The 7 Root Races

I would like to think that this is the evolutionary process of the Root Races.

I would like to think that the evolutionary process is something of the mind:

There are 3 steps to freedom in the mind.

Some say there are 7 root races we will evolve into. At the present, we are at the 5th root race. That will give you an idea of how far we have come and it has been quite a journey so far to have gone through 5 root races.

This is what the esoteric societies tell us what we have been through.

But I think individually we can progress at our own speed, fast or slow. Buddha after all and the other prophets had sped ahead of us and not understand them like Jesus, we put him on a cross. So I suggest to you if you decide to speed ahead just keep it to yourself as most people still cannot see past their eyelids:

I think I have to apologise for the diagram above but it is there for a reminder of what you did to Jesus just because you did not know. We create opinions and biases with our verbal thinking mind, all just mental constructs and then treat them like they are real and act upon the opinions.

It is coming up to Christmas today Dec 2021. We celebrate it every year and yet this is what we did to him: Only the thinking mind is responsible for this crucifixion.

Because we still live mostly in the lower mind.

The end of the 5th Root Race and the 6th and 7th Root Races with all be of the Higher Mind or the Higher Self.


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