Awakening Process in the Mind?

To find your mind spaces you can find it yourself via meditation or by just stopping verbalising your thoughts. With me, it all started with realising that verbal thinking existed. Then I called it “speak thinking” and even patented the 2 words for my use as I was sure I discovered this anomaly in me which is a fact and I could use it to stop verbal thinking and bring on the silent mind.

I then realised that is why they use the mantra in meditation – it distracts the mind away from verbal thinking so that the silent mind ensues and from the silent mind the mind can delve deeper into meditation after putting aside images from pictorial thinking.

In time I saw references to these 2 types of thinking and they just emphasised in me that I might have really discovered something. Now, I can say that I can keep my mind silent mostly by just watching the flutter of my vocal cords. As time goes by many aspects of me are affected by this silence in my mind. The rest just comes naturally.

I am more aware and also am able to interact with background noise – I think this comes from a kind of coherence that comes to the body-mind by being silent. It sort of is inheriting some of the natural energies in the ether which surrounds me. I am, sort of, becoming part of the ether. Did not aspect any of this to happen. I wonder what else is ahead.

This illustration below came from reading the book above, “The Ending of Time” (in the mind) – a conversation between Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm, a physicist. I tried to understand what they were saying and drew up this illustration.

The “action of truth” interacts with conscious awareness and conscious awareness (intuition) can see the action of Truth. I got the impression that thinking and the logical mind will not be able to see beyond its own modular self or the personality. They take you through the whole Labyrinth that is the mind and thinking via a dialogue with each other.

Here you will see the integration process in the brain during consciousness and unconsciousness. It has that feeling that we are looking at consciousness working in us and also as an external field perhaps:

Essay about The Unconscious

Science has discovered that when an electrical signal goes down a nerve cell, it also generates an electromagnetic field which penetrates the brain tissue. ALSO the information in the nerve signal is also present in the electromagnetic signal.

Researcher Proposes New Theory of Consciousness – Neuroscience News

Here Harvard university research in verbal thinking and pictorial thinking

Visual images often intrude on verbal thinking, study says

I also found this on the net but cannot remember the link. Perhaps you can find it with google image: we all have a combination of verbal and pictorial thinking.

Having realised all this I decided that I could have some control over my thinking mind. Having control over a physical anomaly in verbal thinking I could easily stop this form of thinking and bring on the silent mind.

Road map of the thinking mind: if you look at the other stuff I have written, I have answered most questions with reference to this road map, verbal thinking mind to pictorial thinking and the silent mind when all thinking stops and being in the presence of pure consciousness – the Buddhist have a word called “sunyata” for this final state of mind. The mind disappears soon after this if you try to take it any further and then returns with no memory of where it has been. So the mind has an end to it. Hence everything we know are just mental constructs. I think this was what Buddha finally realised in his final awakening. At some stage, we have to stop looking and living the awakening process. What else is there – just get on with life with one’s new sense of being.

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