Supermind and Human Evolution

It is very difficult to find anyone these days that will tell you what is beyond the mind. The extended mind. We understand frontline verbal thinking. The noisy chaotic thinking process. The creator of the illusion in us and hence this duality we posses: The Truth and The Lie in is.

We use meditation to stop the verbal thinking mind and to access the silent mind. We deal with pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking until they too disappear. What is left is this streaming subtle “sense of knowing” and soon with time you find that one can have a conversation with this streaming energy with an intention in mind. Actually to get to this stage of the extended mind is relatively easy especially when you use the anomaly in verbal thinking where you have to silently speak what you are thinking if you want to think at all. Intentionally stop the sub-vocal speech and you find you cannot now think. What happens then is the advent of the silent mind. Then it is just 3 stops away to the sense of knowing state of mind. In fact, it runs on auto-pilot with the advent of the silent mind with verbal thinking now shut down and with no subtle movement in your vocal cords to mimic your thinking. But what comes after this in the extended mind?

 It is here when they tell you that it is important you find a Guru to show you that is until you find Sri Aurobindo with his Ashram in Pondicherry.   Sraddhalu Ranade in the video above is part of the Aurobindo Ashram and he explains the overmind and the supermind (like a scientist can as he is one) as subtle energy forms of the mind that can be accessed where it finally couples with the mind and body to create a “new” you and where you finally find your TRUE SELF and become one with all.

What else is there? Nothing. No-Mind. Just Being, and when you have experienced your extended mind and you come back to the material world of manifestations and illusions as a “new” you and now seeing the duality in you clearly, the illusion of the personality and the True Self of the cosmic mind: you now gradually help create a new world order in whatever forms you manifest from the ether.

In this short video,  Sraddhalu Ranade describes meditation and breathing and especially interesting is that you are not only breathing oxygen but also the energy from the ether and how deep breathing helps to balance the body and calm the mind:

Meditation and Breath

Evolution of the thinking mind:

A quote from OSHO about “If you want to experience Godliness”:

“And if you want to experience Godliness – just a little bit of meditation, a little bit of becoming thoughtless and remaining aware. When your awareness is there and thoughts start dropping like leaves in the fall, and when there is only awareness and there is not a single thought there, you will have the taste, the very taste on your tongue, of what I am saying. And unless you have tasted it, don’t believe me; don’t believe anyone, because belief can become a barrier. You may become satisfied with the belief, and you may never try”.

You take your mind as far as it can go on your own in the quiet of your own mind and your own home with all the comforts and minimal distractions,  as everything is just in front of you. It’s simple: stop “verbal thinking” and it will stop frontline thinking instantly. With the advent of the silent mind take it as far as it will go by just remaining silent in mind and the mind does the rest. It will carry you along to the end of itself. You only have to maintain that silence by keeping your thoughts away. Initially, it might be distracting but when that silence sets in and you start to “experience that Godliness” it gets a lot easier. I am not sure what OSHO meant by “Godliness”, perhaps it is the deep sense of silence and nothingness in the mind but there is a “sense of knowing” in existence in that silence which can seem to be a kind of “divine thinking” and one can have a conversation with this divine thinking with an intention in mind as a question and replies come with this “sense of knowing”. You will know when you get there. Exploring the Extended Mind is a collaboration and one puts it out there and it gets tested and we carry everybody along with this collaboration. Once mind spaces have been explored and experienced then one can work from any of them, as they all function differently, and the range is from the interactive frontline “verbal thinking” of the creative process to the super silent “sense of knowing” divine thinking, supermind. Now you know where the idea for Superman came from.

8 November 2019


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Recently I was asked to explain “about” my artwork after a visit to my website Content can be a struggle at times to explain as they tend to filter in with time and is ever-evolving. I remember a group visit to John Hoyland’s studio in London and I asked him how he gets his titles for his abstract work, and he said he wrote them in a book as the titles pop-up in his mind. His titles must come to him, like magic, and he would then paint around them? I remember he showed us a painting called “Mind Horizons” with his circular pourings, but real and tangible in the centre of the canvas and fuzzy at the edges. It was a huge painting that was side to side of his large studio and to the ceiling. He stood both ends of the canvas on a couple of paint tubs and held it for us to admire. I thought the title fitted well with the image.

