Cloudy to Clear

A summing up:

The universe was created with the big bang: created in one command but it has been evolving ever since. It is in constant flux ever changing never the same at any moment. The same is happening to the mind and body, never ever the same at any moment and constantly evolving. Epigenetics will agree that this is true. When the mind sees its other thinking spaces it also sees its new potential which is naturally emerging.  Hunger never disappears even when you feed it. The human potential, same thing,  is always evolving even after you find something “new” in you. Evolution of the mind is where the top-ups are happening – the human potential is a top-up process from the Cosmic Repository where everything already exists. 

We are changing all the time:

The Babas were right about this:

“There is one God, 

Eternal Truth is His Name, 

He is the Sole Creator. 

He knoweth no fear; 

Is at enmity with no one. 

His being is timeless and formless. 

He is not incarnate. 

He is self-existent. Attainable 

He is through the grace, 

Of the Guru, the Enlightener.” 

He is the Cosmos which is an energised living entity that is whole and complete like us but with no tangible body to show His presence.

Science was non-existent during the Babas time and hence use of metaphors was prevalent. That was a long time ago. Human potential is a very tangible process which you can find with the discovery of your mind spaces to see what those metaphors are implying. 

Stop silently verbalising your thoughts. No need to talk about God anymore or metopharise about Him as you will meet Him at the end of this process and talk to him with an intention in mind. We are designed to discover our potential in mind and come up against the creator. There is no hierarchy in Gods world when we are all one with him and eventually like Him and all one has to do is to get rid of one’s thoughts and psychological thinking of this and that and the rest of it is driverless by just staying in that silent state of mind.

How to get rid of thoughts: in cross-legged meditation use the mantra to distract you from verbal thinking or during the waking talking walking working phase just stop verbalising one’s thoughts. Observing the movement of the vocal cords as a mantra to stop your thoughts. Silently verbalising your thoughts to think in verbal thinking seem to be an anomaly in us and we can use it to our advantage to bring on a silent mind.

14 October 2019

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