The mind in the presence of pure consciousness.

You mean what is it like for the mind to be in a state and in the presence of pure consciousness. 

There is a baseline to everything and the baseline to our mind is consciousness. It is the energy force that carries everything that our mind does. Thinking, being, emotions, reactions in the mind to stimuli, whatever that happens in the mind happens on top of consciousness.

So what is it like to be in a mind where all thinking has ended and there is only consciousness and self-awareness and being is still in existence for you to feels what is it like to be just in the presence of pure consciousness?

Remember that the energy field of consciousness is also part of the Universe, This field in the Universe is interacting with the brain and to allow thinking of the mind of the individual to operate on top of this energy field. If the umbilical cord between consciousness and the spark that consciousness creates by interacting with the brain is broken then the individual goes blank in the mind with no memory of where he has been when one’s mind comes back. So you see the mind has an end to it. This link of consciousness with the brain can be broken by using the process of meditation. So you see it is not easy for the mind to be in the presence of just consciousness. There is deliberate effort involved in getting there and when you get there in mind it is difficult to maintain that presence of pure consciousness in mind.

This is how the Buddha found enlightenment. When he was at the cusp of being in the presence of pure consciousness, his mind disappeared and when he came back in mind with no memory of where he had been he realised that life was, “a dream of existence”. It was all made up in his mind, like a picture show.

Then in Buddhism, he created teachings that showed the movement of the mind and it is demonstrated in this illustration below:


So when you ask the question what is it like to be in the presence of pure consciousness when all thinking in the mind has stopped and all action and movement in the mind has stopped, then you are really asking the question of what does it feel like to be in the presence of the whole Universe and with all the energies that are in the Universe and in presence of the being of the Universe with its natural laws with reference to being in the body and the mind. That is what you are asking, right.

Remember that when all your thinking in the mind has stopped, your personality has pretty much died by then. You would have no memory of your personality. You would just be in the presence of the Universe. I have crossed this line where the mind has crossed over to the other side and came back with no memory of where I have been and there are no fireworks.

The mind just slips from being at peace and of no memory of the lower self, into nothingness and no mind and memory. But when the mind comes back, there is this awe of having this experience to see the mind disappear and to have experienced it and you know life is going to be different after this experience. Then you are excited is discovering how this happened and to explore all the mind spaces in the body-mind, from the noisy chaotic frontline thinking mind to the silent mind and into the state of no mind. Then you settle into the best mind space you would like to be in and spend most of your time in that space. I chose to be most of my time in the silent mind with no verbal thinking at all in myself unless I have something practical to do. When I am wasting my time in psychological thinking, an alarm bell goes in my mind and I stopped being stupid thinking in my mind about this and that, recalling situations I have been in etc. But in the silent mind, there is only pictorial thinking and self-awareness or observation with the 5 senses, but I don’t take on what i observe and turn them into lies or illusions in my head – they call this psychological thinking. Might as well call it getting mad thinking for nothing and it is a waste of time as it is just creating lies or illusions in your mind and if you do not know it is all made up by the mind, an illusion there is the danger of you making all those lies in your head real and using it like it was real.

So that is what you get by crossing the line in the mind, from yourself and into the Universal Mind.

Crossing the line:

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