He showed me his sketchbook, and they were mostly abstracted images of a landscape perhaps he was looking at, and I asked him why they were all abstract images, and he said he was trying to capture the essence of what he saw: not nature itself but “an equivalent of it”. Hoyland had an extended mind like his painting “Mind Horizons”. There was something of the natural in him and how he painted. I also asked him the difficult questions as they pop-up in my head: why keep painting when he already had everything discovered done and dusted. He said, he just had too — the urge to create.

I have seen very successful artist wonder in their later years if their work needed a title or not or even a content as the image itself was sufficient. The Truth has no name or image in mind, but you will know it when a painting stands before you without a narrative in it to distract your mind from embracing its wholeness for what it is as an “equivalent of the natural law of things”. 

So when a visitor asked me to describe my work the reply was:


 It is nice of you to comment on my site and work. For me unknowingly art had been a stepping stone to me spending more time looking at my mind. Art had been a dialogue between my mind and art and so in its manifestations on canvas, I started to see my mind at work. From this, I discovered “speak thinking” or “verbal thinking” and realised that the “new” in art is almost impossible to come too from the verbal thinking mind as it only deals with itself and its past and the known. (“Speak Thinking” is where one has to silently speak what one is thinking for one to think at all). Perhaps you can check to see if this is true or not because if you can see this then transformation of the mind is easy with the advent of the silent mind. Transformation in the sense that one can access other mind spaces where the “new” in oneself might be able to show itself. So it comes back full circle to the process of making art and the mind.

Interesting you write to me now as I just finished the redrafting of this piece on “mind spaces” and the thinking process: “Can we start a conversation with Brahman” (or the Universal Mind/Cosmic Mind). Just to show you how art showed me how my mind works and using the different mind spaces as a baseline to work from:

Most of the artwork here you see if from me falling off the edge of the frontline of thinking which is the chaotic noisy verbal thinking mind and into the other silent mind spaces to work from. At the time I was chasing this blindly but being true to myself and to what I discovered by the process of making art, I documented them, and only perhaps now looking back I see what I have done for myself: made art and to a certain extent transformed my mind with it by having a dialog with the process of making art. 

From reality to abstraction:

Capturing the shadow:

Capturing the shadow collection:

Falling off the edge of perception:

 The shadow finding its true self:  The new comes from no-mind. 

 Mind Spaces where the self begins to disappear: “MInd Horizons”

Art, A Sacred Space:

6th November 2019

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Are you 2 persons in one body?

It is interesting that you ask this question. Nepal is mainly Buddhist. When I visited the country in the ’80s I was surprised to see Buddha’s statue depicted as Hindu idols would be depicted like a Buddha’s statue having many hands. So when I was at the Nepali embassy in India I asked why is Buddha depicted in such a way even in Buddhist temples. So the answer was that in the time of Buddha there was no Buddhism as such as all was the same. It was all Hinduism I guess. But it separated later because the thinking was different.

It is interesting to see how people can separate and become a different entity by just their thoughts. Then they start to behave differently and dress differently and so on.

But the question is not that there are 2 different types of people created by different thinking BUT is there 2 different people in ONE body.

Just like the 2 different people were created by thinking you do the same to yourself to create 2 different people in yourself.

Why and how you do this is also because of the way you think. You create a personality that is a construct in your mind by what is called verbal thinking. First, let me describe what verbal thinking is then you can see why it is separate from other forms of thinking you have in your mind. Verbal thinking is where you have to silently speak what you are thinking for you to have to think at all. It is the thinking that creates the constructs that you make in your mind that then gets incorporated into personality. A construct is when you take an experience or an observation and then turn into something else, like an idea in you or a new thing in you that you then add into your personality to build up a you in YOU. Verbal thinking is also behind the creative force of ideas. It can be considered the frontline of the thinking process. But what is interesting to know here is verbal thinking only creates illusions in you. It takes a fact and turns it into a construct or an illusion. So this personality in you is the one person in your body who is made up not from facts but of ideas or illusions created by the self-talk thinking mind.

