How to choose correctly what is in the mind?


What does it feel like to cross the line in the body-mind and go beyond and wanting to come back because it is unfamiliar?

A single observation can generate multiple ideas or multiple opinions. That is the nature of the subjective frontline thinking mind. So how do you choose which is the correct one.

In your line of reasoning when coming up with multiple opinions or ideas if you follow the facts in the reasoning then you can have a pretty good idea of what might be the right choice. Also, your mind must learn to recognise when it is creating an illusion or a lie in your mind. There is always the Truth in the Lie in you. You need to know this is this the Truth in me and that is that a lie in me.

If you have better control over your thinking mind and experience all its mind spaces then you can make these choices a lot better.

You can also get a 2nd opinion from your mind by silencing the frontline verbal thinking mind and in the silent mind let your intuition work things out for you. It will look at all the choices you created with all your conditioning and your subjective idiosyncrasies in your mind and find the correct solution for you. The intuition can distinguish between the, this and that, in your mind and being in the silent mind intuition is not a spinner of ideas in your mind, it looks at the big picture in the mind and decides. It is more of an intuitive integration process than a spinner of illusions. When you see and experience this difference you can see how you can use your mind spaces to control and make your thinking mind work for you. The verbal thinking mind is a noisy frontline thinking space in the mind and has its reasons for evolving in us after the advent of language but the silent mind is innate in us and been with us longer than the verbal thinking mind.

3 steps to having freedom in your mind and understanding the different mind spaces in the thinking mind:

You know what your verbal thinking mind does.

You know how the silent mind thinks when the verbal thinking mind is silent.

You know what it feels like when the mind crosses the line when all thinking in the mind stops.

The idea is to sense all the working parts of the mind and know what they can do for you.

But what happens when you cross the line and how difficult is it to not return to the dominance of the verbal thinking mind as it was before you crossed the line.

The best description I found in Quora was by Lee Jensen

Noetic meaning: “relating to mental activity or the intellect”.

“Three years into this, you’ve reached the doldrums. You’ve broken the self – there’s no legitimate way back. Those things that motivated you are gone, though phantoms linger, and you have seen past what never satisfied you. This is a dangerous and uncomfortable time.

You could stay in this quiet place and live out your life in hermitage, if your mind is quiet enough to do so. Even if that is not for you, make a point to stay here until you are very, very comfortable with it; the discomfort you are experiencing is the old self struggling to re-emerge. You’ve got to stay with it and push through for the (authentic) Self to initiate.

Meditate; purify the mind and body. It seems counter-intuitive, but diligence is required to do nothing now (in terms of motivating the self). Allow the process to unfold at its own pace. Allow the sediment of thoughts to settle; rushing it will stir them up again. You need to stay here until you have crossed the threshold.

After you cross, a higher motivation will come to you. You will notice it.

It’s the hero’s journey – let it be. Choose your opportunity to emerge carefully.”

It might be easy to draw an illustration to show you that there is a line to cross when all thinking in the mind stops but what does it feel like is a different matter because all you know is what it was like in the past and wanting to return to it or to what you know, but to keep at it until the new you in you takes shape is a very difficult but slowly emerging process.

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What happens when consciousness gives way to unconsciousness in the brain?

I am answering this question from what I experientially know of the process of thinking and brain frequencies and time in the mind and then extending my answer from research done on unconsciousness to show what I have already realised of the mind can extend into what is being discovered by scientists.

What we might discover about ourselves with this question:

Personality and subjective thinking make our world grow more modular just like the brain gets more modular as we fall into unconsciousness.

The brain working like a mini Universe.

The brain was created by the Universe in its own image.

So this is the flow pattern for the mind. From thinking, verbal thinking and into the silent mind and the Samadhi state of being and sleep and the dying. The whole pathway describes the mind shutting down. Also, remember that the frequencies also decrease as the mind shuts down to sleep and being unconscious and dying.

I discovered recently that I can also explain this whole flow of the mind from the active state in mind to the silent passive state of the mind in terms of time in the mind. When the mind is busy the sense of time moves faster in the mind and when the mind is silent and the brain frequencies are on the low side, time in the mind can seem to slow down. Notice that our watches tick constantly 24 hours a day and do not speed up or slow down but in the mind, time can be fast and slow. So I asked myself the question, is the establishment and experiencing enlightenment in the mind is really the process of slowing down, time in the mind.

