I act therefore I am

What is the hierarchy of thinking:

verbal thinking

subvocal speech


“Courage to create”


ideas generated in the mind



I act, therefore I am.

You see why Descartes was trying to be cool, as thinking is the prerequisite to the act of doing. Internal thinking finally materialises as doing and the manifestation of the idea in the mind. Internal thinking and external manifestation.

Thinking is like you wearing an ephemeral invisible top hat that is not of the body and yet acting out thinking in doing is totally factual, observable.


Frequently we observe as if from a vantage of “another place another time” from the book:

“Normal People” by Sally Rooney:


“God. Not omniscience but an impersonal all-seeingness.”, from the book.

Here thinking and doing/acting coming together. “I think therefore I am”, and “I act therefore I am”. No acting with no thinking.

Also, remember this, it is the mind that is showing you that you exist because of the thinking process. If there is no thinking then there is no doing, or any acting out the instructions of the mind, as they will be no instructions forthcoming.

I kick football therefore I am – not cool

I think therefore I am – if you were a guy the girls will be saying. “call me”.

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