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Can I show you something which is somatic which is also directly connected to how the mind works? I am not making this up but just passing on a fact by a scientist and his team who have decoded genetics and seen this correlation.

somatic – “relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.”

“How our genes shape our body’s, our minds and our personalities”.

This information is coming from Kari Stefansson of deCode genetics:

This information is from an interview he gave to the BBC in the United Kingdom. This is the summary of what he said:

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“How we are genetically hardwired to solve problems has an impact on the composition of the body.” Kari Stefansson.

“ I can show you how we can use genetics to explore the nature of MIND”

The fact is if you are obese then you are susceptible to all kinds of diseases: cardiovascular and liver diseases, osteoarthritis and diabetes etc

But if your DNA has a tendency towards obesity then what does it affect in the body-mind. If you are obese or not, it does not matter but if your DNA has a tendency towards obesity then it affects your mind in certain ways.

What he said is that if your DNA is wired to have a tendency towards obesity then you are more likely to be a visual and spatial thinker. You will also be less curious, less creative, but less likely to have mental illnesses. Remember this is only if you have the gene’s for a tendency towards obesity then it hardwires your mind is a certain way, to make you more a visual/spatial thinking rather than a verbal thinker.

As I have pointed out in the past we have 2 main ways of thinking:

In the precuneus, in the brain, we are wired to have a default mode:

Verbal thinking and the default mode is a visual/spatial thinking process.

So what Kari Stefansson is saying is that if we have the DNA to a tendency towards obesity then we are wired to be more in the default mode of visual/spatial thinking, rather than being verbal thinkers. Because of this, we are less curious and less creative and less likely to have mental illnesses. This is obvious if you think about it, as visual/spatial thinking is more of an observation or self-awareness process only in the mind, and less of a verbal thinking process. Verbal thinking is responsible for psychological thinking and hence more tendency to have mental illnesses. Verbal thinking is also responsible for spinning an idea in the mind and hence is responsible for creative activity.

In the road map of the thinking mind, you can see how it all comes together. It will even explain how your genes will affect your mind from research from scientists. You can see easily what or why they are saying what they are saying. The baseline big picture of the mind is important for the transformation process of the body-mind. Carries you along to understand the wholeness of the mind and remember that it is BODY-MIND, 1-Thing. You need to find the BODY-MIND-UNIVERSE connection. How you get there is your own, but we all follow the same path and it is only that path in the mind to the “intelligence” of the universe and to function in wholeness as ONE.

So if you score high in the verbal thinking ability then they say, you are less likely to have the DNA for obesity and hence less likely of obesity and related diseases but more curious and more creative and also more likely to have mental illnesses.

We all have a different proportion of visual/ spatial thinking and verbal thinking: With the precuneus in the brain, the default mode visual thinking and the verbal thinking active mode are separated by the 2 brain hemispheres.

So what they are saying is that if you are obese, no 2 ways about it – you will suffer from various diseases: cardiovascular and liver diseases, osteoarthritis and diabetes etc.

But if you have the gene for obesity then it can also affect your mind. The tendency to be obese will be there for you but that does not mean you will become obese but the obesity gene will affect how your mind works. It will make you more of a visual/spatial thinker rather than a verbal thinker.

You can see if you have the gene for obesity you can become obese or not and the same for if you do not have the gene for obesity for various reasons, overeating etc and still suffer from the various diseases that come from being obese. BUT the minds are affected differently because of the obesity gene.

So just to paraphrase what they are saying is that if you carry the gene for obesity then it will affect your intelligence, the worse you will perform in all types of tests, in cognitive function, your verbal IQ will be less, performance IQ less, and affects many other functions of the brain.

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But I am trying to think this out, what if you have figured your mind out and have spiritually discovered your higher faculties, and now have a tendency to sit in silence in mind and have better control over your mind, and function off a silent mind and verbal think only when necessary – can one bring about an ideal state of the mind such that the DNA make up for obesity and how it affects the mind and intelligence are made obsolete.

The obesity gene guarantees you a visual/spatial thinking mind and spiritually this is a great place to be in the mind. It is the place that gives you insight when verbal thinking is not and how does this explain that intelligence is less if you have the obesity gene. You have a greater tendency to be in the silent mind or for being in the now – so how can this be bad. It has been said when the mind is silent it puts together information or integrates information more efficiently than a verbal thinking mind does. This is how you solve problems. You solve problems by having a silent mind and a verbal thinking mind. Spiritually a visual/spatial mind is essential, rather than the distraction of the verbal thinking mind. Their conclusions seem to be concentrated only on solving problems. Cognitive ability. The working mind for a working environment and yet an innovative mind must have a visual/spatial mind space, fat gene DNA or not and from where I see things, it is ideal to have a visual/spatial mind space that lingers a lot longer than it normally does, for integration of information and for access to “insights” which only appear when the mind is silent.

You can drop anything into the baseline road map of the thinking mind and it will help you understand anything about the body-mind.

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