From Reality to Abstraction

In China, they will paint any style you want or in the style of any master artist of your choice. Nothing wrong with it but it emphasises the beauty of the original idea. It also emphasises what is really art. The making of the work or the idea and the process of getting it done including all that goes on in the mind of the artist during its creation.

I think soon art is going to be about the mind of the artist:

This series started with this image: how an idea can start in the mind.

Then i thought if I could capture shadows on a canvas:


From Reality to Abstraction

Photo emulsion as binder, acrylic paint, Oil paint 4Ft x 4ft

This is a screen print of an image of a chair overlapping over each other multiple times until the original image is not recognisable anymore.

It is like when you overlap your signature one on top of each other, the “self” in mind disappears.

But how can I reproduce this process on to a canvas without the screen printing process. Overlapping of images but maintaining the element of chance to create the image. This also removes some of the thinking mind in deciding what the image should look like and allowing the mistake made to keep its place in the process as the mistake comes from “nothing” in mind which might have an element of the “new” in it. The thinking mind has its limitations as it can only do what it knows and from its past.

Epiphany 1

I could use the materials that come from screen printing without the paraphernalia. I would replace the screen with the projected shadow on canvas soaked in photo emulsion.

Difficult road ahead as the photo emulsion is not colour fast and hence the image disappeared with time as light continued to process the image. Crying, as I see a beautiful idea and image disappear in from of me like those Mandala sand paintings.

Epiphany 2

Literally like a pop-up in my head, a solution. Something new from nothing in mind. A probability possibility manifested from the either when the mind is in silence and defeated, a solution was created: use the photo emulsion as a binder and add pigments to it. The pigments will be colour fast and the photo emulsion was a good binder and the final image could be crystallised and immortalised. All the images below were created by this process of the projecting the shadow and using photo emulsion and UV light.

Art a Scared Space:

The image being made. Overlapping of images.

The Collection:

6ft x 5ft

I think in the arts and in innovations we have to realise that the mind has its limitations. It is important we see this so that we recognise the new when it appears as it would have no reference in the past in mind to give the “new” in art any importance and the discoveries and innovations are usually discarded because of this. We need to see that the mind can only do itself or use its experiences and its past as a kind of repository for its work. These are its limitations and the mind cannot work outside itself. Hence the progress in art and innovation and I dare say the process of evolution of the mind itself is a slow front line and always a puzzle of the old in oneself. The new comes from “nothing”. The mind has no reference in itself to recognise anything new when it appears.

How to get lucky in Art.

The drummer does not know what comes next until it arrives in his mind at the moment. Jackson Pollock painted that way. Capturing the shadows and overlapping the different layers were a bit like painting like the drummer – the result is always a surprise and the thinking mind had very little to do with the final image yet the mind played its part in organising the process.

So what do we consider “new”?

There is “new” only to you or there is “new” which is Universally “new” to all.

Universally new in mind only comes from the unknown, possibilities probabilities of the quantum world. Not manifested yet into existence. How do I access this information?

To be in a mind space where all thinking of the frontline thinking mind has ended. In the silent mind and accessing the unknown, the “new”.

How do I create form in art, from this state of active being?

(image from the Resonance Science Foundation)

From the repository of the Universal Mind. The mind cannot be more than what the Universe is as the mind is the Universe when the thinking mind has ended in the body-mind.

Becoming the Universe:

Spirit double:

Becoming the Universe:

The mind seeing itself by having a dialogue with the process of making art.

Ending all thinking in the mind.

Buddha Nature in a state of active being:

What are the limitations of the mind?

Creating form, from the moment.

Looking for the “new” in Art.

Art, a sacred space in the mind.

Experiencing the experiencer, and having a dialogue with the process of making art.

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