What I really look like?


This is what I really look like:


My eyes and my brain tell me this is what I look like: but bald.

I going to have a book out soon on growing hair from bald. It is about reversing the ageing process. I find that if you take one symptom of ageing and then try and reverse it by natural means, using supplements, scalp care and reversing the miniaturisation of the follicle hair cells on the scalp then I will also be reversing the ageing process of my whole body. I think we die too young at 100 if we are lucky, and would like to live till I am 120 or 150 if I can, but still healthy in body as if I am in my 40’s. I am having some success in reversing miniaturisation of follicular cells on my head and it is not an impossible task. 


The lesson to learn here is to maintain a healthy scalp while you still have all your hair as to reverse the miniaturisation of follicle cells is a long process. Opening the pores up in the scalp is already a tedious process once they are covered over by skin, then reversing the size of the cells takes about 2 years etc. The follicular cells on the scalp never die off but they are reduced in size and get covered over by skin and this is why reversal is possible. You study the ageing process and find out which essential vitamins the body stops producing and then replacing them from an external source. 

I think the majority of life with us is a dying process. I think we start dying from about 35 to 40 years of age. Metabolic functions start winding down and the body is essentially killing us off slowly. Older cells in the body start accumulating in the body and they start signalling to the immune cells to start killing off the host. Then it is a cancerous diseased end. 

Kill off and flush out your older zombie cells before they turn on you. That is what science is telling us. They, the scientists say, it can add about 30 years to one’s life span. They are already testing the process on humans. Some very elderly ones who are soon going to end their days. They are finding some good results where they start to have more mobility and start taking walks. 

Take an ageing symptom and reverse it? I hope to get about 30 years out of this experiment. I am working on some spooky ways to get rid of all these old zombie cells in my body before they turn on me. I hope I will get enough years added to my life to get that book out to you.

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