What aspects are always true to you?

A fact, unchanging, omnipresent always true.

I thought I look up the definition and wohooo, I had to step back as I got a whole book on what is a fact:

“In science, a fact is a repeatable careful observation or measurement (by experimentation or other means), also called empirical evidence. … In the most basic sense, a scientific fact is an objective and verifiable observation, in contrast with a hypothesis or theory, which is intended to explain or interpret facts.” Fact – Wikipedia

Let us try and stay practical and let’s see what the mind would consider a fact. If we can recognise facts then we can navigate ourselves through life a lot easier and reason things out correctly by just following the facts.

This is the road map of our mind. This is a fact. Why, because we know this is how we think.

The big picture of the illustration above of the thinking mind.

Notice that there are 2 mains parts to thinking:

-There is the verbal thinking part and there is the silent mind part – fact check – true.

-Notice also that the 3 processes of thinking and meditation and sleep all follow the same path in the mind – fact.

-Notice the frequencies which the mind uses for these 3 processes, from concentration and sleep all the same – possible fact.

-If you stop the verbal thinking mind then the silent mind ensues – fact.

When you sleep you go from an excited state of mind to a point where there is literally no-mind or thoughts anymore and one disappears into an abyss and the thinking mind stops – fact.

-The same process happens in the mind when is in deep cross-legged meditation when the mind disappears with no memory of where it has been until it returns in mind and does not know where one had been. Hence the thinking mind has an end to it- fact.

-What is verbal thinking? It is when one has to silently self-talk what one intends to think so one can think at all. If you don’t simultaneously self-talk what you are thinking then you cannot think and the mind goes silent – fact. This is a surprising fact! It is a great way to bring on the silent mind.

-The verbal thinking mind is a chaotic mind – fact.

-The verbal thinking mind is the creator of the subjective experience in you. It is the creator of the Lie in the Truth that is you. It is the creator of the non-fact in the fact that is you. It hence is responsible for duality in the mind of society. The Truth and the Lie in the Mind. The creator of the lower self, the personality as to the higher Self, the Mind working with the Universal Mind. – fact

-The verbal thinking mind operates at higher frequencies compared to the silent mind – fact.

-There is no self-talk in the silent mind when it is thinking. It is only an observational thinking process. It is a kind of pictorial thinking or image-making process in the silent mind and lots of it is coming from the subconscious mind when it starts to rise in the absence of the verbal thinking mind. There is no spinning of information to turn it into a Lie in you, in the silent mind. This cannot happen in a silent mind. It is important you recognise this as so you know that no new lies are created in memory when you are living with the silent mind. This does not mean some old lies in memory previously created by the verbal thinking mind might not rise up in mind and bother you again with some pictorial images. But you cannot make new lies in the silent mind. Only self-talk thinking or verbal thinking can do this. Verbal thinking the creator of the Lie in you. – fact

We all have a pattern of a combination of verbal thinking and pictorial thinking – fact

It is possible we are all not the same in mind as the permutation for this pattern is many.- possible fact.

-The processes of pictorial thinking and verbal thinking is separated by the 2 halves of the brain hemispheres. So when you switch mind spaces you are also switching brain hemispheres. – fact

Remember these are all gem-facts of the mind.

A fact, unchanging, omnipresent always true.

Let us get to the part of the Universe part of the mind.

A hypothesis is an explanation put forward to explain the infrastructure of the Universe. This is what the scientists are saying what the infrastructure of the Universe might look like:

When you put the illustration of the mind over this “fact” above it will look like this below. So we are just a sliver of the Universe and part of the infrastructure of the Universe – fact. A very strong possible fact.

Then they say every particle everything in the Universe from a quantum particle to a grain of dust, to a rock and to the mind-body of a living entity, to the planet and the stars in the cosmos all have a torus spinning over it and this is how it communicates to the rest of the Universe. It maintains the balance of the Universe by having an interacting feedback mechanism with the WHOLE and in that way balance is maintained.

The torus around the mind-body.

The torus over the Universe:


Resonance Science Foundation – Explore the Connected Universe

The mind – own experiential data illustrated and confirmation from backup information by the mystics of the past.

Follow the facts and stay connected to the Universe in anything one does.

