Underlying Simplicity to the Mind

Is there a most common denominator of the mind where all else can be explained through it. When one strips off all the details and the Sanskrit words of Buddhism then this baseline to the mind will apply to all humanity. Remove all the cultural aspects and remove all the detailing, where one can quickly get bogged down with details. Yet when details are explained to oneself: they can be easily placed over this baseline and one sees the big picture clearly in detail. Yet my experience is that the detail is not necessary but satisfying to know for discussion or for the conviction that one is in the right pathway but when applying the process for transformation to happen in one’s life the detail is not necessary.

Everybody has a personal Mandala that one can draw out for oneself. It will represent all of oneself. The danger with this is that it can show one’s shortcomings, so I put mine out with danger of ridicule. If all the Masters of the past were to draw one out what would they have done: Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tze, exalted Masters we follow, exalted Masters we do not know about, your teachers, governments around the world, everybody everywhere, etc.

So what I am saying is that when you strip up everything this is the essence of the mind and its processes. Yet there is more than one way to say the same thing:

This above is the first one that I drew up. The frontline line thinking mind at the top. Verbal thinking, ideas, creativity, creating illusions, psychological thinking etc. Then as the wide mind is controlled it tapers down to the silent mind, where all thoughts disappear and at some point, it is SAMA-DHI (SAME-STATE of mind which I gather is the Pali, “language Buddha spoke”, translation). A state of active being with a sense of knowing.

In between is that synthetic consciousness that I talk about which is in competition with our natural consciousness that we created for ourselves with the technological advances we had with the sciences. The sciences have not created anything new if you look at this closely. What they have done is take natures, natural forces and amplified them and created an infrastructure around our living space. The fact that it is an amplified form of natural forces they have brought it closer to the operating limits of our 5 senses and the mind and the synthetic consciousness is now taking over or replacing the natural laws of nature of which we were initially part of.  Increasingly we are being wired to this unnatural amplified infrastructure of unnatural energy forces and I don’t have to spell it out to you as to where this is heading. Meditation will be increasingly more difficult to do due to interference. When this unnatural amplified infrastructure of unnatural energy forces starts to organise itself with some artificial intelligence of its own and now get coupled with and take over the natural matrix of the universe and use it for its own purposes it is going to be chaos, mad max all over again and catastrophic. If you think your vote had power and power to the people: think again and yet if used carefully and with good intentions, it can transform education, create good governance, spot early onset of diseases and cures, transform hospitals and how they function. OK, it is like this: it will do to you what it is doing for self-driving cars today. Oneself will be running just like an autonomous car.

The Mandala can be simplified even further:

Here we have the personality thinking mind and our True Self as part of the cosmic mind. My hypothesis is that this is the baseline of how we function. When we have a proper understanding of the personality and how it is created by the verbal thinking mind we will be able to access the other silent mind spaces. 

If one has been in a Hindu temple, like this one in Neasden in the United Kingdom one can see the Mandala Dome that the ancients created that simplifies the whole process of the mind and all its patterns.

One can see that the centre of this Mandala is the total harmony of the mind and its people. All lined up as one. Many can easily get to this state of mind easily if one has better control over the personality mind and this is easy to do as one explores the basic processes of the mind and see everything for what it is.

This is the lower part of the dome in this temple: In some parts, it represents the chaos of life itself and others the preparation to ascend the Dome to its apex where the mind is in harmony with the Universe; it is all lined up and all-knowing and living off the repository of the Cosmic Mind.

From Chaos to Harmony via the mind. The 5 senses and the mind creates your reality so there is nothing else to consider here but to look to the 5 senses and the mind to sort out the conflicts in oneself. 

26 December 2019


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