Will avoiding daydreaming kill my creativity?

No, in fact, they go well together.

Can we also look at other aspects of the mind with this question?

So you can throw any coin into this well and see how it works.

Can we take on daydreaming and enlightenment and thinking and types of thinking all together at the same time? We give words for different aspects of the mind but they are all of the same flow of energy but just with different frequencies. If you could see it, it would all look alike apart but its parts vibrating at different frequencies and you would say hey, that is daydreaming and that is verbal thinking and this is visual/spatial thinking etc.

There is more than one way to say the same thing, so can we look at the whole body-mind thing in a different way to explain everything from daydreaming to enlightenment.

Can we start with the physical aspects of the body-mind to start with as we know these body-mind physical aspects will have more control over what the mind does?

This is a fact in us. This is how our brain is wired via the precuneus in the brain:

This is our centre in the body physically and also in the mind. Remember that this is how we are wired so there is no workaround over this aspect of the body-mind.

You can see we are wired to have a Default Mode Network. This means this is the resting phase of the system that is the body-mind. No matter what the body-mind is doing it returns to this mode when it is done working. It is like getting home after work and thinking it is good to be home – this is the default mode network. You can see it is part of the silent mind. When you meditate you spend most of your time here. This is where the “now” they speak off is located. The “now” is always here in the silent mind. Pictorial thinking is the baseline thinking process (also known as visual/spatial thinking). Your daydreaming, intuition, insights, samadhi and enlightenment all happen here in the silent mind.

These are the brain frequencies:

So you are getting a sense that “home” for the brain/mind is the silent mind. In whatever you do and after you are done the brain will always drift back “home” to the default mode.

So now you can throw any coin into this well and you can easily see how it works in its mind space.

Your question is about creativity and daydreaming. The mind has an action phase and a resting phase. The Dorsal Attention Network and the Default Mode Network. Creativity happens in both modes of the brain. Verbal thinking is where you spin an observation into an idea and this happens in the Dorsal Attention Network – it is when the mind is active, being creative, spinning an idea – the mind needs to have a conversation with itself using verbal thinking to figure out how to spin the observation into an idea. But there is also an integration process of new information generated in the creative process using verbal thinking, This integration takes place in the silent mind. It probably happens in the unconscious mind under the radar unknown to our minds and then probably stored in memory in the subconscious mind. During the daydreaming process, in the silent mind, you can see the results of the integration process rise to the surface for you to ponder on the results. So daydreaming is really part of the creative process. Creativity is of that mind space with verbal thinking and then of this silent mind space, visual/spatial thinking and daydreaming.

From the precuneus as the centre, you can radiate further and go look for what the fuss is all about the enlightenment process and what really is this thing we are chasing after called enlightenment.

You can drop any coin into this well and it will find its place for you to see.

The Road map of the thinking mind with the precuneus (Alpha frequency?) at its centre:

Working off the centre of the mind:


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