Create your own wormhole into the Universe:

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What is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti?


“Choiceless Awareness”

To watch without the “me” in it.

This will transform you instantly if you “see” it.

Watching without the “me” in it.

I want to try and show you this by using the road map of the thinking mind. But remember I am not here to confuse you. Krishnamurti explains it so it all sits naturally in you. You are all that you are and now be aware of what is it you observe about yourself and when you see without your experiences and your past in that looking, or your personality in that looking, then in that instant you see the chaos you have been causing to yourself and adding the chaos to the world, as a result, then in that instant, you are free of it. Remember you are not reasoning it out in your mind because reasoning it out needs the “me” in you. You are just watching “what is” without the “me”. And as soon as you “see” it then you are free of it. That is how it works. Personality is just not only a lie/illusion in you, but it also gets in the way of all perception and creates more lies in you. Out of these illusions comes Chaos in both yourself and it is your own personal contribution you add to the world.

The road map is just a prop to help you get into the right frame of mind to be able to “see” without the “me” in it. It might help when you “see” how to come to “see” without the “you” in it.

“Choiceless Awareness” takes some effort. It is not that easy to get rid of the “me” if you do not know where the “me” is created and how much of it is also hidden in the subconscious mind.

There is no method, but how can you instantly “see” the chaos that the mind creates for your own self and also for the world.

You can help yourself get there by first stopping verbalising your thoughts in verbal thinking. Stop verbal thinking and the silent mind ensues. This is going to help you millions because instantly you get the “choiceless awareness” mind but then hidden in your silent mind, the subconscious mind rises and hidden in it are your Samskaras (your past and deeds) which will start to rise when the cap of verbal thinking is taken away.

When you let the “me” completely die down in you then perhaps you might be ready for an easy listening “choiceless awareness” Truth of Things.

Don’t look at this as a method as it might be possible to be done in an instant. When you recognise the “me” in your sense of “choiceless awareness” in the silent mind, and how it might be clouding your sense of “seeing” then you can put it away in your mind. You make your own brew in your mind so you can use it comfortably. But you know what is required of you to get to the state of “choiceless awareness”.

Then when you see how the mind and thinking are responsible for all the chaos then it can be the beginning of a better world we live in.

The importance of Jiddu Krishnamurti to know “what is”.

Understanding Krishnamurti by using the Road Map of the Thinking Mind.


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Thoughts: transmitted or received?

I thought I leave this question in my head for a couple of days to see how best to answer the question. It went through a puzzle of different ways of explaining it and after a while, it concluded that the best way to explain this is to watch it from the centre and see the thoughts and how they play out and hence where they come from.

I noticed that as the puzzle was playing out in my head I was silent in mind and I was just listening to what I was receiving. Seeing that most of what was coming through were things that I already know, either experiential facts or information I have read and understood. There was nothing “new” in it, but what was different was that the different ways to answer this question were different. I am not sure if I was getting help in the way the different puzzles were put together? because I was only receiving here and was not actively thinking for an answer.

This question is difficult to answer truthfully as there are many players in it. The brain/mind is really a very exposed and vulnerable tool and gives one the impression that it is all one’s own making but it is not.

Where do you think the mind is located; in you or outside of you. If you look at some of Rupert Sheldrake’s work on the Morphogenetic field and Morphic resonance it is possible that the mind is really part of the ether around you and not of your brain. A brain is only a receiving tool for information from the ether:

“Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past.”

And that is not all; it seems that your memory is part of a pool of information that also contains information contributed by your ancestors.

“And biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.”

Morphic Resonance

Oh Lord God please save me from my mind of my ancestors. What are they saying: am I putting up with all the crap from the past human race too? What they are saying is that our mind is working off a repository of thoughts or contributions of all those who have come before us. Now, remember that this is a local repository of the many thinking minds that came before us. The many subjective thinking minds that came before us. The many personality-driven thinking minds that came before us. This is the personality-driven verbal thinking minds we know today to have contributed to all the illusions and the lie’s in us which we have treated as factual.

Collective memory stored in the ether and we think off it. When we feed off our local collective memory: nothing “new” comes from the known in the past in us, but just a puzzle of the old in you.

