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Does it exist?


Thank you, very nice answer.

One question about it, by verbalization you mean engaging in thoughts? Sort of the mental linear cause and effect lines of thought?


Yes and No; to think we need to silently self-talk what we are thinking. It is as if the brain has to hear us to know what we want to think so it can process our thoughts. If you don’t simultaneously self-talk what you are thinking then you will find you cannot think at all. I think this was why the mantra was introduced in meditation to distract one from the self-talk. You can notice the slight flutter of the vocal cords. A sense of a sound in the chest cavity. It is also with reading you need to silently self-talk to comprehend what you are reading. If you see this you can use this anomaly to bring on a silent mind instantly. very useful to keep thoughts away from the mind all day long. This type of thinking is the only type of thinking that can take a fact or an observation and spin it into an idea or an illusion. Pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking are only observational forms of thinking. It cannot interact with information and spin it into an idea. When I realised this I tried to find if others have come across this or not, not many but this site might suggest this was true. Can you look at this link of mine in quora which has a link in there that suggest this observation is true? Siri Perera’s answer to What are some ways to broaden your thinking ability? 

 Here is more proof that verbal thinking is real:


Quantum Consciousness Theorist & Researcher

“My research involves a theory of consciousness which can bridge these two approaches, a theory developed over the past 20 years with eminent British physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Called ‘orchestrated objective reduction’ (‘Orch OR’), it suggests consciousness arises from quantum vibrations in protein polymers called microtubules inside the brain’s neurons, vibrations which interfere, ‘collapse’ and resonate across scale, control neuronal firings, generate consciousness, and connect ultimately to ‘deeper order’ ripples in spacetime geometry. Consciousness is more like music than computation.”

Overview by SH | Quantum Consciousness

 I am convinced that our frontline thinking process is not this mysterious chemical brain process but is actually a silent version of speaking aloud. The brain needs to hear what you want to think before it can process its thoughts. So you silently simultaneously self-talk what you want to think. The flutter of the vocal cords is so subtle that it does not expose how thinking actually works.

Having said that perhaps the real bombshell is that our memory itself is stored in the ether within the fabric of the Universe. The brain possibly has nothing to do with thinking itself but is just a receiver or an intermediary for processed information that happens in the ether or the space around you. You notice that thinking starts with a question asked though silently spoken it might be, and the solution processed in the ether and returned to the brain via consciousness and thinking is quietly pictorial or intuitive with no sub vocal verbalisation. You will notice under meditative silence, there is a kind of intuitive communication with another that is not the self. This could be either its local memory in the ether or the Universal Mind.

Is this a possible pathway for thinking:  Subvocal verbal thinking to start off a train of thoughts and silent pictorial intuitive thinking as feedback from the ether and consciousness after processing the question.

Remember that when you are in the presence of the noisy, personality-driven, verbal thinking mind you won’t see or sense the subtleness or details of this pathway. Only in the silent mind, you will see it laid out for you to observe its workings. As soon as you stop verbalising your thoughts frontline thinking stops, the mind becomes silent and pictorial intuitive thinking takes over. There is still an intention in mind to communicate with the greater Universal Mind. An Intention in mind, I sense, is still a form of subtle verbal thinking process in the quiet zone of the mind. To communicate with the ether one needs to verbalise one’s thoughts. I am certain of this. It seems that sound and vibration is the only way for us to communicate with the greater Mind but for nature to communicate with us silence is all it needs as in intuitive thinking. All nature needs are its energies to create a pattern in our brains for us to sense what it is thinking or saying. If there was a high magnetic field trying to communicate with you the experience would be similar to it. Scientists, working on what is consciousness, have been using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to find that certain parts of the brain light up when it is stimulated with a magnetic field.  


Accessing the Akashic Records, Sadhguru.


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