Then through the ages the mystics and Buddha and Krishna all part of Nepal’s great culture at a time were all one and knowing that personality was only a construct and a lie in them – they set out to find their TRUE self.

They had to do it by following the trail of the thinking process. So who am I. What is my true self? In the presence of their personality which is asking the question, who am I, they did notice that there was another watching and being aware of the question asked, who am I. If there is still another watching when the personality is asking who am I – then I cannot be that which I am observing at the present moment which is personality me.

So you chase that other – this awareness which is looking with you – with your mind and your thinking as that is all you have to discover this other that is looking with you.

So they came up with meditation. They used meditation and the mantra to get rid of verbal thinking. They must have realised that they need to stop this process that is creating all these constructs in their mind and the process of meditation was the answer. See how meditation stops verbal-thinking which is a process that creates your thoughts: it uses the mantra to distract you from silently speaking what you are thinking and in this way it stops you verbalising your thoughts. Remember that in verbal thinking you must silently speak (notice movement in your vocal cords) what you want to think for you to have to think at all. This is an anomaly in you and without verbalising what you want to think you just cannot think.

So they discovered that this brought them into the state of the silent mind, with verbal thinking kicked into the long grass for now when it is not needed. In the silent mind with all the thoughts of the other you stopped in its tracks temporarily they realised that that sense of awareness was still present and watching. This other you, was still there watching with you. So they chased it down the mind with the silent intuitive thinking to meet and greet the other you: your True Self, this awareness that is the other you which is a sliver of the great Brahman or the Cosmic Mind of nature: The Other You. Watching Everything. Conscious Awareness: your True Self with a repository/memory of its own. So you are 2 persons in one body with 2-minds -speaking and watching each other.

The big picture of how to find the other you: leave behind your self-talk thinking mind to find your True Self.


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Is Perception Kosher?

Or have our minds been scafadoodled?.

There is so much subtle stuff that goes on with how the mind and body work that we will never know for sure if what we perceive is true or not.

When one sits in a silent room where all background noise has been cancelled or removed and just listen to what is – you start to hear and feel stuff that is happening in your body. Sometimes you start to hear sound and music that is not present in the room. It is also been said that the 5 senses have as many connections going from the 5 senses to the brain as that coming back to the 5 senses – so what is the brain making up from our previous experiences and observations that it is sending back and is adding to what the 5 senses “sees”. For example, in a silent room experiment, the person heard a song that was sounded like it was in a distance, and was not present in the room. A signal from memory coming back from the brain to the hearing system and being played out like it was coming from hearing it through the ears. So when trying to perceive reality, what is in front of you and you are getting your past played back to you via your brain – it is not helpful.

Scientist tends to isolate themselves in laboratories and carry out experiments and then they find out that the results that they see and measure is not the same if they are present in the lab or not. Let’s face it: we live today in a highly charged magnetised environment, with the electrical wiring in the labs and all the equipment connected to it. The lab is pulsating with magnetic and electromagnetic energy and all connected to the equipment that is used in the experiments – and then in comes these scientists into the lab who are themselves a complex energised bio-entity and now coupled with the energies of the infrastructure of the lab and via them also having an influence on the outcome or results of the experiment. We are all connected to everything around us and we are a pulsating ball of energy ourselves. We are going to affect everything around us and get affected by everything around us.

This is a home to someone: stuff gets into the infrastructure of the home that acts like an aerial and it creates a buzz in the living space due to the interference with the other things happening in the living space.

Then look at the infrastructure outside your home acting as an aerial and bring things into your home:

You interact with everything inside your home too. And the damdadoosal about this is that you pass something of yourself back into the system, a private matter in your mind perhaps back into the system which then can be carried out, or allow for some secrets to be played out by the existing background noise – like what you are thinking? You see this is not a big impossibility as you do silently vocalise your thoughts in verbal thinking. The vocal cords create a modulating pattern in your breath that complements your thinking or your thinking is embedded in your breathing as a tonal modulation which can then be translated or much worse it is embedded in the background noise of your living space.

