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In my paintings and my work, I am interested in that area where realism crosses over into abstraction. More importantly, one that captures a cosmological wholeness of the universe, where deep space meets the ground. My visual language is to recognise the properties of each phase but to use both in my work. To have them exists together but separate. To have spontaneity, chance and play next to considered time-based events where you get chaos and movement juxtaposed alongside more sober considered mark making and the task of chasing the mistake and looking for the new.

The “new” in art is the new in mind. The process of making art has a tendency to eventually make one look into the working of one’s mind and the part the 5 senses plays as external stimuli into influencing the process. The “new” can only come about when the mind is free of its past and also free of the external influences of its 5 senses.

How close can one come to know what you are thinking:

“Speak thinking” is an anomaly of the mind and body in that we always silently speak what we think. If we try and not silently speak what we think – then we cannot think.

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My interest in making a painting had then tangent-off with me writing more about the idiosyncrasies of the mind and elements of the thinking process. “Speak Thinking” came about when I realized that I was silently speaking what I think. I could not think if I was not silently speaking what my mind was thinking. This led me to look further into this coupling of thinking and silent speaking. I found myself to be writing more than painting and hence more articles in this site than paintings. They all hold together as one, as one process shows up the other. So the work as a whole is a study of the mind and what one expects from a painting when the mind cannot get past what it already knows. So is the mind capable of taking a giant step of making anything new? The front line of art seems to be a slow process of the past repeating itself in various combinations.

All this brings me to more interesting concepts that cannot be expressed in paintings, but one realizes that I came to these new concepts through the great process of making art. At its best, it is meditative, self-aware of the process, and the coming together of the mindbody soul. “Speak Thinking” came from all this and what’s more if I silently speak what I think, then can one actually know what I am thinking? This now was more important to me and I wanted to see if it was possible to know what another was thinking without having to image his brain. Imaging is really the long way around to this problem. There are simpler methods to find out what another is thinking and to influence a person into thinking what you want one to think by operating at the threshold of 5 senses. Take hearing for instants: we hear frequencies from 20 hertz to 20 Khertz, but at the higher and lower thresholds, you might not hear a sound but the eardrum will pick up the signal and the mind would process it to translate it directly into thinking without you hearing a sound or a word. Sound is just a pressure wave in the air. If it comes in low to trigger a thought: what makes you think that your thinking is your own. My articles are not chit-chat-but-no-proof articles but rather I do try my best to show that “speak thinking” exists and knowing what another is thinking is possible today. In this, my mind and the process of making art has shown me that there is an unseen side to me.

When you put the whole process together from making art, being aware of the mind, the meditative process that goes into making art, to realizing how the mind can be influenced, to the future of thought if another can know what you are thinking and you look back at it and you see a transformation of the self from the process of making art. The mind transforms itself when it sees itself better to become silent in thought. In that silence and when all the noise of thinking has gone “the intelligence” comes in to greet you. When there is no more conflict in the mind then everything it knows is true. There is no more this or that. Then everything it knows is a fact and the truth. Then there is no need to paint anymore but if a painting is done it is to try to manifest the new in you. The process of painting then transforms itself to become a spiritual experience to “know thy self”.

So my work as an artist now is to show how the mindody&soul has boundaries. It is to create spaces that will be able to silently communicate with its visitors. To show that the mind has “no firewalls” and can be easily silently led. It is to show that there is an unseen side to us that can come forth through art. The content and purpose of the installation is to liberate the mind. To create mind spaces that can communicate with the visitor by exploiting the process of “speak thinking”. A simple thing called a painting has liberated itself to an installation to try and show the natural in us and our place in the universe and how we naturally interact with one another and together interact with the universe. The human force is a collective force that needs to harmonize in the mind to see its real power.

Is it not enough for Art to be just a walk in the park? – but you never know where that journey will take you.

There is still the painting at its weirdest, its most crazy, its most askew, abstract in composition, strange in color composition, might also be able to show the beauty of the “whole” but it will not be recognized as it is not in its “past in mind” to see it for what it is…..unless the mind can see itself and know itself. The process of painting can show you this and more.

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28th September 2015

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Just a walk in the park.

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  2. I see that you did a great job on the project. A lot of clout and energy, determination and perseverance, patience. This is not your first acceptable project, I have been following you for a long time, you are making progress, moving forward, you are just great. Keep it up and keep moving forward with peak success!


  3. Welcome everyone ! I’m Eva Mccarthy.
    Even though I jokingly credit my aunt for my writing talent, I know that it is a talent I have fostered from childhood. Though my aunt is a writer, I also started out young.
    I’ve always had a way with words, according to my favorite educator. I was always so excited in history when we had to do a research writing assignment.
    Now, I help current pupils achieve the grades that have always come easily to me. It is my way of giving back to students because I understand the obstacles they must overcome to graduate.

    Eva Mccarthy – Professional Writer – tritronicsinc.com Team

    • I am in awe of what I have founding your writings so far.
      I had to find a stopping point and write to you. I have been searching for several years for information on silent speech monitoring..
      I am and have been harassed by a group of people who apparently have the ability to communicate with and monitor me wirelessly.
      I’m not a “ti” persay but this has been happening to me in and out of the house. I’ve been checked out, my brain is working a~ok. And I am able to record these people. Have been doe a long time now. But the sub vocals, that really bothered me. I can “hear” my interference with it coming thru my window in my bedroom at night. Gee this is a long story to tell properly. Plus I have questions.
      Is there an easier way to speak with you, an email or phone number?
      The reason that I ask is that I am a low vision patient. Typing accuracy isn’t one of my strong suits.
      Plus it’s a two-part comment.

      I lost my daughter back in late Novenber. She was thirty and a total extension of myself. It’s been rough I’ll admit but something happened as a result.
      I have never had the urge to paint pour or create before this happened. I’ve sang in bands since I was a teenager and doidled on my phone. That’s about it.
      But after she passed I have since had this artistic “gush” come out of nowhere. Candles, acrylic pours, and epoxy resin now.
      They love me at Hobby Lobby now. I’m sure that I’ve dropped an easy $500 there so far. But every now and then I will see her sweet smile in my art and trace it. It us so bizarre when this happens.
      And yet the other issue has still persisted.
      I would like to send you a few pictures and get an opinion. Am attempting to trace back to who it is responsible for what is happening and doing this with the best amount if proof that I could provide.
      I’ve been threatened countless times and this particular group has taken credit for ruining a relationship, half my company, and my social standings. I now wonder that if they did this to me, did they do this to her?

      I recognised early that subliminal were likely in play. But she would not have even understood the concept of it happening.
      I however have solid proof.
      And after searching this long I find your science,,literally backing up what I’ve been saying all along.
      I would surely like to discuss a few topics with you. Hopefully you see this and could maybe set aside some precious time.
      Thank you

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