Monitoring the Vibratory Ether in your Living Space

And looking for subliminal activity by just using a radio at 612 Khz (AM). 

 REIN is often broadcasting interference on 612 kHz (AM)

Recording from AM radio set at 612 Khz.


This is similar to an SDR recording at 612 Khz using a dipole antennae.


This is an ultrasound recording  using an ultrasound microphone.  You would not normally hear ultrasound but for perhaps a tinnitus tone in your ears but an ultrasound microphone records the high frequencies and then brings it down to the hearing range where you can hear it to hear what you cannot normally hear sounds like.  Unheard ultrasound is hidden hearing that is outside the hearing limits (20 hz to 20,000 hz) that still gets to the brain for processing and shows up as thinking. So are you sure that your thinking is your own?.

If you add AI (artificial intelligence) to this whole process, processing all this data, through the broadband ISP’s and their call centers ( keep in mind that some of them are overseas), and the power supply grids and large computer data centers, you have the mother of all monitoring systems.  Just tune in to 612 Khz AM on your radio and see what I mean.  It is not as if it is rocket science to discover that this phenomenon is in place.  Setting it up is another matter and perhaps governmental hands at play here. Finding the source of this shenanigans is not going to be easy.  You also have to look out for those who are riding the wave of this phenomenon and they will have their hands anywhere along the line as an “attachment”.

If I use an ultrasound microphone I should get the same kind of recording as this phenomenon is a combination of radio signals generating ultrasound in your living space through the vibrations of the household wiring.  The Funtenna Hack is one of these new phenomenons where a coded signal can cause household appliances and wiring to vibrate to generate sound.  For this subliminal to work undetected it needs to be silent sound and outside the limits of human hearing – 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and ultrasound is the ideal frequency to use.  More importantly this phenomenon is also used to monitor your thinking and it does this with the assumption that the human body being an electromagnetic entity itself, is wired to its surrounding space and will cause this ultrasound white noise to modulate to ones thinking because of “speak thinking” where one has to silently speak what one is thinking to have to think at all. This is one aspect of a type of thinking.  There is also pictorial thinking where there is no coupling with silent speaking. Having said this, to get ultrasound to modulate to your thinking while you are wired to your surrounding takes just the slightest of movements in your vocal cords to get this wash of ultrasound to modulate to what you are thinking.  In fact, talking loudly is a less efficient way to create ultrasound modulation. Essentially looking at this phenomenon, it is acting as a virtual microphone to monitor one’s movement and thinking. 

What is the source of this phenomenon causing your living space to be designed this way? Don’t know exactly but I suspect the source entry point is anywhere in this diagram below.  Since this process is so precise in its function the main culprit that is looking very suspicious in this design could be the Funtenna Hack aka the coded radio signal that has been set loose to get absorbed by the wiring in your telegraphic poles (some of the wiring looking suspiciously like dipole antennas), down your broadband line and phone line and into all your wiring and appliances in your home.

REIN – Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise. The present existing infrastructure is used as a carrier system to carry the subliminal message.


Wifi off and no Wifi in the vicinity.

Here an ultrasound “DolphinAttack” is used to “send commands to Siri, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Cortana, Alexa, and a number of in-car interfaces”.

Inaudible ultrasound commands can be used to secretly control Siri, Alexa, and Google Now

It controls your thinking too and hence your perception, who you vote for and Brexit is a good example of the consequences of what happens when people are targeted to get the right number of votes. When you put together all of social media to accumulate data for processing, silent sound technology is then implemented in the right areas in the country targetting the right people and those still undecided to change their mind to vote a certain way.  

If you cannot see it or hear it, it does not mean it does not exist or that your mind does not get to know about it and hence make you think about it.

So do you think your thoughts are your own?


effect of switching on your router on your power supply line.

I recorded the effect using a radio set at 612 KHz AM and left close to a power supply line.



The router cable becomes a transmitter transmitting at 612 Khz.  It dumps everything onto the power supply lines.  It also brings in everything from your telegraph pole into your home.  Anybody who is modulating the signal outside your home starting from your internet service providers to their call centers, down the phone line, to your telegraph pole outside your home and into your access point will bring that signal into the power supply lines of your home.  These lines already vibrating to the 60 Hz power supply from your grid will take those subliminals to all parts of your home and its appliances, your TV and fill up your living space with Ultrasound above your 20000 Hz hearing frequency and the only sensation you will get of this phenomenon is perhaps a tinnitus sound in your ears UNTIL you dial in your radio to 612 Khz AM and listen to what is in your Living space.  

The energized living space wires you to the background noise and modulates the Transmitter of your router cable transmitting at 612 Khz and hence broadcasting your thoughts that can be picked up by any radio set at the right frequency in the vicinity. Anybody from around the world can pick up your thoughts if they come down your phone line and switch on your handsfree option and hence the microphone of your landline phone.  When they do this your home with its power supply lines becomes an induction loop system that the hard for hearing use to amplify their TV sets etc. 

