Does the mind create itself?

It is obvious and in plain sight that it does. It is all part of the evolutionary process.

When you are born you live only with self-awareness and observation only.

Mind trying to figure itself.

Please keep this in mind as you read this:

Jesus said: “Unless you leave yourself behind you cannot be a follower of mine”.

See what “yourself” means in the personality you create for yourself and see how it is created in you.

As you grow older education and experiences.

Epigenetics and neuroplasticity contributing somewhat to the mind opening itself up to new things.

I gather that the brain itself does not fully develop until you are 25.

Then the patterns in the mind are slowly forming, creating its personality and opinions and biases and conditioning processes. The body-mind does not know but it is really creating a false self in the personality which is just a mental construct. Creating dualism in oneself.

The personality has no idea what its true self is and it thinks that the personality is a real thing but really it is like a holographic image of yourself. A mental construct or an illusionary self in oneself.

At this stage, the mind has no idea of how it works or anything about the thinking process. So everything it does only creates chaos within society. All the chaos and shenanigans of the mind come from this false self in oneself.

I am not the only one thinking this way.

In your 30’s 40’s and 50’s you are pretty much doing what is expected of you in society. You have no time to yourself to figure out what really is happening to you in society. I am still on the mind. This is your mind talking in stages in one’s life.


Then one day it dawns on you what is happening to you, and you ask the question, “what is the purpose of life”. See the mind is still flipping itself and chopping and changing.

Epigenetics helps the brain open up new patterns in the brains thinking depending on the questions you are asking yourself.

Then you start looking into the process of thought itself. You find solace in philosophy and religion and the work of the mystics and you find there are things about the mind and its processes that you did not know.

You come to realise that personality is a mental construct as you closely look into the workings of the mind.


You realise that you are self-talking in verbal thinking and realise it was from this form of thinking that all the illusions in your mind were created and you thought it was a real part of you. You realised where all your biases and your opinions were created and your personality.

You realise there is a silent part to you in your mind when all thinking stops.

Science tells you this is true:






Remember that the mind is changing here all the time.

You realise that you have all these years not understood your mind and not used the full potential of your mind and of yourself:


You realise that when all thinking in the mind is made to stop and you are only “being” in the presence of pure consciousness you sense being part of the greater universe and its natural laws and you feel the energy forces of the Universe in the mind.

The mind has now seen the mind’s full potential and being part of the “intelligence” of the Universe.

You now have experienced a mind that sees all and can be used to its full potential. Here, you truly realise that the personality is just a mental construct as the personality disappeared when all thinking in the mind stopped.


Your full potential means you work together with the “intelligence” of the Universe in anything you do.

The mind working with all these numbers and not just with half of it.

Notice what it says when your mind becomes a full spectrum thinker:

145-159 – Genius

“Exception intellectual ability and capable of looking beyond known facts.”


David Bohm interviewed by Evelyn Blau

“DB: You have to see what is essential and universal, and that will transform the mind. The universal belongs to everybody, as well as covering everything, every possible form. It is the general consciousness of mankind. We come now to energy, this whole process of the ego is continually wasting energy, getting you low and confusing you.

EB: In other words, the individual’s perception of themselves as a separate being, is a waste of energy.

Thought can be observed as any matter can be observed.

DB: Yes, because if you see yourself as a particular being you will continually try to protect that being. Your energies will be dissipated.

EB: Earlier you were saying that since thought is a material process, it is necessary to observe the process of thought rather than its contents. How is one to do that? How is one to make that shift and observe the material process when it appears as if the only thing that consciousness is aware of is content?

DB: Before we get to that, another important difference of Krishnamurti is his emphasis on actual life, on being aware of everything, and also his refusal to accept authority, which is really extremely important. There are Buddhists who say that Krishnamurti is saying much the same as the Buddhists, but he says why begin with the Buddha, why not begin with what is here now? That was very important, he refuses to take seriously the comparison with what other people have said. Now to come back to what you were saying, about observation of the material process. You have to see what can be observed about thought aside from the pictures and feelings and its meaning. Whatever you think appears in consciousness as a show. That is the way thought works to display its content, as a show of imagination. Therefore if you think the observer is separate from the observed, it is going to appear in consciousness as two different entities. The point is that the words will seem to be coming from the observer who knows, who sees, and therefore they are the truth, they are a description of the truth. That is the illusion. The way a magician works is exactly the same. Every magician’s work depends on distracting your attention so that you do not see how things are connected. Suddenly something appears out of nothing but you do not see how it depends on what he actually did.”

Then you wish you started life this way knowing your mind first rather than later.

Some final quotes:

“celebration of the spiritual mystery when realised can be through the arts, physics, music etc”

“You don’t decide to be good, but good should ooze out of you”

When all thinking in the mind stops and the “Buddha Nature” is experienced then compassion is. The personality only decides to be good in mind.


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