The “new” can come only from the silent mind and a no-mind state off the possibilities and probabilities of the quantum world and not from the memory of collective past experiences.

I am convinced that the brain can only know what you are thinking if it can hear what you want to think. That is why you cannot think unless you also self-talk simultaneously what you want to think. You can see what is happening here is if your memory is really outside your brain then the brain has to call for it and for it to know what you are thinking it needs to hear you first and hence that is why you need to self-talk what you want to think for you to think at all. It is the same with intention in mind during the silent mind samadhi state of mind, if there is an intention-based silent intuitive streaming thinking conversation with the intelligence of the Universal mind then, “intention” in mind is really asking a question of the brain to look for an answer in the repository of the Universal mind. Here, the intention itself could be limited in that a question asked is always of a limited mind with only its past as a reference.

A brain is only a tool to the needs of thinking and hears what is needed and calls for it from the mind in the ether. You try thinking without self-talking at the same time; you cannot think at all. It is a factual observation.

Ok, so how do we get something completely new from the repository of the matrix of the Universal Mind. You do it without asking for it with a state of no-mind and I think you get it only by the grace of the good lord Universe.

When you ask, it is very specific and the question comes off the known in you. Completely new insight is an action of Truth and comes off nothing in mind.

So from your question, you are both asking the brain to ask, and receiving from the ether.

But under special circumstances, you can also send a thought. I think this can be done via body-magnetic field to infrastructure-magnetic field coupling. The fact that you need to self-talk to think there is going to be a magnetic fluctuation in your body field to correspond to the self-talk of thinking. You know it is going to be something like a tonal modulation and that is what you will hear: something of your thoughts embedded in the modulations of the background noise around you. Hence you want to know if you can modulate your background noise. In this case, you will not be receiving a thought but actually transmitting a thought and influencing people around you to also think what you are thinking. The brain will pick up those background tonal modulations and it will be a language it understands very well and translate them into thoughts in the people around you. You can see how you had just inserted a rogue signal into the ether for others to pick up.

There are natural modulators in the world. They can be considered “specials” among the human race. Those who had risen above the evolutionary cycle to gain some minor special powers. They cannot lift a chair off the ground and even if they could they are not going to tell you but they can certainly insert a thought in your head by modulating background noise, only because of silent self-talk.

I notice also in quora a question: Can our phones read our minds?

I think technology and Artificial Intelligence will one-day camouflage natural consciousness and take over our collective minds and we will have no control over it as for starters it is not in your brain but stored in the ether.

So to answer your question you are mainly a receiver but occasionally you would find someone who comes along to show you that transmitters also exist and there is an evolutionary path to the mind-body and spirit and there are powers latent in us that need exploring. The least of us is our limited self-talk thinking mind. When we open up to be Tathagata’s, opening ourselves to the tangible and the unseen part of us and develop to be whole and one with the matric of the Cosmos we become just not our true selves but also become like it and that is where the powers latent in us show up as the powers of the universe while still in the limited state of the body and mind.

The magic really starts here: when the mind is silent and the action of Truth rolls out the future of the collective mind. When the personality-driven mind is shut down and the silent mind, no-mind, meets the Action of Truth with insights.


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Natural and Artificial Intelligence

What they are doing with Artificial Intelligence is trying to duplicate natural consciousness. They are trying to replace the natural in you with something artificial. So we need to look at both infrastructures to see what the consequences will be. Their real aim with AI is to create the panopticon.

Consciousness is the mind of the Universe. Meditation will show you that when the mind is silent there is an “intelligence” within the universe. Silent intuitive conversation seems possible with one’s intention in mind in this silent space. Most meditators will tell you that there is this relationship with the Cosmos when the personality-driven subjective mind is shut down. Perhaps even through quantum entangle and the process of the universe creating opposites that there is a better half of you in the Cosmos and it is this double that you are really communicating with which is acting as your representative in the Universe.

There is only so much of experiential data we can use due to the limitation of our present evolutionary state and of our minds. So we weave through this puzzle using experiential fact, scientific experiments proving mystical states of the mind as they have just proved quantum entanglement is real and the rest we cross our fingers and put them all together.