Hence the set up is complete for hearing your thoughts and sending you subliminals to entice you for whatever reason.  This infrastructure has been around for as long as you can remember but just how long has it been used in this way is anybody’s guess but I suspect it has been around for a while.

Check out how the handfree option on your landline could be switched on:

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A Disruptive Innovation

I came across this study on the Pyramids of Giza. I have personally been inside one of these Pyramids in my travels.  I think it was “Cheops”.  You climb this tunnel and come up to this chamber. Empty.  I think there was an empty tomb in it.  Long time ago so cannot quite remember.

But there is this new study here that says:

Scientists have found that the famous Great Pyramid of Giza can concentrate electric and magnetic energy in its chambers and below its base, giving rise to distinct pockets of higher energy

‘We as scientists were interested in them as well, so we decided to look at the Great Pyramid as a particle dissipating radio waves resonantly.’

The researchers from ITMO University modelled the distribution of electromagnetic fields inside the pyramid, investigating the interactions with waves of resonant length, ranging from 200 to 600 meters.

A multipole analysis shows the pyramid concentrates electromagnetic energy in its hidden chambers.

If I understand this correctly – radio signals penetrate and distribute themselves evenly within the limestone substrate but in the chambers and at the base of the pyramid they tend to concentrate and amplify themselves causing localized areas of high magnetic and electric fields.   

It is amazing to think that the Pharaohs actually worked this out about 5000 years ago BUT then how different is this method of concentrating and increasing magnetic and electric power in your homes using this method below that is happening in your living spaces today.

The radio signals come in via your telegraphic lines and phone and broadband lines because they are arranged like a dipole antenna outside your home.  It drags itself into your home and on its journey to your computer, it pollutes your power supply line with noise and ultrasound. You only have to put an induction loop receiver near your access point for broadband and phone line and get a radio station playing music.  You follow it around your home and you find the same thing in the copper pipes, your radiators on your light switches and in parts of your walls.  

With the funtenna hack they can actually code these signals these days to get a rogue subliminal message into your head. You walk around thinking that all your thoughts are yours but they are really being created by these silent sound subliminal of ultrasound and high pitched tinnitus tones.  Then they tell you how to vote and think and you think you are winning but it is all subvocal and outside the limits of clear sound hearing (20 Hz to 20,000 hz) and none of your thinking is your own.  This is the “vibratory ether” in your living space.  It competes with your natural consciousness as to this rogue “synthetic consciousness”.  This is a manipulative consciousness and it works just like the real thing.  So you go to your ballot box and you put this tick in this box and you think it was all yours and you just did the work of the devil.  You know what I mean by the devil.  What I mean is that you were complicit with this rogue signal and you just made Brexit happen and voted for another hand.  Imagine how this can bring a country down made to do something that was obviously very wrong and voted for the wrong people or for the wrong policy.

Yet, if it is allowed to function positively, it can be the future to work positively for everyone. The 5 senses, one’s mind, and its limitations are what allows this disruptive innovation to flourish.

This “synthetic consciousness” is a disruptive pattern among you.  It controls everything, the mind, the Arts, to government and policy and it also knows what you are thinking, as you are coupled to this amplified energy and because of “speak thinking”.

It is Hell about to break loose if you ignore this unseen danger.

I wonder where is its source.


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One World In The Circle

Why does a circle have 360 degrees?

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola TeslaExplore the connected universe in an interactive online learning community with Nassim Haramein, the Academy faculty and participants from around the world: The Resonance Academy –> Resonance Project • The connected universe • Sacred Geometry & Metaphysics • Cosmometry • The Resonance Project – Traduction Française • (post by Jamie Janover)

Posted by Nassim Haramein on Thursday, October 29, 2015

It is not only in this circle but it is all around you.  There is what some call the “natural law” and this video and the circle is that and we are part of this natural law BUT humans have evolved to also have “free will” and here they have the power to go up against these natural laws by making things up in their mind.  What you make up in your mind is an illusion, a lie in the mind and these lies are usually against this natural law and they think it is real and good and build it around them and then they suddenly realize that everything that they did and surrounded themselves with is a lie and an illusion and not real and they start to see the house of cards start to tumble and fall apart.  Society and its structure is an illusion.  Financial structure in society is also an illusion – just an idea in the head that was made real and nothing natural in it – it hasn’t got the natural structure of the circle.  So it will always have a tendency to collapse followed by a lot of chaos in the world.  We are already starting to see that around us.
I think that this can only be stopped when we start to live along with the structure of the universe or a structure like it.  I think what you will see in the future is that the world will eventually have just one government (one-world-government) and eventually all the countries will lose their borders.  One-world-one government, no borders, one army spread all over the world to keep order, one police force all over the world to keep order, free health care, like in UK and the EU, all over the world – you can see how this is becoming like this circle in this video above as this world starts to integrate with the universe and be like its natural laws.
Anything that is wrong that is created by the mind and implemented wrongly will gradually make its way into being part of the universe and like the universe – that will be the tendency for the future.  You will find the tendency to be this and that will gradually evolve to just that (like the universe), as to just this, in our minds.
Earth transforming into the natural laws of the Circle.
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2 Minds Thinking





