The Ground of all Existence

Seriously one’s brain is so limited to the Truth of reality that it is amazing how we have survived this long. What we see and know of reality is nothing what it really is. It is only an equivalent of what the real thing is like. That is why doing the right thing is difficult when you have to make everyday decisions. But if we can see it for what it is then we know what the limitations of the body-mind are and hence ponder on how this equivalent of reality that we make up, compares to the Truth and so we know where we stand with respect to the Universe.

Our opinions and subjective thinking are the limitations we make for ourselves and incorporate into our personality. The body-mind cannot see the Truth and hence it only creates equivalents and even for itself it creates illusions in the mind and treat them as real but unless we are conscious of the process of the mind and thinking we will not know that this is this a Lie in Me and That is that, a fact and part of the Truth in Me.

The thinking mind cannot see the Truth or cannot figure it out because of its limitations but only the Universe can give it to you or send it to you when you are looking for it as an Aha moment or a pop-up in the mind. What you see by the grace of the Universe when you are asking for it is something that thinking will never be able to figure out by itself. So you can see this relationship between yourself and the Universe. If you see the All or the big picture, then reality can be different for you as you navigate only the facts in life and the mind which is what awakened enlightened people have – they see the illusion and understand the dream of existence and stay away from the illusions and hence their life has been seived through and they live differently as a result. Awakened about the Lie in the “dream of existence”. So we live with an equivalent of reality with both its illusions and its facts but when awakened, the illusions are experienced and noted and put aside when they appear in the mind.

Please read this big picture description of reality and see where you fit in. You won’t find this coming your way again, so please read it. There is nothing more to know from this big picture description of reality but for some details of the body-mind processes.

The Ground of all Existence

“It truly is a revelation when one begins to realise how our sensory perceptions misperceive our everyday reality. But of course, we have to use our sensory perception to navigate our way in the 3 dimensional world we occupy. The linear time we experience is illusory and is a derivative of no-time, the time-less – the eternal. And space is a derivative of the Infinite. It is only defined by the objects in relative space. Take away the objects and you enter the spaceless. Yet both time and space emerge from the deeper reality of the spaceless and the time-less. And that domain of hidden reality is actually something we know little about. It defies any description that is limited to ordinary space and time.


Billions of dollars are transacted every day with just a few key strokes – magically! Airplanes take off and land everyday (or used to) using calculations that are all based on relativity and quantum theory. Every time you pick up your mobile or tablet you are invoking the fundamental laws of the Universe. We use that hidden domain of reality in ways that we have come to take for granted. And if you dive deep, you will soon realise that there is a lot going on “out there” that is actually connecting with you ‘in here” at the very deepest hidden level of reality – beyond what our senses can tell us. Enter that reality and you enter through the Gate of all Wonders.


On those rare occasions when we look up at night to a star filled sky, most of us look on with a sense of awe and wonder. But who amongst us thinks of that vast star filled emptiness, the vacuum, the infinity of outer space as a Plenum? Something that is infinitely full rather than infinitely empty. David Bohm asks us to look at the so-called vast emptiness and asks us to comprehend the emptiness as fullness, and as the ground of all existence. Bohm sees the so called vast emptiness as one whole living organism, as undivided wholeness in flowing movement. And in one cubic centimetre of this so called vast emptiness – “the plenum” – there is more energy matter than in the entire visible Universe


It’s this hidden domain of reality that connects us all, that connects everything in the Universe. We in the West are just beginning to tap into and understand the true nature of that Reality. It is something that has been perceived by the mystical traditions of the East for millennia. And we have to thank David Bohm, the brave scientist that he was, for not only opening up that hidden regime of reality to us but also for stepping outside the limitations of the scientific method and embracing wider domains, and by so doing provides us with an appreciation of the mystical nature of reality, evident in his collaboration with Jiddu Krishnamurti and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Bohm appreciated the transcendental aspect of reality.


Bohm’s guiding principles and morality was always rooted in truth. He was interested in our essential nature, in humanity waking up to new perception, the ultimate reality that we cannot see, hear, touch, remember or describe. He was more interested in the subtle, the intangible. He was interested in the plenum as the ground of all existence.


Amazingly, a little book containing 81 chapters and 5000 characters appeared in the 4th to 6th Century BC. This book is widely known today as the Daodejing or the Dao. Translated as the philosophy of “The Way”, The Path”, The Guiding Principle. It was allegedly written by Lao Tzu, a legendary figure, whose preference was to remain anonymous. This seamless work embodies the unity of science and spirit. Interestingly, the Dao has a description of what Bohm refers to as the plenum…


It reads “Empty space, the plenum, is the ground in which all existing forms are rooted. Things as they appear to our senses are derived forms and their true nature can be grasped only when we consider the plenum, by which they are generated and supported and in which they must finally dissolve”…


If we replace the word plenum with the word Dao, we realize that their meaning is exactly the same.”

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One has to know the processes of one’s thinking mind to have control over it and understand its limitations:

3 steps to freedom in the mind and finding its limitations:


Most of the processes of the mind follow the same path. The mind also has an end to it, try and find it using meditation. Life is a “dream of existence”. Experience the experiencer to know the Truth of reality. When consciousness leaves you the body-mind ends and the mind disappears.

When you die the Universe has left you behind, and disconnected you from its infrastructure – the integration in the brain stops.

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