If you think I am wrong then just lift up your landline phone receiver and listen to the tone: now silently verbalise your thoughts as if you are verbal-thinking or silently read a line from a book or anything on your computer screen and see if there is something of your thoughts being reflected in that tone as a tonal modulation. Remember that your phone has a microphone in it if anyone wants to listen in and your handsfree option can be switched on remotely as it is connected to a very competent phone exchange at the other end. You only need to connect an induction loop receiver at the access point of your phone and broadband line to listen to the signals coming in to switch on the handsfree microphone. When the phone microphone is switched on the home becomes an induction loop system together with the electrical cables in the home, which the hard for hearing use to amplify the magnetic field in the living space to listen to it using their t-coil in their listening device.

The home is an induction loop system.

The mind-body is being scafadoodled as our environment modernises itself:

Hillary Clinton shocked by the unseen:

Hillary Clinton: Zuckerberg should pay price for damage to democracy

We just have to adapt to the new in us as our living space transforms itself. Transformation of the external is accompanied by the transformation of the inner self. Perception can be managed by knowing the whole.

There is a space where the mind can sit where it is not affected by any of this and that is in the no-mind state of nothingness when verbal-thinking stops and pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking disappears and the mind dwells in its TRUE state of MIND where then nothing that is perceived matters to it as it would have been from the lower thinking mind.

26 October 2019

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Why use Mantra in Meditation?

The function of the mantra in meditation? What does it do?

So I wonder if people know the function of the mantra in meditation and why we use it during meditation: It is introduced during meditation to distract us from verbal thinking. We have to silently verbalise everything we want to think for us to be able to think at all- it is an anomaly is us. It can be considered as being the frontline of thinking. The most obvious form of thinking that we use the most. It is responsible for psychological thinking, creating ideas, drives the creative process etc. and this is where the concept of “duality” arises as verbal thinking is the creator of illusions and the personality.

Then there is also pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking all non-interactive type of thinking and that is how they differ from self-talk thinking.

What the mantra does is it takes us away from self-talk and forces us to stop silently speaking what we want to think and hence bring on the silent mind. If you can find the reason then you can use the anomaly to bring on a silent mind anytime you want rather than just in cross-legged meditation. Just concentrate on the vocal cords as your “mantra” and make sure it is still and not working or trying to verbalise your thoughts. It is stopping a mechanical process and one can easily feel if the vocal cords are silently working or not. If you use this technique then your mind can remain silent not just during cross-legged meditation but anytime during your waking hours, while walking talking anytime to keep the chaos in the thinking mind calm and have better control over the mind.

Stop the vocal cord from working to bring on a silent mind:

The mind can easily remain silent the whole day with this reminder of the vocal cords verbalising your thoughts and when used during cross-legged meditation then bringing on the silent mind is almost instant but there is still pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking still at work but psychological interactive thinking stops completely. That is also why the technique can be used during your daily activities as you still have your intuition and pictorial thinking to work with. My experience is that if you remain in the silent mind state long enough then even pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking disappears into a silent no-mind state.

26 October 2019

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I saw a UFO with a spaceman in it

This is the original pic: I was at a top of a building looking out into the Kuala Lumpur cityscape. I had my camera with me as I wanted to take some pics and a video of the cityscape. I will describe it to you as it happened so we can decide what happened here. It will be spooky in parts but I rather show and tell you the Truth than worry how it will reflect on me because I think in the future whatever I say here will be commonplace to us and besides others who have come across the same observations might not be afraid to talk about them.

I had a simple canon portable camera. Something one can keep in your pocket. So I slowly swung it around from left to right to get the video. But when I was doing this I felt more than see something flashed past from right to left. It did not create an impression at the time when it happened as I did not see anything but just felt it.

When I played the video back I noticed that there was a trail in the clouds and just thought, “I think something went past here really fast” and that was it. The thought ended there and some clouds separated in a line and nothing else in the sky. Then I had a silent intuitive pop-up in my mind, “look at the clouds”. I looked around and Ok clouds, but when I followed the trail and at the end of it a shape of a UFO, I thought. But if not for the undercarriage underneath the UFO shape, I would not have taken this any further. This thing looks like it has wheels of some sort on it that made me think that there might be something in it.