The day will come when we are going to produce an artificial consciousness that is human-made and artificial intelligence is already ready for this and is going to hijack the natural in us and replace it with an artificial equivalent. This artificial equivalent is going to compete with natural consciousness. In time we will have difficulty telling the difference between the 2 entities. Today you already know that they can come right up to your face and tell you who you are in a crowd of people. What makes you think that they not already in your brain.

You already know they can access your brain when they are next to you.

Remote access is probably already here as they can get right next to your face and we know that and besides if you look closely how science has evolved all it does is it takes off the natural process of the Universe and amplifies them and embeds then into our living spaces. You will notice that the artificial infrastructure of our planet can be described essentially as nature on steroids. The human being has not invented anything “new”. They have just taken from nature amplified its properties and modified it and built it into our living space.

So you can see intentionally or not what they have done is create an artificial universe around you. The panopticon will be completed with the application of artificial intelligence into the infrastructure.

If you see what they have done to the those lower down the human chain; they have built fences around them and butchered them for food, created zoos for our amusement and a step up to humans, prisons for humans they cannot control. So what about the rest of you hard-working humans who are maintaining the panopticon what have they got planned for you. They are working on it and they are not sure if they can make it as beautiful as what nature already has in consciousness operating off the fabric of the universe.

One thing you can be sure of and that is whatever they will create with artificial intelligence will be amplified and will be stronger than nature’s own consciousness itself and the 2minds, one natural, using the natural fabric of the universe and the other artificial, using the infrastructure of the cityscape will both be competing with one another for your attention.

The takeover period of our minds will be gradual and I am not sure if the majority of us will know when the take over is complete. The best time for us to find out and know is when AI is still in its infancy when their processes are crude and still tangible to our 5 + 1 sixth sense. In time they will smooth things out and it will be difficult to tell the difference. Into the future, the difference between the natural and the artificial will be undetectable and we the mighty human race on earth will be shackled into its infrastructure. The creation of the panopticon completed.

To think the panopticon was just a foolish idea created in the 18th-century and is now almost to fruition. Artificial intelligence is just placing the chicken wire over the whole design. Can you even believe this: they thought about the panopticon in the 1700s.

Let’s just hope that all they are doing is just building a house of cards around us. You know that when they put that mobile phone in your hands the difficult work was already done for them. Now all they needed to do was to build the AI software for it. You also know what happens to the panopticon when every one of us switches off their mobile phones and routers simultaneously. It really is a house of cards.

Panopticon – Wikipedia

7th February 2020.


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Leon Gieco, Argentina

Argentina was a beautiful country and beautiful people but if you ask them where are you from it is never Argentina but Switzerland or Spain or Germany. Always European but not South American. I gather this attitude changed because they did not get any support from the Europeans during the Falklands war with Britain.

I met Leon Gieco in a small town called Chos Malal in Argentina. I was working for a petroleum company at the time and they were drilling for oil in the mountains around Chos Malal. I was at the lobby in the Hotel and saw a group of girls come in and started to clap their hands and scream and behind them walked Leon Gieco. I guess it was his way of vying for attention. There was not many of us in the lobby and Gieco was making his way up the staircase but stopped when he saw me and asked me: where is my country? “Donde esta tu pais”. I looked around, is he talking to me? and somebody who knew where I was from informed him. He was having a concert in the city and it was packed with happy people.

Chos Malal was an interesting small town:

Chos Malal in the district of Neuquen, Argentina.

The name Neuquen you notice spells both ways the same: Neuquen. It is called a palindrome. There are also dates which are palindromes and one just went past us, 02/02/2020.

There is also a city called Neuquen in the district of Neuquen. It is sort of built on a slope and you notice the drains always has clear clean water running down from the icy mountains to the lower parts of the city below and perhaps to the land for irrigation. I ate the best pizza in Neuquen and all it had on it was onions and cheese on a soft base.

The hills of Chos Malal, I was told in ancient times was where the Mapuche Indians lived. The name Chos Malal derives from Mapuche meaning “yellow corral”.

Today, Mapuche Indians on horseback:

I was told that if you looked carefully in the hills of Chos Malal you might find an arrowhead from an ancient Mapuche Indian and I found one to remember the beautiful little town of Chos Malal in Argentina.

