MIND by [Siri Perera]

“The mind is a phenomenon of the brain but works OFF the brain. It can start, stop and even end on you with no memory of where it has been. Our reality is only an equivalent of the thing in itself translated after passing through the many filters in the body-mind. Our perception and “sense of existence” is of this phenomenon we call the mind.”

Buddhism in Mind by [siri perera]

“The universe has profound control over your body-mind. This already answers your question of what is the purpose of spirituality, meditation or even experiencing the enlightenment process. The purpose of enlightenment is for the mind to resonate and synchronise with the universe for better control over our DNA to manage its epigenetic processes, and also to realise our higher potential.”

“Freedom in the mind is that space where all thinking in the mind stops. This book is about how to get there in mind. To experience your mind spaces, have a baseline sense of the mind, and have better control over the mind. To develop a full-spectrum thinking mind. In seeing these aspects of the mind and sense its impermanent and transient nature, life is transformed. Life is a “dream of existence” and reality is not what it seems. When you see it, then you have it.”



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The Extended Mind

“This is an experiential account of the extended mind. It is about the mind slipping past its noisy frontline self-talking mind and finding the hidden, silent intuitive streaming mind. When the mind opens up and in silence, it thinks differently, communicating with an intention in mind to an entity outside of itself. The quiet mind evolves with time as it couples itself with the living space and its background noise. One senses with this the presence of a false consciousness that runs parallel to its natural counterpart. The self can find it difficult discerning between the Truth and the lie in the mind as result of this interaction. The infrastructure of the city has created this synthetic consciousness. As the silent mind extends itself into the ether via intuitive thinking and couples itself with its living space: the mind and body acquire a strange ability to modulate background noise. This can be seen as an acquired power of the mind as a result of finding this quiet space.”

“It is an ongoing journey of discovery of the True Self in Mind. Unlike my previous e-books there is only a loose order to the titles. They could be read in any order but my aim was to finally end with what is enlightenment and what it does for the body-mind. I sense there is a Higher Self or Higher Mind to us to find synchronicity with the patterns in the universe. We are too preoccupied with our lower mind to create an extended mind and realise our full potential in mind. Enlightenment is just a word but the thing in itself is how the mind finds a way to synchronise with the patterns in the universe.”


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