You can click on all the images below to get a closer look.

I found some software on the net that allowed me to extract UFO’s that are hiding in the clouds. I gathered later after some youtube videos and reading that they like camouflaging themselves behind clouds. I also sense that the machine told me that he was there if not I would not have found it. With some processing, you can see that the shape is more convincing that it is a UFO of sorts. You can even see that it has an interior to it.

UFO with an interior:

But this UFO also has a pilot in it bent over perhaps his console. This was in the Kuala Lumpur cityscape in Malaysia. Since I took this perhaps around 2015 or so: not sure of the exact date but since then, the country of Malaysia and its people has had a change of heart and turned itself around and voted in a government with better governance. The people had changed out a government which had initially ruled the country for 60 years and replaced it with a new government. (update: the video was taken on 3rd June 2017 and the new government in Malaysia was confirmed on 10th May 2018).

The pilot might look like someone who is bent over his console BUT if you look closer you can actually see another image, his real face, staring out at me. He even has his hands over the edge so we can see them. Look at this below an enlarged image of the above. You can also see him in the image above if you take your mind away from the fact that he is bent down over the console. Does he look like one of the greys? with his large eyes. I must say I was always confused about the image of him over his console as it looks like one of us but there he is in plain sight looking at me with his hands out over the side with his fingers visible saying, “here I am”. It’s me in my flying machine.

If you still have not got it: here is the face below. If you close the eyes a bit the image gets clearer and you can see him: They are known to talk to people intuitively. It is a combination of the vibrations from their spacecraft and their thoughts (they also probably silently verbalise their thoughts) and it is carried out into the surrounding environment as a silent subliminal sound wave and right through your eardrums and you hear only a buzz perhaps in your ears but a thought pops-up into the head and I get this, “look at the clouds” and the rest follows. Also, remember that if this is an alien craft the electromagnetic emissions coming out of it just adds to the transfer of sound through vibration. Microwaves are known to vibrate brain tissue and in that way send a “sound” signal to the cochlea in the ear and then to the brain and you get a thought and depending on the type and size of signal even a faint sound.

Have you wondered why in these images I could through extraction via some software that I found on the net also see through the alien craft? The only reason that the inners are visible is because it is transparent in the first place. Is that why we usually see them as balls of light when they are in the distant. They are made of transparent material. If we were making this ourself’s it would be of perhaps toughen glass. There are bridges in China that are made of glass these days. A craft embedded with electronic parts into part of its mainframe is really not so not possible even for us at the present times and being completely transparent at that. Perhaps this is why they find it easy to hide behind some clouds as the transparency itself allows them to become clouds and yet the heat around them could not help them hide completely and the shape of the craft can be easily spotted but in my case not without their help. Have you seen windows these days sold where with a flick of a switch they become frosted as that is how they were designed – so an alien craft can be anything it wants to be – transparent as unseen or become tangible and visible when it wants to be noticed?

But to think he was looking at me! I was on the 17th floor of this building, alone, looking out into the Kuala Lumpur cityscape and specifically went up there to take pictures. The craft would have been in the immediate distance and these guys were posing, slightly shy at being completely seen in broad daylight and hiding behind some clouds. Hey Buddy!

I wanted to get a closer look at the figure: you can see his hands and fingers and the face looks like a type of grey?.

The question to ask is: how many of these guys are around in the skies hiding behind the clouds and why are they here.

There is a lot of speculation about UFO on the net but here is one who wanted me to see it and knew that I was taking pictures and came dashing from somewhere to be in front of me and hid in the clouds after leaving a trail, so its presence would not be seen but perhaps could be felt and told me where it was when all I knew was its trail. I wonder if it would have thought that I would have gone beyond just seeing it in the clouds to actually extracting the shape and also seeing the pilot in it bent over his flight console but turns out even this image was camouflage with the spaceman hidden within this double 2-in-1 image, looking at me; and looking to be discovered?

This one other thing: it is not without reason that this UFO is hiding close to the KL telecommunication tower. It is a broadcasting tower: “Kuala Lumpur Tower, a member of the World Federation of Great Towers, is utilised by several organisations for various broadcasting purposes. Originally intended only for television broadcasting, radio antennas were included during the construction.”