Gieco, man with a conscience:

Sólo Le Pido a Dios
Leon Gieco &  Mercedes Sosa 

 I only ask God
That the pain is not indifferent,
That the dry death does not find me
Empty and alone without having done enough.

I only ask God
That the unfair not be indifferent to me,
That I should not slap my other cheek
After a claw scratched this luck.

I only ask God
That war is not indifferent to me,
It is a big monster and stomps
all the poor innocence of the people.
It’s a big monster and stomps
all the poor innocence of people.

I only ask God
That the deception is not indifferent
If a traitor can more than a few,
That those who do not easily forget.

I only ask God
That the future is not indifferent to me,
Evicted is the one who has to go
To live a different culture.

I only ask God
That war is not indifferent to me,
It is a big monster and stomps
all the poor innocence of the people.
It’s a big monster and stomps
all the poor innocence of people.

Flying into Buenos Aires for the first time, when I arrived, months earlier, I was fascinated to see from the sky that most homes had a swimming pool.

What you want?

Chos Malal or Buenos Aires

update: I recently (found this article about Argentina 7th March 2020)

This is why so many Nazis fled to Argentina

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Your Quantum Double

Is there a quantum double of you in the Universe?

Just hear me out for a second.

I am not coming to this conclusion from experiential knowledge. I have been to the ends of my mind in meditation and other ways by stopping my thoughts and delved into the silent mind looking for other mind spaces. So I know what it is like in there. I understand what the Buddhist mean when they talk about the “dream of existence”.  Everything is a construct in your mind including everything you observe. 

But it was this that bother me because I could not put my hands in it to see how these final communications that I am having with another and being able to converse with it via an intention in mind and an intuitive stream thinking feedback conversation with IT. 

Until I saw this BBC documentary that said that they as recently as last year proved that quantum entanglement is REAL with some experiments they carried out. This changes everything. Even the scientist in the documentary also excepts that this changes everything. Documentary in the link below:


Quantum entanglement is where similar aspects of you; atoms etc that are related to you in the universe; everything that was part of you once in the past before the big bang and have separated and spread over the universe, still knows what is happening to you even though they are not next to you because changes in any one of them is instantly felt in all the related parts: quantum entanglement. The maths said spooky quantum entanglement should exist but they only recently proved that it is real with some experiments. It is very interesting how they did this too and a must-watch documentary.

So my question is this: At the edge of your “dream of existence” when all self-talking thinking has dropped and the mind is silent there is just prior the no-mind state there is a kind of biofeedback with another that can “hear” you of what you intend to know and a feedback back answer with an intuitive stream thinking process. Intention and intuitive stream thinking conversation with whom: the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. The mystics stop here and they confidently tell you that there is an “intelligence” and some won’t go any further than this. So I take it that they sense it and they know it is “intelligent” and they can have a conversation. I am sure lots of you have come across this phenomenon. I want to know who is listening at the other end.

Just hear me out first and then decide. You know by quantum entanglement itself that there must be some of you out there in the ether and the greater wider Universe. You know here on earth the mind likes creating opposites. Good and the bad. There is a Quantum double of you out there in the universe and it is that quantum double that is listening to you and trying to help you know what you want. You know which of you is good and which is bad. I don’t need to tell you this. The personality self-talking mind the maker of the illusions in your mind, the creator of the subjective lie, the free will in you to be bad if you want to, is the bad one. Your True Self, your quantum double, who is part of the Cosmos, looking out for you all the time who is listening to your intentions in mind when your mind has dropped all its thoughts and the mind is silent then there is a part of you in the Cosmos that is ready to listen to you. If you choose to live with only your lower personality-based self-talking mind then you will be chasing your own tail with your own thoughts of this and that and with conflict in mind. There is no conflict in mind with the thinking of your quantum double and you can only access it when your mind is silent.

Quantum Entanglement is now officially real. We are also officially one with the Universe and there is also a better twin of you out there who is looking out for you. 

You just got to find the twin before she/him can help you.

