How can you increase your mind power and to move objects?

Ok we have seen people move objects on video but me personally I for some reason or another can move sound. I can cause a sound to modulate hence it is a kind of telekinesis.

But let me put this across to you what is between the object and your brain/mind is space with an energy fabric within it, like this:

The ether is packed with energy patterns and one has to manipulate this fabric to cause an object to move. So how do you get the fabric of spacetime to work for you? You have to organise the pattern with your mind to work for you to move the object.

One of the ways to do this is to first create coherence within the fabric of spacetime which is in a decoherent state because of your presence. Your mind with the lower mind just brings chaos to the fabric of spacetime.

How do you bring coherence to the fabric in the ether, is to find your higher mind so it synchronises with the ether:

So you give up the lower mind, go silent in mind and stop all forms of thinking and reach the “sunyata” state of being in the mind. Now the space around you is synchronised with the ether.

Now the mind is a passive enhancer of the fabric of spacetime and one can enhance this coherent activity of spacetime by add-ons. What I mean by this is adding a crystal close to the body to focus the energy of the ether. The crystal can be further enhanced by electromagnetic frequencies etc. All this is experimental and hence only suggestions from me. There must be other ways to bring coherence to the fabric of the ether but I am just suggesting how it can be done.

I think that an Ark crystal working in tandem with a rife machine can also be used to treat ailments. The frequencies from the rife machine will add to the coherent nature of the ether around your body to treat any ailments you have in your body.

Scientists are starting to find so much of the very nature of spacetime and also of the mind and body and hence you start to see how we can enhance and use the energy fields around us to help us, including telekinesis.

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