Nothing New Something New

Intuitive painting.

How does one paint as the real self? From the source of one’s being. Without the frontline thinking mind. Only from a constant flow of insight. From the repository of the Cosmic Mind. From the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind.

And not from the personality-driven verbal thinking mind.  Its ideas are only a puzzle of the old in mind. 

in detail:

What will form look like from insight to insight in mind and not allowing time to decide form? Paint not from verbal thinking but only from a sense of intuitive streaming thinking from the intelligence of the matrix of the Universal Mind and its repository and with only an intention in mind.

Can the mind work only from silent intuition? 

Is a mistake made considered insight where thinking time had no part in deciding its form?

Or an object found discarded is true art with the thinking mind having no place in its making but only deciding in its importance:

or these discarded items:

singed cotton wool on canvas 5 ft by 4 ft:

capturing the shadow on canvas: high occurrence of chance in deciding on the form by the mind. 

Above paintings made from shadows projected on canvas and captured by using a coat of photo emulsion. Manifesting the intangible. Making real the ethereal.

Juxtapose the sublime with the real:

Found image: Intuitive realm, shape-shifting, Buddha mind.

Nothing new something new.

So What’s New?

Perhaps giant leaps are not possible with the “new” in oneself and insight was only meant to move the frontline forward a bit at a time. I wish giant leaps are possible. Something “new” that will make today and tomorrow completely different.

Perhaps a totally blindingly “new” manifestation is not possible. Mental manifestations or insights I think? come about only by intentions when the mind is totally silent with no thoughts. Yet intentions too are of the experiential past in our minds and still within the box. So is it possible that the blindingly “new”  will never come off our minds at this stage of our evolution? 

The mind needs to be within the matrix itself and not of its body-mind to see the future where all that is possible is existing. But to call for it from a limited mind is limiting the possibilities of all probabilities of the “intelligence” of the Universe. The totally “new” needs a no-mind state of being and to work off the matrix not by intention but rather by just receiving and accepting and relying on the grace of Universe to give it to us. Progress in leaps and bounds only comes from a deserving perspective as far as the intelligence of the universe is concerned. Collectively we will all be trapped within our cocoon until we collectively aspire to have a different way of thinking and the numbers will decide how we integrate with the Cosmic Mind.   

The pathway for this process is the personality-driven verbal thinking mind of experiential thinking realising it is totally limited within the self to give it up and venture in the silent mind and explore other mind spaces at its ends. One is then able to communicate with the repository of the Universal Mind with any needs one has with an intention in mind; the mind is still within itself looking for solutions from the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. It is still trying to solve its own problems by asking/intention. When it gives all this up and remain silent with no mind, receiving insights, without asking, then maybe something blindingly “new” might come through, and the possibility of today not being the same as tomorrow might be possible.


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Spooky 2 Quantum Entanglement



Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon—two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distance—is real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions. (Premiered January 9, 2019.) 

What you want: spooky too? OK.

You can have this spooky 2 generator that works on the quantum entanglement principle:

This is the full basic set including accessories: 

Remotely it works according to the principle of quantum entanglement. Working on the back of the Rife machine and its frequencies but spooky 2 has an added advantage that the rest of the frequencies treatments gadget does not have which is spooky 2 is also designed to take into account the quantum entanglement principle. Having seen the BBC program above where they recently proved the entanglement principle (see video) I thought it might be interesting to post also this spooky 2 gadget that uses that entanglement principle to cure diseases, kill bacteria and parasites and pathogens. 

Spooky 2 software:

Spooky frequencies:

How it uses the entanglement principle is by using the remote accessory.  You place some nail clippings in it and passing the frequencies for treatment through the nail clippings your fingerprint (DNA) are embedded in the frequencies so the frequencies find you as the target, identified by your nail clippings. Hence when it treats the nail clippings – it also treats you as a whole for the specific frequency you chose. Hence it works on the spooky quantum entanglement principle. 

Since this video above is out with information that they have proof that the quantum entanglement principle does exist, I thought to post this spooky 2 generator which works on this principle is appropriate.   

Having said that, one might want to consider what this proof of quantum entanglement does to spirituality and accessing consciousness, intuition, the “intelligence” and repository of the Universal Mind, that “sense of knowing” and “stream intuitive thinking” with the Universal Mind – anything and everything is now possible and distance is of no consequence. 

Our minds are totally global and connected to one another and only separated by our own personality self-talk thinking minds which can be considered to be local. As soon as the mind gets off the local verbal thinking mind and into the silent state of the mind it goes global and communicates with all, with only an intention in mind:

With global quantum entanglement: all is ONE.

