Contactless Objective Experience

The Objective Experience and becoming aware of the “world out there” is contactless.

As explained by Dr Bhante Punnaji, a Buddhist monk:

 When we perceive an object through our eyes, is there any “contact” between the eyes and the physical object? If there was contact with the physical object, did the object enter our eyeball? There is no contact. What is perceived with the eye sense organ is simply light reflected from the object, entering the eyeball, striking the retina at the back of the eyeball, stimulating the millions of light sensitive nerve endings in the retina, which sends impulses to the brain via the optic nerves. These millions of impulses sent to the brain from moment to moment are processed by the brain, which constructs a mental image in our mind of the perceived object – we call this the experience of “seeing”. There is no “contact” of any kind. 


 ,,,in experiencing the environment, we do not rely on only one sense but on all the five physical senses plus the mind (6th sense), so we really make use of all the six sensual fields to produce the Objective Experience. “Phassa” therefore means becoming aware of the Objective Experience by application of the six sense fields leading to the awareness of the “world out there”. Phassa is the cognition of objects to produce the Objective Experience. Bhante calls this “forming an object”, in reference to the formation of the Objective Experience. With this Objective Experience, we become aware of a “world out there”. 

So we observe with our 5 senses and the mind (the 6th sense) takes over and makes it into something else. This is where the trouble starts. It takes an objective experience and creates a puzzle of 100 different types of things with this observation. Only the observation was the fact in you while all else created by the mind does not exist and was spun from the first observation into an illusion or the Lie in You. Hence from this one can see where “The Truth is in the Lie in you”. Then one takes this Lie in You and incorporates it into personality. Subjectivity is then created out of this experience. So some might say: so what is wrong with this?. As long as you know that, this is this, and that is that if not what is created is centre left far right, far left and top-down upsidedown. So went governments create policy they are not only creating from a lie in you but from a chaotic collection of minds. Society is a mirror of our minds. Society is our minds. If our minds are chaotic so will be anything that we create from it. 

In Buddhism:

The construction process in the brain is “Saṅkhāra“, which produces the perception (“Viññāṇa“) of the object in the form of a mental image (“Rūpa“) that we identify by calling it a name (“Nāma“).

Frontline verbal thinking then takes the name and the creative process spins it into something new using one’s experiential personality. BUT is it really new as thinking is a limited process that only has access to its past experiences of which all is known? It is a puzzle of the past in you or the known in you. The truly new comes out of nothing in mind and not from the known in you or from knowledge.

So we have the 5 senses and the creative mind. The objective experience is contactless. So how much of the unseen in us and in our environment are also creating impressions in us via this contactless objective experience. Sound has its limits, from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz operating range. The hearing in us is also designed to “hear”, unknown to us, to about 200 kilohertz. The brain will hear the modulations of ultrasound and make sense of it and convert it directly to feeling and thinking and perception but all coming under the radar of the self and creating an impression in you. Magnetic to magnetic coupling of the self and the living space. Unheard and unseen, the source will be unknown to you. 

Consciousness and the brain, contactless with the repository of the Cosmic Mind:

All happens within this space:

 The Invisible Objective Experience. A contactless objective experience. 

The dream of existence: the contactless dream is constructed by the mind and the 5 senses. Is existence only an illusion and a construct of the mind as the mind in meditation can be taken to a state where the sense of existence disappears altogether. This is how Buddha discovered that existence itself was a mental construct. Hence in a sense, one can die while still alive in mind.

This video above ends with, when we awaken from the dream of existence, the personality self then disappears when you see the delusion, and there is a paradigm shift in our minds in the way we think. 

When in body, the 5 senses and the mind creates our reality. What happens when we disappear into nothingness via deep meditation – then there is another reality in existence of us being part of the Universe. When we remove the lower personality mind with its 5 senses then our true Self emerges of being part of the Cosmos. This “duality” has been recognised by us. Even this sense of being of the greater Cosmic mind is also a kind of contactless invisible experience. Our true reality if of the Cosmos then is only spirit energy in nature, perhaps individualised and separated from other energy beings but it is the 5 senses and the body and its mind when manifested allow us to experience the whole truth of the dream of existence.

The lower and upper mind: When one experiences all of this is this the paradigm shift in the way we think that Dr Bhante Punnaji talks about. When the lower mind is shut down, the upper mind is still capable of thinking. It is a case of 2-minds capable of thinking, one with a personality repository of its own and the other, part of the Cosmic Mind and the Truth with its natural laws of the Cosmos.

The Buddhist have a name for you when the invisible side of you opens up so you see everything:

The mind-body dream of existence versus the True Self Cosmic spirit mind. The true self Cosmic spirit mind can be experienced when the dream of existence of the personality mind is halted when all thoughts come to an end in the mind.

Others have been there:

 Meister Eckhart says: “….if God is to speak his Word in the soul, she must be at rest and at peace, and then he will speak His Word, and Himself, in the soul –no image, but Himself!’ 

In meditation: when you drop all else, all thoughts and arrive at the end of your mind, with nothing there then you can have a quiet conversation with the Divine Cosmic mind, with an intention in mind as a question and a “sense of knowing” as an answer. 

Osho if you want to experience Godliness:

Osho again about doing nothing:

“The most difficult thing in the world is just sit and do nothing. But once you have got the knack of it….If you go sitting for a few months doing nothing for few hours every day, slowly slowly, many things will happen. You will feel sleepy, you will dream. Many thoughts will crowd your mind, many things. The mind will say,”Why are you wasting your time? You could have earned a little money. At least you could ave gone to a film, entertained yourself, or you could have relaxed or gossiped. You could have watched the TV or listened the radio, or at least you could have read the the newspaper you have not seen. Why are you wasting your time?”


Mind will give you a thousand and one arguments, but if you just go on listening without being bothered by the mind….It will do all kinds of tricks: it will hallucinate, it will dream, it will become sleepy. It will do all that is possible to drag you out of just sitting. But if you go on, if you persevere, one day the sun rises. One day it happens, you are not feeling sleepy, the mind has become tired of you, is fed up with you, has dropped the idea that you can be trapped, is simply finished with you! There is no sleep, no hallucination, no dream, no thought. You are simply sitting there doing nothing…and all is silence and all is peace and all is bliss. You have entered the God, you have entered the truth.”  – Osho

Ramana Maharshi:

Finding the other you hidden behind all the thinking.

 The Voice of the evolutionary Silent mind.

19 Dec 2019

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