Others have been there too:

“In order to be self-aware, you have to have feedback. Consciousness is a feedback between the external world and the internal world. That’s fundamental to ALL things. So then ALL things are conscious. All things are feeding information to the vacuum and the vacuum is feeding it back. The amount that you are able to feed into the system, is related directly to your amount of resistance, in how much information can come.” – Nassim Haramein

  To me, “related directly to your amount of resistance” that Nassim refers to is one’s inability to give up one’s frontline self-talk personality-driven thinking mind for the silent mind.


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Who shapes your identity?

Question: What happens if someone has a loose sense of self? Who shapes your identity? 

 God does. The “intelligence” of the Universal Mind with its natural laws.

(with the help of Patreon and Quora)

 What happens if someone has a loose sense of self? Who shapes your identity? 


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Nothing New Something New

Intuitive painting.

How does one paint as the real self? From the source of one’s being. Without the frontline thinking mind. Only from a constant flow of insight. From the repository of the Cosmic Mind. From the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind.

And not from the personality-driven verbal thinking mind.  Its ideas are only a puzzle of the old in mind. 

in detail:

What will form look like from insight to insight in mind and not allowing time to decide form? Paint not from verbal thinking but only from a sense of intuitive streaming thinking from the intelligence of the matrix of the Universal Mind and its repository and with only an intention in mind.

Can the mind work only from silent intuition? 

Is a mistake made considered insight where thinking time had no part in deciding its form?

Or an object found discarded is true art with the thinking mind having no place in its making but only deciding in its importance:

or these discarded items:

singed cotton wool on canvas 5 ft by 4 ft:

capturing the shadow on canvas: high occurrence of chance in deciding on the form by the mind. 

Above paintings made from shadows projected on canvas and captured by using a coat of photo emulsion. Manifesting the intangible. Making real the ethereal.

Juxtapose the sublime with the real:

Found image: Intuitive realm, shape-shifting, Buddha mind.

Nothing new something new.

So What’s New?

Perhaps giant leaps are not possible with the “new” in oneself and insight was only meant to move the frontline forward a bit at a time. I wish giant leaps are possible. Something “new” that will make today and tomorrow completely different.

Perhaps a totally blindingly “new” manifestation is not possible. Mental manifestations or insights I think? come about only by intentions when the mind is totally silent with no thoughts. Yet intentions too are of the experiential past in our minds and still within the box. So is it possible that the blindingly “new”  will never come off our minds at this stage of our evolution? 

The mind needs to be within the matrix itself and not of its body-mind to see the future where all that is possible is existing. But to call for it from a limited mind is limiting the possibilities of all probabilities of the “intelligence” of the Universe. The totally “new” needs a no-mind state of being and to work off the matrix not by intention but rather by just receiving and accepting and relying on the grace of Universe to give it to us. Progress in leaps and bounds only comes from a deserving perspective as far as the intelligence of the universe is concerned. Collectively we will all be trapped within our cocoon until we collectively aspire to have a different way of thinking and the numbers will decide how we integrate with the Cosmic Mind.   

The pathway for this process is the personality-driven verbal thinking mind of experiential thinking realising it is totally limited within the self to give it up and venture in the silent mind and explore other mind spaces at its ends. One is then able to communicate with the repository of the Universal Mind with any needs one has with an intention in mind; the mind is still within itself looking for solutions from the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. It is still trying to solve its own problems by asking/intention. When it gives all this up and remain silent with no mind, receiving insights, without asking, then maybe something blindingly “new” might come through, and the possibility of today not being the same as tomorrow might be possible.


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Spooky 2 Quantum Entanglement



Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon—two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distance—is real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions. (Premiered January 9, 2019.) 

What you want: spooky too? OK.

You can have this spooky 2 generator that works on the quantum entanglement principle:

This is the full basic set including accessories: 

Remotely it works according to the principle of quantum entanglement. Working on the back of the Rife machine and its frequencies but spooky 2 has an added advantage that the rest of the frequencies treatments gadget does not have which is spooky 2 is also designed to take into account the quantum entanglement principle. Having seen the BBC program above where they recently proved the entanglement principle (see video) I thought it might be interesting to post also this spooky 2 gadget that uses that entanglement principle to cure diseases, kill bacteria and parasites and pathogens. 