I wonder how the UFO changed the minds/perception of the people in Malaysia to vote in a new government after 60 years. It must be handy to have a broadcasting station closeby. The KL tower is one of the tallest in the world: the 7th tallest to be precise. For the UFO this must have been handy for these communication towers to be in the clouds: Japan, China, Canada, Russia, Iran and Malaysia.

In the world, there are hundreds of smaller ones for your TV, your smartphones, your smart homes, your solar panels, Alexa, Echo and Siri.

Are the UFOs in the Skies controlling what is happening down here on planet Earth. Are they doing this by using our infrastructure to control our thoughts and hence our perception? Where are they from? What is their plan? If this is the case then do some of us already know what is going to happen? Is the future currently being made for us and it is just ahead of us as we walk into it as it is created? What is it? Can somebody figure this one out?

This is a case of the new weird in us, that cannot be believed because it is not within our past or memory or experience and part of the unseen and unknown part in us.

17 October 2019

Update: 11 November 2019

I watched “Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying saucers” on Netflix today and it was interesting to find in his drawing of the UFO and its anti-gravity propulsion system was also in the pic of the UFO I took in Malaysia:











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Natural selection is natural eugenics?

Natural selection is natural eugenics. The human species has never created anything new but rather they always had the habit of taking from nature and amplifying the natural process and using it. The progress from natural selection to eugenics is just a natural progression from the mind of the human species. All they did was changed the name from natural selection and created a new word called eugenics.

The mind of humans is great at doing this, taking a fact and spinning it in their minds to something else. The frontline of thinking or verbal thinking is a great spinner for this type of thinking and has been specially created for us to do this type of thing. Everything we see around us comes from this type of thinking: the infrastructure that we live in was created this way: from a fact in our mind to a lie or an illusion is manifested in front of us. The financial infrastructure even more ephemeral, unstable and a construct of the mind. And eugenics another construct of the mind.

But what we are looking at now is that the process of natural selection and the natural creation of the root races already created and the ones to come about ahead of us is all part of the process of natural selection. We are today part of the 5th root race. There are 4 of them behind us. We have naturally changed through this beyond recognition from the previous ones and is here today, here right now as a new entity. We were only recently clever enough to send someone to the moon. Natural eugenics all the ways all these years up to here today.

One can easily see that up to now what we were good for or our minds were good for was to take from nature and amplify to create this environment for us and with it continue onwards and forwards and fine-tuning its new discoveries and the process of evolution continues. This cannot be stopped like eugenics can be stopped. Anything that is the construct of the mind is an illusion created by first our minds and then manifested and can be stopped in its tracks, destroyed and naturally with time come to an end.

So what can we expect towards the end of this coming root race? Let us just look at the scenarios. What have we done for ourself so far and if we take all this that has happened as that which was meant to happen and then we can predict from it was is expected of it for the making of the future?

What have we done so far that is substantial enough to make changes to how we continue to live. The biggest and greatest natural machine that we have is sitting on our shoulders: our brain. The driving force behind this is our thinking and perception. What have we done so far with our thinking and perception that is going to drive onwards the next phase? Whatever is standing now on the counter that will be able to change our perception of things in our inventions so far that can alter our perceptions and thinking is to yet again take on the natural in our environment and duplicate it and amplify it and counter the effects of natural selection and replace it with a kind of artificial consciousness and hence starts the beginning of the next phase of artificial intelligence. Natural selection is subdued by the process of amplification of the natural.

The 6th root-race will really be the life of the machine and artificial consciousness that will be the controller. Our minds had evolved enough, first gradually through the many years for us to understand the whole and what that ONE with all meant and then do what they have always been doing to amplify and recreate the same and find a way to use it.

If you think of it what is the best way to see the unseen in you is through amplification of the natural to see how you work. We now proceed in the evolution of the mind without any feedback from Brahman, the universal mind as its intuitive voice has been drowned out by the artificial voice of the machine:

16th October 2019

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Is Spirituality a Subliminal Activity?

