New Scientist Magazine on a roll on the mind

The quest with quantum physics is that: is there an intangible reality that we cannot see that is fixed and holding all of us together.  The question is can the mind work out what it is.  So, they come out of the woodwork and give their theories.  But there is one guy that says, hey, lets just say that there is no structure, nothing, and let’s see if our minds can work it out.

Hence the title of the article is: “Reality? It’s what you make it”.  

I don’t think he is saying that there is nothing but, hey, lets see if our minds can find out what it is.  Hence by the title he is saying that, it is what you you make of it.  That’s all and fine.  What he is saying is that it is experiential.  You make it what it is by your experiences of what you get in your mind of what it is and then finally come up with a big picture.  You know you are never going to get there with that big picture in this lifetime.  You might have to come back to add to what you already created from your last life.  I think that is why they invented reincarnation in their minds.  Also then is this why artist trying to find something “new” in their work just go around in circles just creating derivatives of the past in art because there are limitations in the mind that will not allow you to jump the fence and then see what is ahead that is totally new.  Hence like everything else, the frontline of art is slow as they take a lot from their past and add a little of the new to it to make it look slightly different and it progresses that way at snail’s pace.  

Perhaps Henri Matisse was trying to tell us something in his painting, “The Snail”

You can click on image to see detail.

The Snail 1953 Henri Matisse 1869-1954 Purchased with assistance from the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1962


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