Funtenna Reality, Seriously?

I am really proud of this article. It is as if the serpent has finally seen its tail and now knows what it looks like or a person has finally seen his mind and now knows what are its limitations.
What is a Funtenna hack? It is a hack that uses radio signals to transfer code to a gadget and then uses it to spy on the surroundings. Very interesting hack. What the embedded code does is it starts flipping the power supply at the pins of say the printer in your home and this flipping of the voltage generates a transmitter using the cables and which then transmits information via radio signals which is then intercepted and decoded. The code can also create ultrasound noises and other sounds by making the passive components to vibrate which are then played out and can act as subliminals in your home.
Remember that this code is transferred to your computer or printer or the appliances in your home, the power supply, your phone etc VIA A RADIO SIGNAL that is coming from outside your living space. Usually a listening device needs to be installed in the living space to act as a transmitter. This hack just converts everything and anything into a transmitter in your living space using a radio signal. Just like the signals that bring music from radio stations to your homes. It is the ultimate invasion of privacy and I will show you why it might even have embedded information about what you are thinking.
This video, watch it before it disappears, as all others about it I noticed have disappeared:
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