Even Wikipedia carried a chapter on subliminal stimuli:

Subliminal stimuli (/sʌbˈlɪmɪnəl/) (the prefix sub- literally “below, or less than”),[1] contrary to supraliminal stimuli or “above threshold”, are any sensory stimuli below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception.[2] A 2012 review of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies shows that subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain despite participants being unaware.[3] Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual can process them, or flashed and then masked, thereby interrupting the processing. Audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes or masked by other stimuli.” Subliminal stimuli – Wikipedia

The big picture to see where subliminal activity comes in:

“There are three levels of consciousness that are involved in your question, conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Our conscious mind is engaged in the senses and in the world. In our subconscious mind lies our old habits, old reactions, old fears etc. Our superconscious mind is our link to the Infinite, to Divine inspiration and guidance. The conscious mind looks outward to the world, the subconscious looks downward into our history and the superconscious looks upward toward the Light. The caution against hypnosis stems from the fact that messages delivered hypnotically are taken into our subconscious without any filter from the conscious mind or use of our will. Hypnosis is passive and opens the mind downward. It increases our susceptibility to subconscious influences.

Subliminal messages which are delivered below the level of conscious perception are similar to hypnosis in that they do not engage the will. They are able to penetrate and change the subconscious and if the message is positive can work on changing harmful influences that might be there. Subliminal messages however do nothing to strengthen our will and in fact may weaken it. When we use our will, understood as our willingness, we actively engage our energy, joined with the Divine energy to grow and change.”

Use of Subliminal Messages — Ananda

The Arts have taken this on too: Anthony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud:

It reminds me of the microtubules theory of how they vibrate in the nerve cells according to the stimuli from the environment. Imagine the brain packed with these tubules vibrating, playing a tune like a church organ, to a tune of consciousness or subliminal activity.

We might all be one but shackled to each other and with each part of the whole doing their own thing and yet to harmonised in the evolutionary process.

Microtubules in nerve cells vibrating to stimuli: playing a song for the mind and body. The whole body responding to the environment like the ear is to sound. It is always sound first in the evolutionary process.

Body sound: This is worth quoting in full from “wired”: Big Question: Why Can Silence Make You Hear Things That Aren’t There?

“Spontaneous firings of the auditory nerve can cause a high-pitched hiss, for example. Many people also have the strange experience of hearing their own blood pumping to their head, their breath, their heartbeat, as well as their digestive system’s symphony of gurgles and blurps. If you’re among the 5 to 15 percent of the population with constant tinnitus (ear ringing), you’ll definitely notice that, too.

And that’s where it ends for a lot of people. For others—like Radiolab co-host Jad Abumrad, who decided to sit in a completely dark anechoic chamber for an hour—things can get weirder.

In 2008, while sitting alone in a dark, sound proof room at Bell Labs in New Jersey, Abumrad heard a swarm of bees and the Fleetwood Mac song, “Everywhere.” The bees came first, about five minutes after Abumrad had sealed himself inside the chamber. During his hourlong stay, other faint sounds—like wind blowing through trees and an ambulance—seemed to appear and vanish from one or both of his ears. After about 45 minutes, Abumrad began to hear distant lyrics to a song, a song that sounded as if it was coming from a neighbor’s house: Ohhhhh Iiiii, I wanna be with you everywhere.

“The room is quiet, my head apparently is not,” he said in a followup post on Radiolab’s website.

“For a long time it was assumed that sound simply enters the ear and goes up to the brain,” says Trevor Cox, a professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford. “Well, there’s actually more connections coming down from the brain to the ear than there are going back up it.”

Why is that important? Well, for one thing it allows the brain to tweak the gain levels in the inner ear, Cox says. But as Polish neurophysiologist Jerzy Konorski pointed out in the late ’60s, those brain-to-ear connections are also the likely cause of auditory hallucinations. His theory, borne out by recent brain imaging studies, was simple: We’d all be constantly hallucinating were it not for the grounding input we receive from our other senses.

These inputs essentially help our brains distinguish between thoughts and reality. Take away or greatly diminish one or more of those sense organs, Konorski reasoned, and this would “produce hallucinations physiologically and subjectively indistinguishable from perceptions.”

