Natural and Artificial Intelligence

What they are doing with Artificial Intelligence is trying to duplicate natural consciousness. They are trying to replace the natural in you with something artificial. So we need to look at both infrastructures to see what the consequences will be. Their real aim with AI is to create the panopticon.

Consciousness is the mind of the Universe. Meditation will show you that when the mind is silent there is an “intelligence” within the universe. Silent intuitive conversation seems possible with one’s intention in mind in this silent space. Most meditators will tell you that there is this relationship with the Cosmos when the personality-driven subjective mind is shut down. Perhaps even through quantum entangle and the process of the universe creating opposites that there is a better half of you in the Cosmos and it is this double that you are really communicating with which is acting as your representative in the Universe.

There is only so much of experiential data we can use due to the limitation of our present evolutionary state and of our minds. So we weave through this puzzle using experiential fact, scientific experiments proving mystical states of the mind as they have just proved quantum entanglement is real and the rest we cross our fingers and put them all together.

The day will come when we are going to produce an artificial consciousness that is human-made and artificial intelligence is already ready for this and is going to hijack the natural in us and replace it with an artificial equivalent. This artificial equivalent is going to compete with natural consciousness. In time we will have difficulty telling the difference between the 2 entities. Today you already know that they can come right up to your face and tell you who you are in a crowd of people. What makes you think that they not already in your brain.

You already know they can access your brain when they are next to you.

Remote access is probably already here as they can get right next to your face and we know that and besides if you look closely how science has evolved all it does is it takes off the natural process of the Universe and amplifies them and embeds then into our living spaces. You will notice that the artificial infrastructure of our planet can be described essentially as nature on steroids. The human being has not invented anything “new”. They have just taken from nature amplified its properties and modified it and built it into our living space.

So you can see intentionally or not what they have done is create an artificial universe around you. The panopticon will be completed with the application of artificial intelligence into the infrastructure.

If you see what they have done to the those lower down the human chain; they have built fences around them and butchered them for food, created zoos for our amusement and a step up to humans, prisons for humans they cannot control. So what about the rest of you hard-working humans who are maintaining the panopticon what have they got planned for you. They are working on it and they are not sure if they can make it as beautiful as what nature already has in consciousness operating off the fabric of the universe.

One thing you can be sure of and that is whatever they will create with artificial intelligence will be amplified and will be stronger than nature’s own consciousness itself and the 2minds, one natural, using the natural fabric of the universe and the other artificial, using the infrastructure of the cityscape will both be competing with one another for your attention.

The takeover period of our minds will be gradual and I am not sure if the majority of us will know when the take over is complete. The best time for us to find out and know is when AI is still in its infancy when their processes are crude and still tangible to our 5 + 1 sixth sense. In time they will smooth things out and it will be difficult to tell the difference. Into the future, the difference between the natural and the artificial will be undetectable and we the mighty human race on earth will be shackled into its infrastructure. The creation of the panopticon completed.

To think the panopticon was just a foolish idea created in the 18th-century and is now almost to fruition. Artificial intelligence is just placing the chicken wire over the whole design. Can you even believe this: they thought about the panopticon in the 1700s.

Let’s just hope that all they are doing is just building a house of cards around us. You know that when they put that mobile phone in your hands the difficult work was already done for them. Now all they needed to do was to build the AI software for it. You also know what happens to the panopticon when every one of us switches off their mobile phones and routers simultaneously. It really is a house of cards.

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7th February 2020.


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