Spooky 2 software:

Spooky frequencies:

How it uses the entanglement principle is by using the remote accessory.  You place some nail clippings in it and passing the frequencies for treatment through the nail clippings your fingerprint (DNA) are embedded in the frequencies so the frequencies find you as the target, identified by your nail clippings. Hence when it treats the nail clippings – it also treats you as a whole for the specific frequency you chose. Hence it works on the spooky quantum entanglement principle. 

Since this video above is out with information that they have proof that the quantum entanglement principle does exist, I thought to post this spooky 2 generator which works on this principle is appropriate.   

Having said that, one might want to consider what this proof of quantum entanglement does to spirituality and accessing consciousness, intuition, the “intelligence” and repository of the Universal Mind, that “sense of knowing” and “stream intuitive thinking” with the Universal Mind – anything and everything is now possible and distance is of no consequence. 

Our minds are totally global and connected to one another and only separated by our own personality self-talk thinking minds which can be considered to be local. As soon as the mind gets off the local verbal thinking mind and into the silent state of the mind it goes global and communicates with all, with only an intention in mind:

With global quantum entanglement: all is ONE.

You think travelling to the Himalayas for a holiday is amazing, wait till you travel to the ends of your own mind. When you get there and sense the intelligence of the Cosmos around you and sense how all is ONE, you will never need another holiday again.

The journey starts here and all paid for by the Cosmos:

Intuition Awakening.


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The Voice of the Silence

 What is it saying?

I want to look at this pic of Madame Blavatsky which is at the headquarters of the Theosophical centre at Adyar, India.

Blavatsky had used symbolism in her writings and clues to pass on what she knew.  

If you look at this portrait of her: she is in a standing position. She was not seated. There was no reason for her to support her head as she does with her hand. I think it was a clue for us to decode. If there was one symbol that represents her or her message then it was this symbol she is passing on to us. How does a symbol work: it allows a Truth to be understood just by a single abstract pictorial representation of the whole message that is being put forward. It replaces a 1000 words to say the same thing.

She is pointing to her mind and yet the rest of her fingers are resting on her face. I think she is trying to tell us that it is all about just these 2 things or about just these 2 aspects of you. At first glance, you might think: the mind is as what you speak. Perhaps she is just pointing out that there is a link between the state of the mind and what you speak.

But remember that Madame Blavatsky was an extraordinary woman who lived outside the box. Whatever she is trying to tell us with this symbolic gesture I think is a lot deeper than just a simple external representation of the mind. Perhaps she is trying to point out a link between what we speak and the shape/condition of our mind but not as we speak so we can be heard but silently internally what we silently speak what we think. This is perhaps where the secret is as it is this silent self-talk when stopped also brings about the silent mind.

Hence the “Voice of the Silence”:


These instructions are for those ignorant of the dangers of the lower IDDHI (1 ).

He who would hear the voice of Nâda (2 ), “the Soundless Sound,” and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dhâranâ (3 ).

Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must seek out the râja of the senses, the Thought-Producer, he who awakes illusion.

The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real.

Let the Disciple slay the Slayer.

I think what she was trying to say is this:

The silent self-talking mind is the “Thought-Producer, he who awakens illusions”. It creates a subjective personality. It is the creator of illusions in the mind by spinning observations into ideas and creating concepts. This self-talking thinking mind is “the great slayer of the real”. So she is asking you to, “Let the Disciple slay the Slayer”. She is just asking you to simply stop self-talking whatever you want to think so you stop verbal thinking altogether and bring on the silent mind and explore the other mind spaces. As times are a-changing and we need a different kind of thinking to save us from the creator of the illusions in us and the slayer of the real. And she is telling us it is all in the mind (and nowhere else) that is creating all these problems. When verbal thinking stops and the illusions in the mind disappear, then you can experience Godliness in the mind and become one with your true self and the natural laws of the Cosmos.

As in the photo taken she is also trying to tell us that she is a portal into the Universe as many of you might also be one with the source.

When the personality mind shuts down and you get closer to being the matrix/fabric of the Universe and become closer to it then you access its repository where everything exists and what emerges is no more conflict in mind and only a “sense of knowing” from a silent intuitive mind. Body mind-universe as one.

Blavatsky reading off the ether with intention in mind:

Thomas Edison getting insights off the “intelligence” of the Universe:

The Extended Mind:


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