Fluid Intelligence

The thing in itself the process of fluid intelligence is how your thinking adapts to a problem to solve.

When you are younger you are natural fluid thinkers because you haven’t learnt much yet and hence intelligence is put in the deep end and then you play discover how to solve the problem.

Then as you get older you create a sort of crystalised intelligence in your mind where all your problem solving comes from learning. So nothing new comes out of you as you are always referencing the known in you or to your past memory.

I think Einstein had said adults need to think like children and have more play in their thinking.

“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born.”

So from children to adults, our minds get crystalised with knowledge and then everything comes out of referencing out of that knowledge.

Nothing wrong with having the knowledge but how can you be free from the known in you after you have been crystalised in mind with knowledge. It is to think like children think, knowing nothing and from a centre of curiosity and exploration. You are only taking the technique of thinking from the child but maintaining the knowledge you have accumulated and being able to draw from it when needed.

So how do you become a child in mind in terms of thinking when you are an adult.

You centre your mind in a place where you are free of the known in you, in the silent mind of only observation and then initially meet the problem put to you with no knowledge on how to solve it and look at the problem with curiosity and exploration in mind hence allowing the “new” to show itself as insight and then also to be able to draw from the crystalised mind of knowledge and add the new to integration and processing of information in the mind, Curiosity, explore and call on the known when needed and yet still be able to be free of it, when looking for something new to appear in mind.

“The process of how you think on the fly to problem solve, connect dots and strategies your next moves, all has to do with how you observe and learn every new experience as it’s happening to you.”

The way the adult can be a child in mind and to be free of the known is to centre oneself in a no-mind state of being in the “now” in the silent mind and think out of this centre:



“Ability to reason quickly and think abstractly; a combination of reasoning and abstract thought”

“The ability to form concepts, reason and identify similarities; it is intuitive and represents the activity involved when forming new mental structures rather than making use of old ones. It includes the ability to see complex relationships and solve problems, and it can decline with age if not ‘exercised’”

“…the name of the form of intelligence that comprises all of our fluid abilities.”

“Fluid Intelligence is more than just accumulated knowledge of subjects. It factors in quick thinking and reasoning abilities in new environments.”

Road map of the thinking mind:

Understanding your mind spaces and find a place in the silent mind to centre yourself:

Centre in the silent mind of brain frequencies:

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