. There is us creating our collective minds memory and there is the Cosmic mind memory containing all, including the future. We in the body-mind find the “new” by being silent and becoming like the fabric of the Cosmic Mind.

The evolution of our minds.

So what then is our mind and body:

Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past.

The body-mind is only a transmitter and a receiver.

Manifesting the “new” and the future from all probabilities and possibilities.

and when the mind is totally silent with no-mind:

The mind-body thinking processes:

The baseline will be a line drawn through this whole article. Put it to a test and it will explain everything because it is the underlying process discovered through the past and is part of the collective extended mind in the ether and part of the natural laws of the Universe and its own unchanging repository.

That is why the mystics have always said: we are all ONE.

One species, one collective mind, one Universe.

It is only this that separates us: The irony is that if it is created locally in one’s mind then it is also in the collective mind and the only way I can explain this is that the opposites are created and exist in the collective mind is so we can understand the middle way.

The precursor to the “Action of Truth”: listening to the voice of the silence.


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