Birth of various contemporary art forms

It was a spiritual experience that changed form in Art.

Art history followed the discoveries we made in the thinking process.

The archaeologists are already saying that the human mind completed most of its brain evolution very early on in the evolution of the human species. Examples they are that 5000 years ago Buddha was already a clever man as he enquired deeply about the mind and how one can elevate suffering. All in your mind he said. You created all this suffering from your own mind.

They say the brain developed in leaps and bounds. Our brains were already fully developed even before we came out of Africa. The human species migrated to other lands and through collaboration with others we invented culture and languages. Languages and culture came later after the brain was fully developed. That is what the archaeologist are inferring from human fossils.

The creative process was well on its way when the different cultures were created. Creating art and creating culture – same thing. Artists only created abstraction in art at or around 1913 by an artist called Kandinsky. Artists crossed the line from reality to abstraction in 1913. Something happened here in the mind, when this happened and what was it.

Kandinsky wrote a book called “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” at around this time. I think it was a spiritual experience which forced this shift into abstraction. It was an experience of the mind and a different way of seeing. It was from here they followed a journey in the mind and the form in art was an interpretation of this journey in the mind.

This was his painting in oils (he did make studies in watercolour first) called “Composition VII” which was considered the first abstract painting.

This was the watercolour study for the painting above in oils:

Art is starting to follow the thinking mind spaces? The spiritual experience is about seeing the unseen in oneself. The shift into abstraction was about the discovery of the unseen in oneself. One does not celebrate this discovery by a realistic painting but rather having to give up realism for abstraction. They realised that there was a spiritual reality which can only be captured by form which did not have any narrative aspects to it.

The road map of the thinking mind will show you the different mind spaces culminating in the spiritual experience:

Body-mind frequencies.

You notice there are 3 processes which follow this same route:


Meditation and


So when we think about art we will be going through these same mind spaces.

So this was what Kandinsky was trying to do. He was trying to capture this sense of mind in a painting. So the process of art when crossing the line of the real in your thinking mind, enters the abstract concept of the unseen in you. When these artists realised there was a route from the verbal thinking mind to the silent mind and to the Cosmic intelligence and their minds had access to all these mind spaces, their thinking about form in art also changed.

Then came Jackson Pollock in the 1950’s


and then there was Willem De Kooning,

Kandinsky was the first to cross the line from the real into abstraction. From the real in the frontline thinking mind to the unseen in us via the silent mind.

It was a spiritual experience which changed form in Art.

In its time a new culture in Art was created at around the turn of the last century. This art form would not have been accepted unless a large part of the population had also gone through the same spiritual experience that the artist went through. We have never been the same again since then and more experiences of the mind waiting to be discovered in the future to create shifts in external form and the way we live in the future.


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