2 Minds Speaking

Sad so Sad

Siri Perera



Truth is not something you can appropriate easily and quickly. You certainly cannot sleep or dream yourself to the truth. No, you must be tried, do battle, and suffer if you are to acquire the truth for yourself. It is a sheer illusion to think that in relation to the truth there is an abridgement, a short cut that dispenses with the necessity for struggling for it.

Soren Kierkegaard




Sad so sad. The book of poems is about empathy. I am more interested in how it was done. Most of the lines came to me automatically. There was no stopping and planning and proper construction of the lines but I rather stayed with the flow of things. As a whole the poem has worked out its own structure. Being a painter (Slade School of Fine Art, University College London) I let the sentences to remain in their natural state. They appeared as pop-ups and I did not want my thinking mind to create doubt in me in the way the sentences were constructed and hence forcing me to change them. The poem has a flavour of psychological thinking and anxiety.  I found it fascinating to write it as if it was internal self-talk rather than the spoken word. Their Integrity was maintained in form. They came into being with a sound of its own, that was not modified. The emphasis was to provoke images as in psychological thinking. They are mostly targeted short phrases which triggered emotion. In this case it is about empathy as an emotional response.

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Funtenna Reality, Seriously?

I am really proud of this article. It is as if the serpent has finally seen its tail and now knows what it looks like or a person has finally seen his mind and now knows what are its limitations.
What is a Funtenna hack? It is a hack that uses radio signals to transfer code to a gadget and then uses it to spy on the surroundings. Very interesting hack. What the embedded code does is it starts flipping the power supply at the pins of say the printer in your home and this flipping of the voltage generates a transmitter using the cables and which then transmits information via radio signals which is then intercepted and decoded. The code can also create ultrasound noises and other sounds by making the passive components to vibrate which are then played out and can act as subliminals in your home.
Remember that this code is transferred to your computer or printer or the appliances in your home, the power supply, your phone etc VIA A RADIO SIGNAL that is coming from outside your living space. Usually a listening device needs to be installed in the living space to act as a transmitter. This hack just converts everything and anything into a transmitter in your living space using a radio signal. Just like the signals that bring music from radio stations to your homes. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy and I will show you why it might even have embedded information about what you are thinking.
This video, watch it before it disappears, as all others about it I noticed have disappeared:
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Go and Artificial Intelligence

The mind cannot see past itself until somebody show’s you what you cannot yet see for yourself and even then it is not sufficient to be  superficial as the way of the “new” in you needs to be embedded into your mind and body so it becomes part of you, until you see it totally.  

The limitations of the mind is that it cannot see past itself. The human entity is experiential in nature. It accumulates and it stores and it becomes it and it gets condition by all the lies that the mind allows it to make up.  It is a multiview system and makes up a 1000 lies from one single observation and then it chooses one of the lies to be its Truth but it is a lie as it was made up and not a fact, like that first observation was a fact.  It would have been sufficient to live with that first observation. Everything it makes up is a lie in you and you create a personality with these lies.

The limitation of the mind is that it can only do itself. It looks into its repository of the past and makes things out of this and so you get this frontline of movement of society that is slow and it moves forward at a snail’s pace with no giant leaps into the future.

So I was fascinated to see this interview where Brian Cox and Eric Schmidt of google discuss the past, present and future of artificial intelligence.  There is a section here that says what it cannot do: AI cannot think for itself, but only by the instructions it is given.  Just like us humans, we can only think from our past – or it seems that is the case and possibly we do not recognise the “new” in us and just disregard those pop-ups. Eric Schmidt explains it as that Genius move “it was just came out” – he means a pop-up in your mind. 

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What is “Speak Thinking”

Changed pitch to original recording to perhaps decipher it better.  Of course, the experts can put this through an algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can monitor this tone 24/7.

Coupling of the mind and body to your environment is a biofeedback system.  You embed your thoughts into the surroundings anywhere you are and others listen and talk back to you.  I think the system has found its place in society by the security services in department stores and other retail complexes to monitor the public as an early warning detector for possible crimes to be committed.  This system is not something that is not eventually going to work into everybody’s homes.

Listen to this recording for incoming chit chat, recorded and filtered to get to the subliminals.  This feedback gets into the tones in your surroundings and into your mind via the hearing system and then gets deciphered by the mind via stochastic amplification, and goes directly into thinking without you hearing a sound. 

All recordings made using an induction loop receiver that monitors magnetic modulations.

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