So look at what research says about what is happening in our brain and mind when we become unconscious:

  • “These studies come from a long-standing hypothesis my colleagues and I have had regarding the essential characteristic of why we are conscious and how we become unconscious, based on patterns of information transfer in the brain,” says George A. Mashour, M.D., Ph.D., professor of anesthesiology, director of the Center for Consciousness Science and associate dean for clinical and translational research at the University of Michigan Medical School.
  • “We’ve been working for a decade to understand in a more refined way how the spatial and temporal aspects of brain function break down during unconsciousness, how we can measure that breakdown and the implications for information processing,”
  • “I published a theoretical article when I was a resident in anesthesiology suggesting that anesthesia doesn’t work by turning the brain off, per se, but rather by isolating processes in certain areas of the brain,” Mashour says. “Instead of seeing a highly connected brain network, anesthesia results in an array of islands with isolated cognition and processing.
  • “It’s often suggested that different areas of the brain that typically talk to one another get out of sync during unconsciousness,”
  • “We showed in the early stages of sedation, the information processing timeline gets much longer and local areas of the brain become more tightly connected within themselves. That tightening might lead to the inability to connect with distant areas.”
  • “We demonstrated that as the brain gets more modular and has more local conversations, the measure of information integration starts to decrease. Essentially, we looked at how the brain network fragmentation was taking place and how to measure that fragmentation, which gives us the sense of why we lose consciousness.”
  • “We found that during unconsciousness, disrupted connectivity in the brain and greater modularity are creating an environment that is inhospitable to the kind of efficient information transfer that is required for consciousness.”

But then this:

“For example, we may assume that a patient is fully unconscious based on behavior, but in some cases consciousness can persist despite unresponsiveness.”

So it seems there is unconsciousness in terms of responsiveness of the body-mind, but, consciousness can persist in the person, despite unresponsiveness.

So it looks like the parts of the brain that gives our mind and body their presence in the living space, starts to separate and stop communicating with each other and we become unconscious.

I don’t know if you see similarities in how unconsciousness helps us to understand how the Universe works in sync with everything in it and how society works or does not work when we stop talking to each other due to subjective thinking and cultural differences and opinions and ideas about this and that kind of state on the planet today as we separate further and further away from each other just as the different parts of the brain separate and stop communicating with each other.

Does the working of the whole of the mind, and seeing what happens when we become unconscious, help us sense that we might be operating off a larger pattern in the Universe that is also reflected in all its smaller parts. As science is beginning to find out that the smallest particle in the Universe also has the whole universe in it and that is how the Universe functions and communicate with everything else in the Universe. We are all just ONE-THING working off one big pattern in the Universe.

Can seeing how becoming unconscious also help us see the wholeness of the Universe. The brain working like a mini Universe. Is this discovery part of the enlightenment process of knowing thyself or is it only at the ends of the mind where there is nothing in mind and in the samadhi state of mind which we think is where enlightenment is realised. I think meditation and Samadhi is only part of the process of discovering the wholeness in us and how we are part of the Universe. The brain is like a mini Universe. The brain was created by the Universe in its own image. The evolution process is coming off the ether. Is enlightenment in the mind about finding this wholeness between the body and mind looking for its place in the Universe.

Personality and subjective thinking make our world grow more modular just like the brain gets more modular as we fall into unconsciousness.


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The mind in the presence of pure consciousness.

You mean what is it like for the mind to be in a state and in the presence of pure consciousness. 

There is a baseline to everything and the baseline to our mind is consciousness. It is the energy force that carries everything that our mind does. Thinking, being, emotions, reactions in the mind to stimuli, whatever that happens in the mind happens on top of consciousness.

So what is it like to be in a mind where all thinking has ended and there is only consciousness and self-awareness and being is still in existence for you to feels what is it like to be just in the presence of pure consciousness?

Remember that the energy field of consciousness is also part of the Universe, This field in the Universe is interacting with the brain and to allow thinking of the mind of the individual to operate on top of this energy field. If the umbilical cord between consciousness and the spark that consciousness creates by interacting with the brain is broken then the individual goes blank in the mind with no memory of where he has been when one’s mind comes back. So you see the mind has an end to it. This link of consciousness with the brain can be broken by using the process of meditation. So you see it is not easy for the mind to be in the presence of just consciousness. There is deliberate effort involved in getting there and when you get there in mind it is difficult to maintain that presence of pure consciousness in mind.

