Night Train

I took the above picture using a simple digital Canon camera and was surprised at the results. It was an electric train with its cables above driving the train. The pic shows the electric sparks perhaps coming off the electrical cable above BUT I did not see any of these sparks from the bridge above. Only the camera manifested these sparks. Just like the eye is designed to capture only specific frequencies to reveal our world in front of us BUT what about the stuff that we do not see that lies outside our operating frequencies. There are limitations of our body-mind and soul that we cannot access. So our reality is limited. So what is the Truth? What is the whole? Our manifestations itself is an illusion of sorts because it is a translation of the eye to create an image for us. In reality, we are probably all energy-based. What would we look like if not for the eye translating these frequencies?

Spirit: painting, oil on canvas, 6ft x 5ft

or for what we cannot see or the eye cannot translate:

Painting, oils on canvas: 6ft x 5 ft.

Your living space generates a “synthetic consciousness” which runs in tandem with the natural laws of the universe. So where is the Truth?


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