You think travelling to the Himalayas for a holiday is amazing, wait till you travel to the ends of your own mind. When you get there and sense the intelligence of the Cosmos around you and sense how all is ONE, you will never need another holiday again.

The journey starts here and all paid for by the Cosmos:

Intuition Awakening.


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The Voice of the Silence

 What is it saying?

I want to look at this pic of Madame Blavatsky which is at the headquarters of the Theosophical centre at Adyar, India.

Blavatsky had used symbolism in her writings and clues to pass on what she knew.  

If you look at this portrait of her: she is in a standing position. She was not seated. There was no reason for her to support her head as she does with her hand. I think it was a clue for us to decode. If there was one symbol that represents her or her message then it was this symbol she is passing on to us. How does a symbol work: it allows a Truth to be understood just by a single abstract pictorial representation of the whole message that is being put forward. It replaces a 1000 words to say the same thing.

She is pointing to her mind and yet the rest of her fingers are resting on her face. I think she is trying to tell us that it is all about just these 2 things or about just these 2 aspects of you. At first glance, you might think: the mind is as what you speak. Perhaps she is just pointing out that there is a link between the state of the mind and what you speak.

But remember that Madame Blavatsky was an extraordinary woman who lived outside the box. Whatever she is trying to tell us with this symbolic gesture I think is a lot deeper than just a simple external representation of the mind. Perhaps she is trying to point out a link between what we speak and the shape/condition of our mind but not as we speak so we can be heard but silently internally what we silently speak what we think. This is perhaps where the secret is as it is this silent self-talk when stopped also brings about the silent mind.

Hence the “Voice of the Silence”:


These instructions are for those ignorant of the dangers of the lower IDDHI (1 ).

He who would hear the voice of Nâda (2 ), “the Soundless Sound,” and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dhâranâ (3 ).

Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must seek out the râja of the senses, the Thought-Producer, he who awakes illusion.

The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real.

Let the Disciple slay the Slayer.

I think what she was trying to say is this:

The silent self-talking mind is the “Thought-Producer, he who awakens illusions”. It creates a subjective personality. It is the creator of illusions in the mind by spinning observations into ideas and creating concepts. This self-talking thinking mind is “the great slayer of the real”. So she is asking you to, “Let the Disciple slay the Slayer”. She is just asking you to simply stop self-talking whatever you want to think so you stop verbal thinking altogether and bring on the silent mind and explore the other mind spaces. As times are a-changing and we need a different kind of thinking to save us from the creator of the illusions in us and the slayer of the real. And she is telling us it is all in the mind (and nowhere else) that is creating all these problems. When verbal thinking stops and the illusions in the mind disappear, then you can experience Godliness in the mind and become one with your true self and the natural laws of the Cosmos.

As in the photo taken she is also trying to tell us that she is a portal into the Universe as many of you might also be one with the source.

When the personality mind shuts down and you get closer to being the matrix/fabric of the Universe and become closer to it then you access its repository where everything exists and what emerges is no more conflict in mind and only a “sense of knowing” from a silent intuitive mind. Body mind-universe as one.

Blavatsky reading off the ether with intention in mind:

Thomas Edison getting insights off the “intelligence” of the Universe:

The Extended Mind:


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Language and Thinking

I think if you could speak Chinese and English equally well or any other Alphabet dependent languages then I think your abilities in mind will have a broader scope for you to see and understand the unseen side to you. The difference will be very difficult to measure and hence will go unappreciated but employers probably could sense a difference or weirdness in the way you think which can create more positive outcomes or contributions.

美术 – Art

I think what is happening with dual Chinese/English speakers is this:

The unseen side to them naturally opens up just by learning 2 languages that read differently. Chinese is a more pictorial Language and English is a verbal silent self-talking language and hence you are really naturally or unknowingly shaping this aspect of you in your mind:

Siri Perera’s answer to What is the difference between visual and verbal thinkers?

You can see here that you are just strengthening both your visual and verbal thinking side of your mind just because of how the 2 languages are read; one pictorial and the other verbally.

Of course, there are other routes to opening up your mind. Not via learning Languages but just by experiencing the different mind spaces using meditation and exploring other ways of thinking via the silent mind.

