Buddhism and Science together

Remember that Buddhism is about 3500 years old, and today science has come a long way. Buddhism (on the mind) and science in the 21 century go very well together. It is a good combo Buddhism-Science.

Lots of scientists today is taking the esoteric route and talking about consciousness and the process of creation:


The creation process by scaling up from the single molecule to complex systems comes with some organisation within the universe. This process of creation created us, and here we are today:

This is our milky way’s energy profile and “you are here”: we were created within this energy profile in the Universe.

Buddha gave us the “dream of existence” and that our minds create everything and our reality, and we thank him for that, and we must bring the past into the future to move ahead. If not, we are going to be standing still in yesterday. The Universe created our brain in its own image. We live, and we die, and when we fall unconscious and slowly fade away, the different parts of the brain stop communicating with each other, and the “dream of existence ends”.

We are nothing but the Universe itself:

We are just an extension of the Universe and part of the creation process.

The Universe is also like the body-mind. Parts of it are created new as parts of it disappear with time, and yet it remains in total balance as the planets every day take the same route around the Sun.

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