Sound Can Generate A Magnetic Field

If we add heat to it and hence a magnetic field can affect a sound signal because sound on heat generates a magnetic field.  But What!.  I thought what we know is that sound is sound, right? – just created by collisions of atoms in the air and the pressure waves created travels in air and gets to your ear drum and the membrane vibrates and if the frequency is right you hear a sound. Duh. So what is all this bullshit about sound being also a magnetic field and also they say that a sound wave can be created by heat and the wave is created because the atoms absorb the heat and the atoms vibrate faster and hence the heat is actually stored in this sound wave.  Come off it off this bullshit.  This is not what we are taught at school and this they say was only discovered in 2015.  Yeah, but when did we go to the moon? What Echo! 1961? and why did you not know that sound is also magnetic in character and also can store heat and also can generate a magnetic field around it when heat is applied to the material in which sound travels.

But you did not know that the oxygen you breathe has magnetic characteristics, did you?:

Back to sound.

A sound pressure wave through the air as we know it:






The scientist had to show this property of sound by applying heat to the conductor material.  First They had to introduce the phonon: This basically is just the displacement of the atom when heat is applied to it and it is this displacement that is propagated.  The phonon is the sound signal that is moving through space.  A pressure wave through space or a phonon through space when heated and phonons carry sound:

Phonons carry both sound and heat. In metals, heat is carried primarily by the movement of electrons in the atoms. However, in all other materials, heat is carried almost exclusively by the phonons.


Artist’s rendering of a phonon heating solid material. The phonon hits the center orange atom, which is attached to other atoms via spring-like bonds. The trail of the passing phonon is marked with increased magnetic field intensity, shown in green. Renee Ripley, The Ohio State UniversityCC BY-NC-ND



This looks very much like the trace below, right?: a radio signal of photons.  It has a magnetic component perpendicular to an electric component.  It brings a radio station to your home, if you have a radio to decode its signal.  But we also know that sound also can behave like this, right?  If you heat the conducting material – sound will generate a magnetic field around it.  You know that your home and its power supply line is like one big aerial and so is your body has a magnetic and an electrical component to it.  All these interactions are connected to each other and interact with each other.  Now we also have experiments that says that we can be connected to a sound signal in an magnetic manner if there is a heat element to it.   

So a radio signal outside your home gets into all the electrical lines, phone lines and internet lines and then brings it into your home and continues down the wiring in your home.  These signals comes in with all its embedded subliminals and then gets processed and separated as they work its way through your heating system in your home and your radiators and they all generate sound and heat and now we know that the sound generated also creates a magnetic field as it passes through your home and that magnetic field from the sound waves links itself to all the magnetic fields in your home and to YOU in it.  Your home is just like a mini universe with everything else in it in the universe.  From your inner mindbodysoul to the outer self your home, to the outer still more the universe all connected as ONE.

But this puzzles me:

I can pick up a radio station from my phone/internet line when I use a induction loop receiver:

This recording below is not with a radio but an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic field modulations.  If I have this then I don’t really need a radio!

But then this below, is from a wall, using an induction loop receiver, facing the elements outside:

And below, I can pick up some chit chat from my phone tone.  Now this one is different.  I used a microphone here and it was just recording the tone but seems to have chit chat in it that did not sound like it was coming from a radio station.  Now I am coming to what is hidden under the radio signals carrying perhaps subliminals that only show up when there is heat on a sound signal.

So let’s look at what is in the radiator below recorded with a microphone when it is heated up.  Remembering the research above done in 2015 – the magnetic field near the radiator is measured and is between 3 and 4 milligauss and it was a fluctuating magnetic field.

Also look here at another example with a radiator BUT while it was heated up from cold.  Notice how the sound gets louder as the radiator gets hotter.  The buzz in the radiator is like white noise and as it gets hotter it gets louder and the magnetic field in the radiators probably also increase with temperature and due to this it also slowly amplifies the chit chat due to stochastic amplification.  

click on image to amplify to view trend. 

The intrusion into the home with a radio signal I think is just the disguise for bringing in subliminals into a home.  These subvocal chit chat which are hidden behind these radio signals, slowly open up as they make their way through one’s home and open up via white noise ultrasound emissions that come from your electrical wiring, that you won’t hear but for a tinnitus sound in your ears.  Sound with heat generate pockets of magnetic field that can couple you further into the matrix.  But then there is a sinister part to all of this: It exposes your thinking via the tonal modulations in your home via the sounds of the ground loop connections in your home and the sound of the buzz of your radiators, the ping of your led bulbs, the vibrations on your floor – generally the buzz of your home.  It has been suggested that the listening is done via your phone line from the outside and your receiver is lifted via a hack, making it a microphone and this microphone connected to the wiring in your home especially your ground cable acts like an induction loop system that the hard for hearing use to amplify their sounds via a magnetic field and is translated by a t-coil in one’s ears and the tonal modulations of your thinking listened too remotely from anywhere in the world.

So how do you know if your thinking is your own?. When you place a X on your ballot paper – was it really your own choice or did it come from a subliminal from your radiator?. 

What do you think that 2nd tone is used for – “speak thinking”.  If the signal to switch on your phone to handfree comes in to your phone you will not have any sign that your phone has become a microphone which completes the induction loop system in your home for listening in to your thoughts via, “speak thinking”.  This recording was made at an access point for a phone line.  There was no indication visually on the phone that the receiver was lifted.  An algorithm and software to translate the tonal modulation at the opposite end which could be miles away in another country will translate to hear your mind talking – “speak thinking”.

In silence the Truth shows itself.



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  1. And one more thing. I think I have all information about and I will publish it in english soon. I will mention this article if you dont mind.

    Btw. I found this article because I was looking on information about resonance and magnetic field :-).

  2. Hi. Thanks for your post. I dont believe, this post is from 2017 and nothing changed.

    Everything in this post is exactly what I had to deal with in recent years (and much more). Because of Gangstalking. (I am from Czechia)

    In other words – a group of dickheads using these methods to annoy until someone give up and commit suicide.

    It’s 2023 and lot of people are still trying to find answers. It looks nobody know nothing inmost cases.

    The same methods are using all over the world.

    U can find me on reddit if you want or visit my website thru translator.

    Hippies were right. It’s all about vibrations, man! 🙂

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