Other options to naturally delve into these silent mind spaces and having a dialogue with the processes of the mind and observing its limitations is via the Arts. Total freedom to create with nothing is not possible attitude and conscious awareness of the processes of the mind will show some of the limitations of the thinking mind. You will find that it can only create from the repository of its experiential and it cannot see outside this box. So everything it creates is just a puzzle of the old in itself. To find the “new” in oneself one needs to open up to the repository of the Cosmic mind where everything that already exists is stored and we feed off its repository for information. Opening up to the silent mind is essential for this via slowly becoming a Tathagata where the tangible and the intangible in you is seen clearly and a new way of thinking emerges in your mind. You can see how with learning the different languages you are also doing this naturally.

When the unseen side of you opens up you also get lucky and purely because you have increased the possibilities of things happening for you.

The evolution of the mind goes from this: naturally slow process…

to this: you can see how by opening up the unseen side of you via exploring the silent mind you have increased the possibilities for yourself by now accessing the repository of the Universal mind.

Brain consciousness interface:

manifesting the possibilities and probabilities of the unmanifested quantum mind. These are the 2 states which are in existence around us: our manifested world that we know so well and the unmanifested world of all potentialities from where with intention in our minds we ask for and receive and make use of to create our manifested world.

It gives us anything we ask for but the personality verbal thinking mind has to step down and be silent and with conscious awareness and intention in mind we can have a dialogue with Universal Brahman mind.

Here are some people in the past who knows how it works:

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb:

The above examples are just a couple of people who have opened up to the unseen side of them to access the repository of the Universal mind. There must be millions of people in the world who are of similar capabilities who are creating a world of their own and their futures as the numbers increase and their minds evolve. This is a natural progression and a phenomenon of the universal mind: it gives you what you ask for and allows you to create your world using your personality-driven verbal thinking mind and when it does not exists within the natural laws of the universe – it falls apart and then a new opportunity is given to choose the way one needs to live. I think this cycle exists until the subjective personality-driven verbal thinking mind understands what is required of itself to take into consideration when it plans and creates its living space.

31 January 2020


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As Times are a Changing

New ways of thinking are called for:

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb:

Becoming Godliness in mind is a natural process.

A portal into the Universe:

summer in winter, Adyar India.

Summer in winter accommodation:

So What’s new?

Let’s find out together.


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What has Buddhism taught her?

When a Buddhist nun (who had gone to University) was asked what has Buddhism taught her, her answer was:

The biggest thing that Dharma has taught me is that there is a world beyond our normal senses; a world that is absolutely vast and different from which lies at our feet. And much much more real!

And also that subtler world can be changed much easier and quicker than this coarse world we live in.

And that even though the most basic rules can be the same most other laws that govern the two worlds are very different.

The more we withdraw from our senses the better we can experience the reality of the world.

And that this physical body is a cage; a ball and a chain and an immense hindrance to our true selves and abilities.

Dharma has taught me to treat all beings equal and be vegetarian and the immense benefits you receive by it.

Buddha’s dharma has taught me that mind is the most impermanent thing and that it can be annihilated at will. 

She also made some interesting points about miracles: 

Well, there are 5 major types of miracles mentioned in the cannon.

clairvoyance (dibba chakku)

clairaudience (dibba sotha)

seeing in to past and future lives ( pubbe nivasanussati)

reading others minds (chetho pariya gnana)

performing physical miracles (such as walking on water, air, shapeshifting, conjuring things etc.) (iddhi vidha gnana)

While the former 4 are relatively easier to develop since it all are concerned with only the mind, the last one is very complex and requires an extremely strong samadhi and equanimity becasue it also concerns the coarser material world as well. 

The last miracle above of performing physical miracles is discouraged by many who have attained some amount of evolutionary benefits and powers of the mind, is because they find that people are only interested in seeing magic – stuff that the lower self can only dream of doing but make no effort to discover their minds, and hence is magic to them. But rather than take the evolutionary path, they prefere to take from others who have without they themselves making an effort. I have read some that those who have made the effort and their experience is that when they oblidge and then realise the reason for their popularity and stop performing, all they get is abuse in return and there in it is the dark side of the lower mind rising.  So best is if you have powers latent in you that show up during the evolutionary path of the mind, it is best to keep it under the hood. An occasional offering to wet the appetite might be allowed, as they say, to show that there is more to oneself and to what you can be, is allowed, I think. 

