NSA Can Remotely See What You Are Thinking

I don’t know why NBC/Edward Snowden interview labelled this Gang Stalking as it is really about the ultimate surveillance method and that is of your thinking process.  So what are the implications for the Arts, where an artist is totally free to create what he wants?  The 21 century is dead to personal creativity and innovation.  If it was not for the humongous crap of an ultimate thing to design in a society by a government, I would actually say, bravo bravo and make me a cappuccino please and why would I say this: probably I was made to do so by this surveillance method that Snowden describes. What they can do with this software they have, is come into your home and see what you are writing on your computer, and then wait and watch what you are thinking and YES, they can see what you are thinking and then change your mind and make you write what they want you to write.

I discovered “speak thinking” because of the direct experience of this phenomenon in trying to find out how it works.  Of course, me being me, choose to explore more the spiritual side to this.  If this can be induced artificially then in nature it must be happening.  And hence developed a sensitivity to the intangible side of me.

Block diagram from a conversation between J krishnamurti and David Bohm:


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