Magnetic Modulations Funtenna


 I can pick up a radio station from my phone/internet line when I use an induction loop receiver to monitor the access point: 

This recording above is not with a radio but an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic field modulations at the access point for the phone/internet lines.  If I have this then I don’t really need a radio! Honestly. Sometimes the recordings coming in from the telegraph pole outside acting as an aerial overlap each other and it is fun listening as no 2 recordings will be the same. Then one day I heard a whining tone coming in and I thought where is that tone from and suddenly it dawned on me and it was from the double-decker bus outside passing by. I thought hey, I can actually know what is outside the home by just listening to these sounds from the phone access point. Then one day there is this other sound, like a short burst tone coming in. It was not like the whining tone from the bus but a distinct short burst of the tone. I thought for several days, listening to the magnetic modulations of the access point and where is this tone was from and what does it represent outside the home. It was like a CSI on my phone line. I also noticed that every time I used my landline phone and replaced the receiver after a call the tone would come a calling. I was listening to my phone access point all the time using an induction loop receiver that monitors magnetic modulations as there was music all day long and sometimes there was goggleegoogh, short voices, sentences which were difficult to know if it was a radio signal or a persons voice. Then there was the occasional short burst tone that puzzled me for days among all these radio signals coming in. The one day I heard “to know the mystical nothing”. I thought that was odd. It did seem to fit the sounds of the radio signals. You know when something like this happens, everything stops and the face becomes just a bit confused. Then there was that short burst tone again coming in and just by chance I lifted my landline phone receiver at that very moment and my handsfree option led light on my phone line lit up. What! I just realised that tone had switched on my microphone in my landline phone for a listen in. It was not so fun anymore.

This is the trace to switch on the phone microphone:

Below is the recording for the trace above: 

The landline phone microphone switched on completes the induction loop system of the living space.  It is not unlike all the induction loop systems around the cityscape. Imagine the electric train grids, especially the underground systems with the microphones at the station’s, acts like one huge induction loop system. Imagine the mind and body with its own magnetic field couples itself to this grid and its every movement embedded into this grid, like the bus passing outside one’s home.

These magnetic modulations around our living spaces create a synthetic consciousness around us that compete with the natural consciousness in the ether. Synthetic consciousness is really an amplified version of the natural in us. It is a 2-way bio-feedback system as it is with natural consciousness. These modern times, with the cityscape, we cannot tell the difference between the 2 systems as they work alongside each other. We don’t know the source which triggers our thinking if it is natural or synthetic.

Perhaps there is a reason why this phenomenon is showing itself now. It might be part of a larger transformation occurrence. It might be here to shape the things to come as it is an event of the mind. Perhaps it is part of the evolution of the mind:

Perhaps it is focusing on mindfulness and “conscious awareness” in the individual as it tries to cope with this phenomenon:

As the minds of people focus on this phenomenon they not only look for insights within themselves to understand their minds but their focus has now moved inwards rather than on external phenomena. Unknowingly, they are trying to understand themselves better with this intrusion to their minds and this happening of a synthetic consciousness in their midst competing with the natural in them. They are looking at this together as their minds move forward in unison. Many minds becoming ONE, looking together and they know that the natural in them is part of the natural laws of the Universe while the synthetic consciousness has an off switch connected to it.

Togetherness is increasing every day because of this enhanced external stimulus as the mind evolves to accommodate the intrusion:

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