Becoming Godliness in Mind

The spanner in the works in spirituality is thinking. One can string along as many thoughts as possible during meditation and all one is doing is just staying persistently in the “I” in you. The idea is to get away from one’s thoughts and see if there are other mind spaces in existence from which we can think. That is why we meditate is it not; to experience the “dream of existence” itself and see that it is all the play of the thinking mind. Nothing out there is changing. It is all created and changing only in our minds.

Only Ramana Maharshi kept it simple with thoughts. Thinking is the Judas in the Jesus story. One can see what hanging on to your thoughts can do to you let alone hanging on to them during meditation.

You see the similarities between the image below and the Jesus/judas pic above:

Ramana Maharshi showed us the difference between the Jesus mind and the Judas mind. Ramana Maharshi (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950)  was a sage from the south of India. Found a cave in a hill called Arunachala, when he was a child and made it his home in a town called  Tiruvannamalai. 

He started young:


I visited this Ashram around 2015 and stayed for about a week. I noticed more spiritual tourist than compared to the other places I had visited in the south of India. Of all the things I remember vividly when there was when I was having a free lunch at the Ashram. I was seated on the floor, crossed legged, eating my food quietly and contemplating silently in my mind. I noticed that someone had come and sat opposite me but as you do you just don’t want to be rude and look up and continued with my lunch head lowered so nothing around me was a distraction while I enjoyed my vegetarian meal. Soon after, unknowingly and without any intention in mind, I looked up while chewing my food and almost choked on it when I saw opposite a lady, probably in her late 20’s, her blouse unbuttoned halfway down her chest and I think she was in shorts and I can understand why as it can get hot in the south of India at certain months of the year. I cannot remember much else of the Ashram. I know I did walk around the hill and even sat in the cave where Ramana spent most of his life. 

There was and still is something about Ramana where he did not make spiritualism unnecessarily complicated so it was out of reach for us. He said it as it is: just get rid of your thoughts and nothing else needed as probably all else will follow. I remember reading a blog where a European gentleman said he wanted to know about spiritualism and read one book after the other because he told himself I will be enlightened and when he came to Ramana Maharshi and saw this:

He stopped reading any further. He probably realised the processes is very simple.

Basically what he is saying is this: Just shut down your thinking mind and be in that silent space and everything else just naturally follows through as the mind opens up and with conscious awareness, you get to see that everything is just a “dream of existence” and all is just an illusion of the mind and yet behind the Lie is the Truth in you which is your true self and part of the “intelligence” of the Cosmic Mind. 

You can see why he says to just get rid of your thoughts because the frontline thinking mind is noisy, disruptive, subjective and it creates the lie in you. Leave the personal “I” behind and your thoughts and inherit a silent mind.

Then you see all these mind spaces open up:

Ramana says:

My 2 pennies worth which was an epiphany in me was when I realised that thinking was sound first. That brain needed to hear what you want to think for it to process your thoughts. This is an anomaly you can use to have a silent mind anytime you want. So if you use this anomaly to your advantage and just refuse to silently self-talk first what you want to think so your brain cannot hear you then you will find that instantly the mind falls into silence. As Ramana says, “While his hands are in society, he keeps his head cool in solitude”. Now it is very easy to drop your thoughts and bring on a silent mind. It is very easy to remain silent in mind all day long and “keep your head cool in solitude” while you go about your daily activities while keeping psychological thinking at bay or when the mind wants to spin a lie from an observation watch the flutter of your vocal cords so there is no self-talk as a prerequisite to thinking. It is easier to stop a mechanical process of self-talk than to remind oneself not to think. The function of the mantra in cross-legged meditation is just this: to distract you away from self-talk thinking. 

There is also pictorial thinking for you to deal with in a silent mind, the flow of images across your mind that need to also end but pictorial thinking has no anomaly that you can use to stop this flow of images in your mind. Only time and the longer you spend in the silent space will the images start to fall off the “screen” and the mind is then on its way to the end where it just disappears into nothingness and no-mind and no memory where you have been. There is an intuitive thinking wave which runs all along this process which also disappears towards the end. 

But then there is also this to observe: what is the source of all your thoughts and pictorial images as you travel the journey to the ends of the silent mind.  Where do thoughts (self-talk thinking), pictorial images (pictorial thinking) and intuitive thinking: where is their source from whence they arise. Is your mind in your brain or outside of you in the ether/matrix?

Stay consciously aware in the higher mind while the verbal thinking mind has been forced to step down.

Go global and allow the mind to become part of the Cosmic mind after the personality verbal thinking mind had stepped down.

As the mind becomes closer to and more like the matrix which surrounds it then it is able to interact with the intelligence of the Cosmic Mind and make changes to our living space:

The brother/sisterhood is created when more of us are part of our true self and the Universe: all lined up in mind to the same centre.

Evolution of the mind has a very tangible outcome when it lines up with the Cosmic Mind and its intelligence: more luck is created as more probabilities possibilities are manifested from the matrix.

The more we are like the natural laws of the Universe, the more luck comes our way. We communicate with the intelligence of the Universe for our needs via intuitive thinking and an intention in mind.

At the end of this mind journey we have become Tathg’s:

Buddha was a:

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