link between hallucination and meditation

Science using LSD to explain the spiritual experience.
Acid test: scientists show how LSD opens doors of perception

“In new research, scientists have found evidence that LSD, another psychedelic, lowers the barriers that constrain people’s thoughts. In doing so, it frees the mind to wander more easily and experience the world anew.” – What they are suggesting here is the mind is allowed to wander and freely take the 3 steps to freedom in the mind, (via meditation and exploring the mind spaces or by stopping all forms of thinking in the mind)

“On LSD, the brain spent less time on higher-level processing and more on the sensory-driven activities.” – which means it spends more time in self-awareness.

“The whole process of child development and education is to take your brain, which is extremely malleable, and force it to be like everyone else’s brain. Under psychedelics, you go back to a state where bits of the brain that haven’t spoken since you were a baby can cross-talk. And it’s that increased connectivity that allows people to get new insights into old problems,” said David Nutt, professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London .

See how opening up the mind solves some mental health issues:

The ability of LSD to free up brain activity may explain why psychedelics can help people with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

“In depression, people get locked into a way of thinking that is repetitive and ruminative. It’s like tramline thinking,” said Nutt. “Psychedelics disrupt those kinds of processes so people can escape from it.”

Acid test: scientists show how LSD opens doors of perception

From birth to death there is a kind of transformation that happens to us where we start free in our minds at birth and in mind as close to the Universal mind as possible and then slowly we transform in mind via our experiences and gel up into this personality. What has happened is we have drifted as far as possible from the natural in us. Once born with a free mind and learning from everything around us to becoming wired into our experiences and bound by its perception in our minds. We have gone from being totally free from the known in us to be being bound with our experiences and the personality is the result of these experiences.

So to free ourselves from this dilemma we invented spirituality and meditation to double back on our minds and to explore what it was like to have a free mind and to see if we can get back to that set of mind of when we were children again, when we are adults. To be able to learn and see with the full spectrum of our minds.

To do this we need to understand our mind:

3 steps to freedom in the mind. From the freedom of the thinking mind of a child to that of an adult and back to one as a child. If education had incorporated this in us when we were young then we would have known what to do as we grew older. We would know that meditation was not for just getting some rest from the thinking mind but also to explore one’s mind spaces. To see the full potential that is us as adults, which we had in mind as a child and lost it in personality as adults.

LSD just shows us what this whole thing about spiritual practices is trying to show us. We don’t need drugs to show us our minds and we can get to the drug-induced state of mind by natural practices to free our minds from the lower personality state of mind and from opinions and subjective thinking.

The drug-induced state of mind is not the answer, as addiction will tell you it is the wrong way to show you the Truth. Let the scientist show your what LSD does to the mind and why we need to live with a mind which is fully integrated and free to explore, rather than just be a sliver of yourself with your personality mind.


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