This is how the Buddha found enlightenment. When he was at the cusp of being in the presence of pure consciousness, his mind disappeared and when he came back in mind with no memory of where he had been he realised that life was, “a dream of existence”. It was all made up in his mind, like a picture show.

Then in Buddhism, he created teachings that showed the movement of the mind and it is demonstrated in this illustration below:


So when you ask the question what is it like to be in the presence of pure consciousness when all thinking in the mind has stopped and all action and movement in the mind has stopped, then you are really asking the question of what does it feel like to be in the presence of the whole Universe and with all the energies that are in the Universe and in presence of the being of the Universe with its natural laws with reference to being in the body and the mind. That is what you are asking, right.

Remember that when all your thinking in the mind has stopped, your personality has pretty much died by then. You would have no memory of your personality. You would just be in the presence of the Universe. I have crossed this line where the mind has crossed over to the other side and came back with no memory of where I have been and there are no fireworks.

The mind just slips from being at peace and of no memory of the lower self, into nothingness and no mind and memory. But when the mind comes back, there is this awe of having this experience to see the mind disappear and to have experienced it and you know life is going to be different after this experience. Then you are excited is discovering how this happened and to explore all the mind spaces in the body-mind, from the noisy chaotic frontline thinking mind to the silent mind and into the state of no mind. Then you settle into the best mind space you would like to be in and spend most of your time in that space. I chose to be most of my time in the silent mind with no verbal thinking at all in myself unless I have something practical to do. When I am wasting my time in psychological thinking, an alarm bell goes in my mind and I stopped being stupid thinking in my mind about this and that, recalling situations I have been in etc. But in the silent mind, there is only pictorial thinking and self-awareness or observation with the 5 senses, but I don’t take on what i observe and turn them into lies or illusions in my head – they call this psychological thinking. Might as well call it getting mad thinking for nothing and it is a waste of time as it is just creating lies or illusions in your mind and if you do not know it is all made up by the mind, an illusion there is the danger of you making all those lies in your head real and using it like it was real.

So that is what you get by crossing the line in the mind, from yourself and into the Universal Mind.

Crossing the line:

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What I really look like?


This is what I really look like:


My eyes and my brain tell me this is what I look like: but bald.

I going to have a book out soon on growing hair from bald. It is about reversing the ageing process. I find that if you take one symptom of ageing and then try and reverse it by natural means, using supplements, scalp care and reversing the miniaturisation of the follicle hair cells on the scalp then I will also be reversing the ageing process of my whole body. I think we die too young at 100 if we are lucky, and would like to live till I am 120 or 150 if I can, but still healthy in body as if I am in my 40’s. I am having some success in reversing miniaturisation of follicular cells on my head and it is not an impossible task. 


The lesson to learn here is to maintain a healthy scalp while you still have all your hair as to reverse the miniaturisation of follicle cells is a long process. Opening the pores up in the scalp is already a tedious process once they are covered over by skin, then reversing the size of the cells takes about 2 years etc. The follicular cells on the scalp never die off but they are reduced in size and get covered over by skin and this is why reversal is possible. You study the ageing process and find out which essential vitamins the body stops producing and then replacing them from an external source. 

I think the majority of life with us is a dying process. I think we start dying from about 35 to 40 years of age. Metabolic functions start winding down and the body is essentially killing us off slowly. Older cells in the body start accumulating in the body and they start signalling to the immune cells to start killing off the host. Then it is a cancerous diseased end. 

Kill off and flush out your older zombie cells before they turn on you. That is what science is telling us. They, the scientists say, it can add about 30 years to one’s life span. They are already testing the process on humans. Some very elderly ones who are soon going to end their days. They are finding some good results where they start to have more mobility and start taking walks. 

Take an ageing symptom and reverse it? I hope to get about 30 years out of this experiment. I am working on some spooky ways to get rid of all these old zombie cells in my body before they turn on me. I hope I will get enough years added to my life to get that book out to you.

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Self-Talk Thinking

Does it exist?


Thank you, very nice answer.

One question about it, by verbalization you mean engaging in thoughts? Sort of the mental linear cause and effect lines of thought?


