What would lead a mind to turn onto itself?

For me, it was when I realised that I was always looking back to my past for my solutions. Nothing “new” comes out of this kind of mind.

This video barely 3 minutes of it of being free of the known is at the centre of freedom in the mind. It is responsible for opening up the mind to its higher self. It is responsible for releasing all the energies of creativity in you. It is the solution for you to have control over your thinking mind when you start to find a workaround in mind to be free of the known in you.

I can suggest to you how to create a mind that is free from the known yet to be able to use everything you have learnt and experienced.

But you must first watch this video before you progress to see what exactly is the problem that holds us back from being free in mind and not having control over our minds.

Freedom from the Known | Krishnamurti


3 steps to freedom in the mind.

To be able to be free from the known and yet still be able to use the information. You might think that the answer is going to be about the sound of one hand clapping or perhaps some chit chat metaphor about the mind. Will a quote from Einstein help to convince you how to be free from the known?

When you hear somebody like Sydney Banks talk so fluently about the process of thought and how the lack of understanding of thinking is the reason that we do not have control over our minds, it is because their minds are centred and reorganised and they are talking off their new minds and hence they see everything clearly in mind. They have found the access point out of their minds and freed themselves from the known in themselves. But they talk about the mind and thinking without showing you the infrastructure of the mind. You listening only know the chit chat and hence create a method for yourself and the Truth does not come out of a method. The mind needs to sit freely in its mind spaces and to be centred in such a way that in its centre is only of choiceless observation and the “now” in you, so you are not always wired to the past in you and what you have learnt or experienced. So you sit in a centre of “nothing” but only of choiceless observation and hence free from the known and come out of that centre to think only and when you need to have access to your memory or of what you know. But the centre should always be just the “now” in you, and from moment to moment in mind.

But to be naturally centred you need to know what you have to be centred from and hence you need to have a baseline structure of your mind spaces and thought processes.

You have 2 main types of thinking:

Verbal thinking and

visual/spatial thinking or image-making in the mind.

You should know your mind spaces and hence to be able to plan your escape route and hence to be able to decide how to centre your mind.

Road map of the thinking mind. 3 steps to freedom in the mind.

I had come to this illustration above out of necessity to be free of what is known in me as I realised my mind was constantly trying to access my memory and how is the “new” in me to emerge or to be discovered if all I am doing is to dipping myself in my past for solutions. It would be the circle where the ending is the beginning all over again with no escape route.

The illustration above is divided such:

The higher mind needs some realisation to find.

It was Krishnamurti who helped me see this with his conversations with the Physicist’s David Bohm.

So I drew out this illustration from those conversations:

Conscious awareness can see the action of Truth but thought cannot directly see what conscious awareness sees. “Insight” is not of the thinking mind but from the repository of the universe where all information is stored including that which you still do not know about and which is still “new” to you.

So you can see what the escape route is to be free of the known in you and to find the “new” via insight. It is through the silent mind:

If you centre yourself in the silent mind and only be in the “now” in mind from moment to moment of choiceless observation, then you have access to insight and then use verbal thinking and access your past only and when it is necessary. To be able to use your past memory and knowledge and experiences and free of it when you are centred for feedback from the universe when you are centred.

If you know your brain operating frequencies then you will see the centre clearly:

This is your mind at its full potential, with access to the universe via consciousness, when you realise that the mind is just a phenomenon of the brain but works OFF the brain:



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