Bible the first book

Can I tell you a story about the Bible?

It is the first BOOK ever published.

Although we speak of the Bible as one Book, because it tells one world-wide story, yet this one Book is made up of many books — of a whole library of books in fact.

It did not start off as a book as we know it today, but all the same, it is the first book that was made as it was complied to be what we see of it today.

Seeing the words so clearly printed on fine white paper, readers do not stop to think that they have come down to us from the days when the greatest nations in the world wrote their best books on lumps of clay, or on rough, brittle paper made from brown reeds.

There are sixty-six books in the Bible, written by at least forty different authors. Books on history; collections of sacred songs; lives of good men and women; stirring appeals to the sinful. God chose the men best fitted to write each part. He called them to His work; He spoke to their hearts; He put His Spirit into their minds.

And all books that came after was in the image of the Bible.

Bible the first book:

So think about us as we use books to read for fun and for education.

Also about our perception and subjective experience.

What we are come out of these books and our perceptive world are subjectively created from these books and what we read. We all have different worlds in our minds from the books we read and the experiences we have and we project ourselves into the world with these subjective perceptions.


Jordan Peterson’s Realization About the Bible


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