Yes and No; to think we need to silently self-talk what we are thinking. It is as if the brain has to hear us to know what we want to think so it can process our thoughts. If you don’t simultaneously self-talk what you are thinking then you will find you cannot think at all. I think this was why the mantra was introduced in meditation to distract one from the self-talk. You can notice the slight flutter of the vocal cords. A sense of a sound in the chest cavity. It is also with reading you need to silently self-talk to comprehend what you are reading. If you see this you can use this anomaly to bring on a silent mind instantly. very useful to keep thoughts away from the mind all day long. This type of thinking is the only type of thinking that can take a fact or an observation and spin it into an idea or an illusion. Pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking are only observational forms of thinking. It cannot interact with information and spin it into an idea. When I realised this I tried to find if others have come across this or not, not many but this site might suggest this was true. Can you look at this link of mine in quora which has a link in there that suggest this observation is true? Siri Perera’s answer to What are some ways to broaden your thinking ability? 

 Here is more proof that verbal thinking is real:


Quantum Consciousness Theorist & Researcher

“My research involves a theory of consciousness which can bridge these two approaches, a theory developed over the past 20 years with eminent British physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Called ‘orchestrated objective reduction’ (‘Orch OR’), it suggests consciousness arises from quantum vibrations in protein polymers called microtubules inside the brain’s neurons, vibrations which interfere, ‘collapse’ and resonate across scale, control neuronal firings, generate consciousness, and connect ultimately to ‘deeper order’ ripples in spacetime geometry. Consciousness is more like music than computation.”

Overview by SH | Quantum Consciousness

 I am convinced that our frontline thinking process is not this mysterious chemical brain process but is actually a silent version of speaking aloud. The brain needs to hear what you want to think before it can process its thoughts. So you silently simultaneously self-talk what you want to think. The flutter of the vocal cords is so subtle that it does not expose how thinking actually works.

Having said that perhaps the real bombshell is that our memory itself is stored in the ether within the fabric of the Universe. The brain possibly has nothing to do with thinking itself but is just a receiver or an intermediary for processed information that happens in the ether or the space around you. You notice that thinking starts with a question asked though silently spoken it might be, and the solution processed in the ether and returned to the brain via consciousness and thinking is quietly pictorial or intuitive with no sub vocal verbalisation. You will notice under meditative silence, there is a kind of intuitive communication with another that is not the self. This could be either its local memory in the ether or the Universal Mind.

Is this a possible pathway for thinking:  Subvocal verbal thinking to start off a train of thoughts and silent pictorial intuitive thinking as feedback from the ether and consciousness after processing the question.

Remember that when you are in the presence of the noisy, personality-driven, verbal thinking mind you won’t see or sense the subtleness or details of this pathway. Only in the silent mind, you will see it laid out for you to observe its workings. As soon as you stop verbalising your thoughts frontline thinking stops, the mind becomes silent and pictorial intuitive thinking takes over. There is still an intention in mind to communicate with the greater Universal Mind. An Intention in mind, I sense, is still a form of subtle verbal thinking process in the quiet zone of the mind. To communicate with the ether one needs to verbalise one’s thoughts. I am certain of this. It seems that sound and vibration is the only way for us to communicate with the greater Mind but for nature to communicate with us silence is all it needs as in intuitive thinking. All nature needs are its energies to create a pattern in our brains for us to sense what it is thinking or saying. If there was a high magnetic field trying to communicate with you the experience would be similar to it. Scientists, working on what is consciousness, have been using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to find that certain parts of the brain light up when it is stimulated with a magnetic field.  


Accessing the Akashic Records, Sadhguru.

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Where was the thought before we thought it?

Thinking in us is initiated by us. Except for insight which is out of nothingness in the unmanifested quantum field which holds everything that is “new” that was discovered by us.

What do I mean by thinking is initiated by us?

There are 2 main forms of thinking in us:

Verbal thinking and pictorial thinking or image-making in the mind.

This illustration above tells you were where the 2 main thinking processes are located.

Verbal thinking in the chaotic noisy frontline thinking mind

When verbal thinking stops then the silent mind ensues.

