Reading your mind is possible today

People are reading your mind now because you verbalise what you want to think in verbal thinking:

Visual images often intrude on verbal thinking, study says

The sooner people realise what is happening the faster the human race will progress in the evolutionary process. The evolution of the mind has to be proactive and needs to come with some shocks to the mind. When you realise that your thoughts are being heard you will naturally suppress your verbal thinking and only use it for practical reasons. People listening in is only interested in your secrets in mind and what you are like in mind and hence they listen in to all your psychological thinking thoughts. They don’t care when you silently verbalise what you are doing when you are trying to bake a cake.

Your whole psyche and body-mind is embedded in the synthetic living space you live in via the magnetic fields and your background noise. All your thoughts are embedded in the background noise as you modulate the sounds of your background noise. With AI programs they can easily isolate the sounds that only represent your thinking. Your thinking is stored in the background noise in tonal modulations. Tonal modulations are all the brain needs to process thinking and convert it to a feeling. Hence the process via background noise is a 2 way process of knowing what you are thinking and also sending you subliminal messages via tonal modulations. It is a transmit-receive process, as a transceiver. This can be deployed in multiple different ways.

This is all the brain needs in sound to convert it to thought in you and hence generate a feeling in you and an emotion.

The age of knowing your mind and having control over your mind has arrived. We are on the cusp of the next stage of evolution in the mind. Hence learn how to have control over your thinking mind:

3 steps to freedom in your mind: know your mind spaces and have control over your thinking mind.

Know what is happening to your mind and how Subliminals are being used to influence your mind:

Find that “new” you in mind:

I come in peace, and bring you your future.

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