Our place in the Universe

Not just don’t have patterns in nature but also not have patterns that are in coherence with each other. We in the universe need to have a natural AI control over the whole universe. If not there will be chaos.

Look at what happens if we do not have control over our own atmosphere, climate change.

Look at what happens if we do not have control and coherence over our own minds – mental health issues and problems within society itself.

Body-Mind, Earths atmosphere, Universe as a whole – notice they are all one isolated system within another system that needs systems control over themselves. All these collected systems together make up the universe as a WHOLE 1-Thing.

They all exist as I-Thing and are organised one within the other and work together in coherence, if not we and everything else in it will be in uncontrolled chaos.

So if we look at the smallest particle in the universe to the universe as a whole scientists are saying that the energy profiles are organised one within the other:

With the process of the creation of the universe, mass is only about 5% – this is is what we can see. The rest are energy fields holding everything else together.

So there must be a baseline energy field from which everything else arises, that permeates everything – I think we call this consciousness. So what is this field in the universe?

This is how mass was created in the universe: entropy within the system as you scale up from the smallest particle to the universe as a whole, increases in entropy and mass is created, which distorts spacetime and we see gravitational effects. Also, the electromagnetic spectrum is generated as part of the scaling-up process and increase in entropy. Notice how in our innovations in society we have taken from this electromagnetic spectrum generated by a natural process and amplified it and incorporated it into society.

Look at our own galaxy, the milky way, totally intact with its own energy profile and yet connected to everything else: notice “you are here”. This is a double torus energy profile of the milky way, spinning and twisting and torquing up from its centre, energy profile and at the singularity at the centre creates mass and the electromagnetic spectrum, which we then use its amplified version to create the synthetic cityscape with its own energy profile. Notice how this synthetic energy profile of the cityscape in conflict with the natural environment is what is causing all these disruptions in the natural environment and changing the climate on the planet’s own environment – pollution, flooding and ozone layer depletion etc.

Then just look at how our brain and thinking mind is organised. They have different operating frequencies in the brain with different layers of consciousness and sense of “being”. There is a local body-mind energy pattern of its own. How do you best organise this energy pattern so it works at its full potential and is in control of its energy pattern to prevent “climate change” mental health issues in the mind?

Find one’s place in the mind where it connects up to the universe is essential in one knowing its place in the universe and also in using the mind at its full potential:

Connecting the mind up to the Universe:

Working at the full potential of the thinking mind:


Science info from “Resonance Science Foundation”. Translation of information to the mind my own.

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