So what do I mean that thinking is initiated by you yourself. This is what happens in verbal thinking. In verbal thinking, you silently simultaneously have to verbalise your thoughts for you to have to think at all. This type of thinking came about when language was developed in us. Why do you have to verbalise your thoughts. It is so the brain can hear what you want to think so it can process your thoughts. This is exactly what happens when you speak aloud in conversation with another. Language arrived and thinking is also silently you having a conversation with yourself. But the silent thinking conversation with yourself is initiated by the same way that a loud conversation with another is initiated, with curiosity and observation a question is asked, like in Quora, and an answer is created. The source of verbal thinking is you yourself.

What about pictorial thinking; image-making. This is information that is rising from your subconscious mind which is saved in memory for you. The stuff that is hidden from you when you are preoccupied in the frontline verbal thinking mind. When the silent mind ensues when verbal thinking stops the subconscious mind rises and thoughts and deeds from the past rises in images in the mind and start to bother you. Within the context of Indian literature, they call these images rising, Samskaras.

The source of thinking from verbal thinking you can easily stop because the source of the anomaly requires the use of your vocal cords. If you consciously watch the flutter of your vocal cords and keep it silent then verbal thinking is dead in its tracks but in the silent mind pictorial thinking is much more difficult to stop and only by one coming to terms with your past will the subconscious mind be subdued. So you can now also see why the mantra is used in cross-legged meditation – to distract you from verbal and pictorial thinking until all thinking stops during a deep and sustained meditation process. This allows the mind to explore its mind spaces. The whole spectrum of it, up and down the road map of the thinking mind until you have full control over your thinking mind.

There is a baseline to most of the processes in you, in the mind and also in the metabolic processes in the body. If you can discover them and use them to have a better understanding and control over the body-mind.

When you get to the ends of your mind in the road map of the mind when all thinking in your have stopped, and where time in mind has come to a standstill, where memory is lost with no action in mind anymore, you will be in the presence of the infrastructure of the universe and of pure consciousness itself, then you can add Universe to your body-mind-universe.

Insight is the only trigger for the thought process which is no initiated by you. It comes from the ether of the unmanifested world of probabilities and possibilities of the quantum world where everything you will ever know exists. The evolutionary process and the future is driven by the insights you get from the unmanifested quantum field.

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Are we using 100% of our brain

It’s been said that you use whatever %age of your brain which your task in mind calls for; 20%, 30% 45% etc. But is 100% available to you?


Your mind only accesses what you already know. It cannot call for what it does not see, can it? So the idea here is opening up the rest of the unseen, or intangible side to you so your mind can have access to it and in that way, you open up the full potential of yourself and your minds full potential.

The personality-based self-talking mind has its limitations. It can only work off its experiential past in you. Because it is not fully exposed to its unseen side its thinking is still within itself. Nothing “new” comes from an old pattern which you use to solve a problem.

Opening up the mind is first experiencing its limitations. Has the world created anything new lately, in the past 200 years? It has mainly taken off nature and its natural laws and amplified them and added it to the infrastructure of your living space. Everything is coming off nature. It is “inventing” off an existing pattern. Have you noticed that the infrastructure of our living space is very much like the workings of our brains? You want to know what is wrong with society at the moment then look at what is wrong with the minds which created it. One thing is very clear that society is just as chaotic as the frontline thinking mind. How can a chaotic mind create a society that is stable? It is fragmented as it only sees in parts and without the whole in mind. With this chaos in mind and its fragmented nature, it tries to create a society for us to live in. Society will be fragmented and chaotic.

So why are our minds limited in what it can do? Where is this coming from but from the frontline thinking process of the personality-driven verbal thinking mind? So what is wrong with this type of thinking and in what way is it limited.

How can the mind open up to the rest of the Universe? and to its unseen side of things.

Stop verbal thinking and the rest of your mind opens up:

The Buddhist have a name for these type of people who’s minds have opened up to use 100% of their brain:

Buddha was one. I gather he told his disciples not to call him a Buddha anymore but rather to call him a Tathagata. People who know the tangible and also see the unseen side to them: A Tathagata.

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Natural Algorithms

These algorithms are really the patterns in the minds and the natural patterns in the fabric of the Universe. Don’t write artificial algorithms as it will never be better than the natural that is already around you. Just create a settled mind with no verbal thinking self-talk made up stuff with c and : and – that these IT guys do. You already have tons of these programs in the ether for you to use:

Natural algorithms in the universe. Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields – Rupert Sheldrake.









Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields an Introduction

We are created off these natural patterns in the ether. Embrace them and create new patterns in the ether by becoming those patterns you want to create. The mind makes those patterns in the ether by just being and becoming.