The effort is minimal to attain the state of silence in mind and allow the rest of you to merge with the Universal Matrix Cosmic Intelligence/mind is where the magic starts. What is stopping you is your own subjective personality driven mind. Give it up, if only temporarily for an experiential journey into the mind . That is all you have to do. It is much easier than you think when you realise that the frontline thinking mind has an anomaly in it that when used to your benefit can stop your thinking mind instantly and bring on the silent mind. You can then stay in this silence of mind for as long as you want by just making sure you have control over the silent flutter of your vocal cords. You will realise that your brain needs to hear what you want to think, so you have to silently verbalise your thoughts for you to think at all. When silent self talk stops, the mind become silent. This is a mechanical process to stop thinking and it is much easier than using a mantra, or concentrating on your breath etc. 

Allow the silent mind to find its true self – The “intelligence” of the Universal Mind. One can actually have a conversation with the Universal Mind via an intention in your silent mind and a kind of intuitive “sense of knowing” type of thinking as feedback – a completely totally tangible experience. Try it or your money back.

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Keiser Report

Max Keiser tells it as it is.


Krishnamurti mentioned here in this video above of Keiser report on at 18.13 minutes into the video. 

Episode E1493 is also interesting – end times are coming, Be prepared. The largest mass movement back to the land is about to start? 

A new way of thinking is required and a new mind:

Evolution of the thinking mind:

A new way of thinking together:

Thinking from the silent mind:


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Walking like Elvis

I saw this in a newspaper today:

Drawings, prints, collages, and sketches offer an intimate insight into what sparked the artist’s imagination.

So I see Picasso has an exhibition at the royal academy into how his mind worked and how his insight sparked his transformation from realism to cubism.

This below was Picasso with his early realistic work:

He went from this above to cubism. Picasso was always shape-shifting in his work and I would have loved to have been in his brain to see just how that insight came through for him to go from realism to shape-shifting cubism.

So what sparked the artist imaginations. Look at his drawings in this exhibition and see if we can spot that moment he had that aha eureka moment or did Picasso Walk like Elvis on Georges Braque’s insights. The initial spark of cubism was not from Picasso’s own mind. 

This was really the first cubist painting and it was painted by Braque. He had submitted 6 of this kind of paintings in an exhibition in Paris in 1908 to see if they would be chosen for the final show. Matisse was part of the jury.

All 6 of the painting he submitted were rejected.

 Matisse had said of Braques painting: “Braque has just sent in a painting made of little cubes.” The painting in question was almost certainly Houses at L’Estaque (1908), as yet unexhibited but neither unseen nor unheard. 

Matisse was not able to see the importance of Braque’s cubic paintings because it was not in his past in memory as a reference for him to compare it to. Such is the nature of insights which are totally “new”. They always are rejected by the mind, because there is nothing to compare it to, and hence are discarded and Matisse rejected the paintings in jest, not knowing its importance.

“After the dust had settled, Matisse remembered it as “really the first picture constituting the origin of cubism… We considered it as something quite new, about which there were many discussions.” Later still, he let slip a further significant detail. He had seen it not in Braque’s studio, but “in the studio of Picasso, who discussed it with his friends”. Picasso had borrowed it to study and to learn. Matisse and Picasso knew well enough that there was a third man in town – a new gun – slower, perhaps, but dangerous.”

“Braque’s rebellion had shattering implications. The audacity of this work, and the cool effrontery of its maker, propelled him into partnership with Picasso. He was the only artist ever to sustain such a relationship with that ravenous genius. They entered into an intense collaboration – at times almost cohabitation – legislating the future, vandalising the past, subverting western ways of seeing. The relationship lasted at least six years (1908 to 1914) on what might be called the conjugal model, and the rest of their lives (another 50 years) in remission. Its nature is not well understood: it was longer, more complex, more intimate and more evenly balanced than is often supposed.”

So Picasso and the judges now saw the significants of Braques insight and chose to learn from it and progress with it. But it is not the same when the “new” pops up in your head and gets embedded into the self and one gets transformed by it. Picasso would never have known what that felt like while he studied Braques paintings. 

Picasso was very famous for blatantly taking off others and Walking like Elvis with other peoples insights.

But it was Braque who should be walking like Elvis. Picasso would pursue Braque and work together with him but he could not make paintings as Braque did. 

 “It was Picasso who pursued Braque – more assiduously than any woman – and not the other way around. “Why doesn’t Braque come and join me?” he asked a friend, plaintively, in 1961. “I always keep a floor for him.” Picasso’s needs were visceral and overwhelming. His encounter with Braque was in some measure the most satisfying relationship of his life.”

