Sound Can Generate A Magnetic Field

If we add heat to it and hence a magnetic field can affect a sound signal because sound on heat generates a magnetic field.  But What!.  I thought what we know is that sound is sound, right? – just created by collisions of atoms in the air and the pressure waves created travels in air and gets to your ear drum and the membrane vibrates and if the frequency is right you hear a sound. Duh. So what is all this bullshit about sound being also a magnetic field and also they say that a sound wave can be created by heat and the wave is created because the atoms absorb the heat and the atoms vibrate faster and hence the heat is actually stored in this sound wave.  Come off it off this bullshit.  This is not what we are taught at school and this they say was only discovered in 2015.  Yeah, but when did we go to the moon? What Echo! 1961? and why did you not know that sound is also magnetic in character and also can store heat and also can generate a magnetic field around it when heat is applied to the material in which sound travels.

But you did not know that the oxygen you breathe has magnetic characteristics, did you?:

Back to sound.

A sound pressure wave through the air as we know it:






The scientist had to show this property of sound by applying heat to the conductor material.  First They had to introduce the phonon: This basically is just the displacement of the atom when heat is applied to it and it is this displacement that is propagated.  The phonon is the sound signal that is moving through space.  A pressure wave through space or a phonon through space when heated and phonons carry sound:

Phonons carry both sound and heat. In metals, heat is carried primarily by the movement of electrons in the atoms. However, in all other materials, heat is carried almost exclusively by the phonons.


Artist’s rendering of a phonon heating solid material. The phonon hits the center orange atom, which is attached to other atoms via spring-like bonds. The trail of the passing phonon is marked with increased magnetic field intensity, shown in green. Renee Ripley, The Ohio State UniversityCC BY-NC-ND



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