Body-Mind-Universe Synchronicity

Synchrony: the way in which two or more things happen, develop, move, etc. at the same time or speed: The two guards march towards each other with perfect synchrony.

So, where does the neural capacity for a synchrony reside? Everywhere with the whole Body-Mind.

The material body-mind needs to synchronise with your spirit double in the ether. This is what the enlightenment process is all about. The mind needs to stop being preoccupied with its lower mind:

Crossing the line in the road map of the thinking mind is necessary because there is a barrier to being preoccupied with verbal thinking in the lower mind. To create synchronicity in the body-mind one centres on the silent mind and hence the “neural capacity” creates its own pattern in the body-mind to synchronise with the “intelligence” of the universe.

A synchronised mind is centred in the silent mind:

Science is already catching up with the spiritual experience:

Resonance Science Foundation:

“The new Unified Field Theory provides, to date, by far the most accurate picture of how our universe was created and how it has functioned in the millions of years since then.

One of his most remarkable discoveries is that every single proton in every atom in the universe holds the entirety of the information contained in the whole of the universe itself.

This means that every atom in your body is directly connected to the full scope of the universe’s power to create objects, events, and outcomes, and once you learn how to summon and use this power effectively, you’ll be able to step fully into humanity’s next evolutionary leap forward!”

This is an amazing discovery by science:

“One of his most remarkable discoveries is that every single proton in every atom in the universe holds the entirety of the information contained in the whole of the universe itself.”

What they did was take a proton and pack it with tiny spheres and then calculate the Mass Ratio of surface area to volume ratio and they found it to be exactly the value for the whole universe. How can that be that all the information in a tiny particle of a proton is also present in the whole big universe? The universe is only 5% Mass. What they are suggesting is that an escaped proton had entered a new space (in a space that contains other universes) and then expanded into our universe and this is why the mass ratio of a proton in an atom is the same as the mass ratio of our whole universe.

“……if the universe is ordered fractally, that means there is a certain level of scale-invariant complexity, so when, for instance, observing the complexity at the meso-scale of the animal brain (see Figure 2) then there should be some expectation to see this level of complexity repeated at certain intervals at larger and smaller scales.”

“No matter how much you “zoom in” or “zoom out”, a self-similar pattern is observed to repeat ad infinitum. Technically speaking, this means a fractal has the property of scale invariance, meaning that the same level of complexity repeats across scale, reminiscent of the hermetic axiom “as above, so below”.

Hence you find in the universe that things/mass scale up in a certain pattern or order that is consistent for all sizes from the smallest to the largest objects.

We should also see this pattern right down to how our brains are biologically created:

So what they are suggesting is that this is how everything is organised in the universe, from the smallest particle to the largest object and how we are totally connected to the universe.

So for us structurally we are totally connected to the universe but it is our thinking mind is still too preoccupied in the lower mind to want to see how we are connected to the universe.

The energy fields in the universe give us our consciousness in the first place. Our “sense of existence” and perception comes from this unified field.

And yet our lower thinking mind is oblivious of all of this and what is needed in our mind is a paradigm shift in perception to see this Mind-Dream of existence in us and how we are connected to the universe via consciousness. Without consciousness and the interaction with the universe, there is no perception or even life itself. It is our life link to the universe via an energy field – and we think we walk alone and it is only a realisation in the mind that is required of this for us to take a tangent on how we live into the future with a new enlightened mind.

Hence our bodies are packed with protons in atoms. All the information in the universe is also present in our body-minds and here is where synchronicity plays its part and where it is for us to synchronize our Body-mind with the universe and what I am saying is that is the reason with all this fuss about enlightenment and it is to synchronise the body-mind with the “intelligence” of the universe:

To me, this is the only way to synchronise the mind to the universe. Conscious self-awareness of all your mind spaces and understanding the processes of thinking. Finding the higher mind in oneself and seeing all then allowing the mind to settle into a pattern that will allow synchronicity with the natural laws of the universe.

It is also about knowing that, conscious awareness can see the action of Truth but thought cannot directly see what conscious awareness sees. “Insight” is not of the thinking mind but from the repository of the universe where all information is stored including that which you still do not know about and which is still “new” to you.

Finding the higher mind:

Becoming one with the universe in mind and hence thinking changes away from the lower mind to one of wholeness and “being” one with the universe-mind. Becoming the universal mind.

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