  Ultimately, Picasso was jealous of the man himself. That Braque could do what he could not was a puzzle and a provocation. That Braque could be what he could not was a regular torment. Morally and metaphysically, Braque had a stature that was beyond rivalry, unapproachable. Braque invested heavily in being. “Few people can say: I am here,” he reflected wisely. “They look for themselves in the past and see themselves in the future.” He had an almost mystical aura about him, but he was the least delusional of men. He became le patron – detached, seclusive, inscrutable – master of the artless art. Tales of the mature Braque have a Zen-like ring to them. He was always suspicious of “talent” and insisted he had none. His dedication was complete. “Painting is an answer to everything,” he told Nicolas de Staël, “even success.” 

 From reality to abstraction and somewhere in between was cubism.

The year the world stood still was 1913 when Kandinsky crossed the line from reality to abstraction.

Art history would at times point out that it was Paul Cezanne who started that shift between realism to abstraction but it was Kandinsky who finally crossed the line in 1913 with the first abstract painting with a watercolour study for an oil painting.

But first, here is what they say of Cezanne, even before Braque’s (1908) first cubist painting:

 PAUL CÉZANNE: “Mount Sainte-Victoire view from Lauves”, 1904-06 – oil on canvas, 60- 72 cm. – Basel, Kunstmuseum.

Paul Cézanne painted many views of the Mount Sainte-Victoire in the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, and this beautiful work is one of the most developed versions of all them. We can say about this work that it is “cubist before the cubism”: the triangular mountain and the prairie elements -geographic or edificatory- acquire volume by the superposition of many chromatic planes.

Kandinsky’s painting below was the first to make the bold move into abstraction.

Kandinsky’s Composition VII watercolour study 1913

Kandinsky’s Composition VII 1913 oil painting after study above.

What triggered this transition from realism to abstraction:

Cezanne – 1904/1906

Braque – 1908

Kandinsky – 1913

All 3, walking like Elvis.


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The Extended Mind

Listen to your background noise. Learn how to read tonal modulations. 

If your brain needs to hear what you want to think so it can process your thoughts, then you can be certain that others are listening too. 

Coupling of the mind-body to its living space creates an extended mind that can be heard when it is thinking.

In self-talk thinking, we have to silently speak what we want to think for the brain to first hear what we want to think for it to process our thoughts. Self-talk thinking does not sound like we speak but it sounds like a modulating tone. If you want to see what it sounds like keep your mouth and lips shut and try and speak – what you hear is an amplified version of self-talk thinking. All it takes is a silent flutter of the vocal cords for it to sound in your chest cavity and in your head for your brain to hear what you want to think – the brain listens first and hears the internal tonal modulations and understands what you are thinking and then it processes your thoughts.

Try not to simultaneously silently speak what you want to think and see if you can think at all. This also applies to reading. Observe the slight flutter of your vocal cords of what you are reading. Comprehension is difficult if you also do not silently speak what you read. It seems with the brain it is sound first. You speak aloud, it hears you and it understands what it hears and processes it. When you read, you silently speak what you read so it hears you and understands what you are reading and processes it. So it is with verbal thinking: it needs to hear you first so it can process your thoughts.

If your brain needs to hear what you want to think then you can be certain that others are listening too. 

There are other forms of thinking, like pictorial thinking. Just watching images in mind kind of thinking. Then there is intuitive thinking. These are all non-interactive thinking but not verbal thinking: Verbal thinking is an interactive form of thinking. It can take an observation and turn it into something else completely different from where it started. It is the spinner and the powerhouse of the creative process. It is the thinking process that takes a fact and turns it into a lie. It creates a construct or an idea. All your other forms of thinking cannot do this; they can only observe.

Verbal thinking creates all the lies that are sitting beside all the facts or the Truth in you. The subjective mind was created by the verbal thinking mind. No two lies are the same in any one of us. Give us just one fact and any one verbal thinking mind can spin it into a 100 different constructs or ideas. Every single one is a version of the same lie.

If you can see this you just cannot imagine what wonders await you with the advent of the silent mind. Just stop silently speaking what you want to think and the mind is instantly silent with no more thoughts. The silent mind only observes.

The visual-spatial learner model is based on the newest discoveries in brain research about the different functions of the hemispheres. The left hemisphere is sequential, analytical, and time oriented. The right hemisphere perceives the whole, synthesizes, and apprehends movement in space. We only have two hemispheres, and we are doing an excellent job teaching one of them. We need only become more aware of how to reach the other, and we will have happier students, learning more effectively.

Choose your advantage from the puzzle above and allow your mind to evolve is what science is saying. You can recite ancient scriptures from yesterday all your life but today has moved on with the sciences. The advantage is to put them both together.

26 January 2020


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