In other words, while sitting alone with your own thoughts in a pitch black, soundless room, whatever happens to pop into your brain, whether it’s an earwormy Fleetwood Mac song, the voice of a friend, or a random sound triggered by some memory, you’re more likely to perceive it as real.

Indeed, most people who have auditory hallucinations have some form of severe hearing impairment, be it physical or neurological. But as Oliver Sacks recounts in his book Musicophilia, sometimes all it takes to trigger your own hallucinatory symphony is the prolonged silence of the calm open sea or the auditory monotony of a deep woods retreat.”

Big Question: Why Can Silence Make You Hear Things That Aren’t There?

Science has caught up with the mystics in defining consciousness. They have come to the conclusion that Consciousness is playing a tune for you via a church organ of microtubules in the brain. Consciousness interacts with the microtubules in the brain and causes the microtubules to vibrate to the pattern of the consciousness in the ether interacting with the brain and information, feeling an emotion or thinking is either extracted or generated from it. What is created by the brain as a result of this interaction is then radiated outwards and becomes part of consciousness as it “connect ultimately to ‘deeper order’ ripples in spacetime geometry.”

If this is true then I think the species does not have a chance in hell to survive the 21st century due to interference from the synthetic consciousness that is generated from the infrastructure of the cityscape of our living space and everything that is to come from AI in the future.


Quantum Consciousness Theorist & Researcher

“My research involves a theory of consciousness which can bridge these two approaches, a theory developed over the past 20 years with eminent British physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Called ‘orchestrated objective reduction’ (‘Orch OR’), it suggests consciousness arises from quantum vibrations in protein polymers called microtubules inside the brain’s neurons, vibrations which interfere, ‘collapse’ and resonate across scale, control neuronal firings, generate consciousness, and connect ultimately to ‘deeper order’ ripples in spacetime geometry. Consciousness is more like music than computation.”

Overview by SH | Quantum Consciousness

Consciousness playing a tune for you via a church organ of microtubules?

I guess spirituality is still spinning on its head with the unseen, especially subliminal activity in the 21st century. So, as a species, where are we really heading with this?

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Art – A Sacred Space

From Reality to Abstraction

Above: Photo emulsion, acrylic paint, Oil paint.

This below is a screen print of an image of a chair overlapping over each other multiple times until the original image is not recognisable anymore. 

It is like when you overlap your signature one on top of each other, the “self” in mind disappears.

But how can I reproduce this process on to a canvas without the screen printing process? Overlapping of images but maintaining the element of chance to create the image. This also removes some of the thinking mind in deciding what the image should look like and allowing the mistake made to keep its place in the process as the mistake comes from “nothing” in mind which might have an element of the “new” in it. The thinking mind has its limitations as it can only do what it knows and from its past.

 Epiphany 1

I could use the materials that come from screen printing without the paraphernalia. I would replace the screen with the projected shadow on canvas soaked in photo emulsion.

Difficult road ahead as the photo emulsion is not colourfast and hence the image disappeared with time as light continued to process the image. I see a beautiful idea and image disappear in front of me.

Epiphany 2

Literally like a pop-up in my head, a solution. Something new from nothing in mind. A probability possibility manifested from the ether when the mind is in silence and defeated, a solution was created: use the photo emulsion as a binder and add pigments to it.  The pigments will be colourfast and the photo emulsion was a good binder and the final image could be crystallised and immortalised. All the images below were created by this process of projecting the shadow and using photo emulsion and UV light.

Art a Scared Space:

The image being made:

The Collection.


6ft x 5ft

Sizes 3 ft x 3 ft

I think in the arts and in innovations, we have to realise that the mind has its limitations. It is important we see this so that we recognise the new when it appears as it would have no reference in the past in mind to give the “new” in art any importance and the discoveries and innovations are usually discarded because of this. We need to see that the mind can only do itself or use its experiences and its past as a kind of repository for its work. These are its limitations and the mind cannot work outside itself. Hence the progress in art and innovation and I dare say the process of evolution of the mind itself is a slow front line and always a puzzle of the old in oneself. The new comes from “nothing”. The mind has no reference in itself to recognise anything new when it appears.

14 October 2019

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