Limitations of Perception

Consciousness is what connects us to everything from the body-mind and to the Universe. It also allows integration and processing in the body-mind and perhaps even by using information from the Universe and not just from the 5 senses and the brain for processing.

So what you are asking isn’t this content of consciousness limited in all its ways meaning it is not showing us everything we need to know.

You might be right to be concerned to ask this question as the mind does have some limitations.

It cannot see past its past or of what it already knows. That is all it knows and is the repository the mind uses to create everything else. Any problem you are trying to solve or to invent, it looks around in its mind for a solution and all it sees are the stuff in mind that created its personality. The personality itself is part of the lower mind.

If you want to come out of this panopticon you made for yourself in your mind then you must be free of the known in you. Work of a different centre in your mind where your perception is allowed to look at other repositories that might be in existence for information it can use. Information that is not yet known in mind and which can be considered universally new.

This is another limitation of the mind. It cannot be anything greater from its source of creation. We were created out of this Universe and we always go back to it looking for information within its natural elements we can take and create our synthetic living space. If you look at everything we have invented for ourselves now is that we have observed the universe, taken natural elements from it and amplified it and incorporated them into our environment. This is how the cityscape was created. This is a serious limitation of our minds. We cannot see past our source of creation. We will never be any more than this. There is much about the Universe that we will never know for us to be able to exploit from it to create the infrastructure of society. The Universe only lets us know what it wants us to know and nothing more.

When we figure out the process of creation and how the Universe itself was created, what we are going to see in innovations are just improvements of what we already have and just new patterns of what is already in existence and nothing more.

Imagine living under the canopy of this enhanced electrical and magnetic field that is our living space. We have just created an enhanced equivalent of the Universe here on the planet Earth by taking from the Universe, amplifying it and incorporating it into society. How so ordinary and obvious is that process of innovation. There is nothing more we can do with our minds – observe from the Universe, copy, amplify and incorporate. The personality creates this illusion in us and we walk the talk of the illusory mind.

Trying to figure out the process of creation itself of how everything came into being is just too much of a hard problem for our scientists. So special and limited to tackle the hard problems in the mind and of the mind because it is just impossible for them to get past what they already know and what they can observe of the universe via the body-mind.

But at times when the Universe allows and we are ready, some “new” theories come through as insight. We are living in 2 different spaces in the Universe. Each one is independent of the other in terms of how physics sees it and yet they are all connected together. Einstein’s theory of relativity applies to the projected space out of the double torus singularity and Quantum Mechanics the science of the creator of the projected space we live in.

Until the details of the process of creation are well understood then nothing new is going to be seen in society or in the way we live or travel.

The process of creation itself: There are scales of relationship on how the whole complex structure of the Universe is created. As the system scales up from the simplest particle to the complex systems, mass is created and the electromagnetic spectrum is generated and mass in spacetime distortion creates gravity. One can easily superimpose these 2 illustrations, above and below, to see how the Universe is created.

The point of creation is at the singularity at the centre between the double torus at the “core of the universe”. This is our universe and how it was created all in one illustration. In enlightenment this is what we are looking for, to get connected to this source of creation. The lower personality mind and scaling up to the higher Universal mind.

There is a huge unseen side to us that is yet to be understood before we can process more information of the unknown in us and that is unknown in the Universe.

The action of Truth allows the secrets of the Universe to come through and be accessible as insights only happen by the grace of the Universe to those who consciously seek its secrets.

The road map of the thinking mind and the access point to the Universe to discover the future of humankind.


There is a reason they coined the phrase, lower mind and higher mind. The higher mind is one that has learnt how to access the Universe for information.

Evolution of the thinking mind:


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