How to choose correctly what is in the mind?


What does it feel like to cross the line in the body-mind and go beyond and wanting to come back because it is unfamiliar?

A single observation can generate multiple ideas or multiple opinions. That is the nature of the subjective frontline thinking mind. So how do you choose which is the correct one.

In your line of reasoning when coming up with multiple opinions or ideas if you follow the facts in the reasoning then you can have a pretty good idea of what might be the right choice. Also, your mind must learn to recognise when it is creating an illusion or a lie in your mind. There is always the Truth in the Lie in you. You need to know this is this the Truth in me and that is that a lie in me.

If you have better control over your thinking mind and experience all its mind spaces then you can make these choices a lot better.

You can also get a 2nd opinion from your mind by silencing the frontline verbal thinking mind and in the silent mind let your intuition work things out for you. It will look at all the choices you created with all your conditioning and your subjective idiosyncrasies in your mind and find the correct solution for you. The intuition can distinguish between the, this and that, in your mind and being in the silent mind intuition is not a spinner of ideas in your mind, it looks at the big picture in the mind and decides. It is more of an intuitive integration process than a spinner of illusions. When you see and experience this difference you can see how you can use your mind spaces to control and make your thinking mind work for you. The verbal thinking mind is a noisy frontline thinking space in the mind and has its reasons for evolving in us after the advent of language but the silent mind is innate in us and been with us longer than the verbal thinking mind.

3 steps to having freedom in your mind and understanding the different mind spaces in the thinking mind:

You know what your verbal thinking mind does.

You know how the silent mind thinks when the verbal thinking mind is silent.

You know what it feels like when the mind crosses the line when all thinking in the mind stops.

The idea is to sense all the working parts of the mind and know what they can do for you.

But what happens when you cross the line and how difficult is it to not return to the dominance of the verbal thinking mind as it was before you crossed the line.

The best description I found in Quora was by Lee Jensen

Noetic meaning: “relating to mental activity or the intellect”.

“Three years into this, you’ve reached the doldrums. You’ve broken the self – there’s no legitimate way back. Those things that motivated you are gone, though phantoms linger, and you have seen past what never satisfied you. This is a dangerous and uncomfortable time.

You could stay in this quiet place and live out your life in hermitage, if your mind is quiet enough to do so. Even if that is not for you, make a point to stay here until you are very, very comfortable with it; the discomfort you are experiencing is the old self struggling to re-emerge. You’ve got to stay with it and push through for the (authentic) Self to initiate.

Meditate; purify the mind and body. It seems counter-intuitive, but diligence is required to do nothing now (in terms of motivating the self). Allow the process to unfold at its own pace. Allow the sediment of thoughts to settle; rushing it will stir them up again. You need to stay here until you have crossed the threshold.

After you cross, a higher motivation will come to you. You will notice it.

It’s the hero’s journey – let it be. Choose your opportunity to emerge carefully.”

It might be easy to draw an illustration to show you that there is a line to cross when all thinking in the mind stops but what does it feel like is a different matter because all you know is what it was like in the past and wanting to return to it or to what you know, but to keep at it until the new you in you takes shape is a very difficult but slowly emerging process.

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