Evolution of the mind:

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Awakening the Mind


Easier than you think if you see that suffering is caused by the lies or illusions that the mind creates by the frontline personality-based thinking that we know of.

But this thing about living off specific awakening insight of other people is totally ok and okay to start with. That is what we are all doing now with the suffering of Buddha, and Jesus and all the other sages of the past. They have created the slope or route down to Samadhi and awakening and we learn from them.

There are 2 kinds of thinking in learning this spiritual awakening thing. One is if you see it then you have it. Some sages have said this. As soon as you see it in your mind then you have it. Transformation for mankind today is a lot easier than it was when people were trying to find a new way in the past and discovered that all their problems were coming from what their minds created. Transformation and awakening today is increasing exponentially. Everybody has got what’s needed in their minds because of the sages in the past. Think of the time when they knew nothing of why there was suffering when it was sitting right there in front of them in their heads.

Having said that some sages believe that getting to the silent samadhi state of mind is a very simple process. Some Buddhist monks have said that one can get to an enlightened state of mind in a month, in a week or in a day, depending on the person. You start by just giving up your thoughts:


Here he even says that meditation itself is only for novices. Cross-legged meditation is useful to just kick start the awakening process to acquire a silent mind and to stop all your thoughts. One should learn to be an awakened person while one’s hands are in society and going about our daily activities. Stuck in a cave, cross-legged in meditation as a life long intense practice were only for the pioneers of the spiritual process when they were trying to find out what was happening.


So imagine when they found out that it was all in their minds. They found out that the mind created a “dream of existence” in their head that they treated as being real. So when they saw this, there you have it, they realised the solution was in their minds. Now all they needed to do was to explore their mind spaces and find a solution to stop the mind creating all this lies or illusions in one’s mind.

Getting to Samadhi when the mind is silent is just one of those mind spaces. You cannot give up your whole mind but the least you can do is know what it is doing and how it works and where in your mind creates the actual illusions. Then when you are there in mind you know you are spinning an illusion. You know that this is an illusion and that is a fact. This is a fact and that is a lie in me. This is this and that is that.

When you see all of this then why is there to suffer anymore. You now have an awakened state of mind. If you get to this early in your life as a teenager the rest of your life will be a doodle and full of opportunities. Because the more you get into this the more you get closer to the fabric of the Universe and become like it. Remember that you are just a sliver of the Universe and am totally connected to it. Your true self is not your personality-driven thinking mind (which is what is creating all the illusions) but rather to what you are connected to, the Universal Mind. So as you make your way to your true self, you go through the Samadhi state of mind.

To those of you who are pictorial learners, I put together some images to trace this process above. See what you think of it:

The big picture:


You need to get out of verbal thinking and into the silent mind though meditation or just remember that you are self-talking in verbal thinking and when you stop silently verbalising your thoughts you will find that you cannot think anymore and all your thoughts drop off.


When you have found the way to get over the verbal thinking wall that is most of your efforts in this spiritual process done. The rest will come automatically. You just have to maintain the silent space and observe how it evolves and opens out to you.

Your mind world becomes much larger now when you create this endless loop through your silent mind to be connected to the Cosmic Mind and its natural laws.

What do you get from the above, apart from all your illusions having disappeared because your personality-driven mind has been shut down, is all the benefits of being part of the repository of the great Universal Mind.

The mind keeps evolving as it opens up to its unseen side:





16th February 2020

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USA search for UFO’s Official

USA search for UFO’s Official

Official, America going to start tracking UFO’s for real.  Hey, but I saw a UFO and you guys still looking. It was hiding behind the clouds. The ship was also telepathically talking to me to tell me where he was hiding if not I would not have found him.  Full story and Pictures in the link above.

inside UFO,

The head of one of the US’s national observatories says the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe needs to be taken more seriously.

Dr Anthony Beasley told the BBC that there should be greater government support for a field that has been shunned by government research funders for decades.

His backing for the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (Seti) marks a sea change in attitudes to a field regarded until recently as fringe science.

Dr Beasley made his comments at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Seattle.

 “Ever since human beings have looked up at the night sky and wondered ‘is there anyone out there?’ We now have the capacity to answer that question, and perhaps to make a discovery that would rank as the most profound scientific discoveries in the history of humanity”. 

UFO experience:

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