Where was the thought before we thought it?

Thinking in us is initiated by us. Except for insight which is out of nothingness in the unmanifested quantum field which holds everything that is “new” that was discovered by us.

What do I mean by thinking is initiated by us?

There are 2 main forms of thinking in us:

Verbal thinking and pictorial thinking or image-making in the mind.

This illustration above tells you were where the 2 main thinking processes are located.

Verbal thinking in the chaotic noisy frontline thinking mind

When verbal thinking stops then the silent mind ensues.

So what do I mean that thinking is initiated by you yourself. This is what happens in verbal thinking. In verbal thinking, you silently simultaneously have to verbalise your thoughts for you to have to think at all. This type of thinking came about when language was developed in us. Why do you have to verbalise your thoughts. It is so the brain can hear what you want to think so it can process your thoughts. This is exactly what happens when you speak aloud in conversation with another. Language arrived and thinking is also silently you having a conversation with yourself. But the silent thinking conversation with yourself is initiated by the same way that a loud conversation with another is initiated, with curiosity and observation a question is asked, like in Quora, and an answer is created. The source of verbal thinking is you yourself.

What about pictorial thinking; image-making. This is information that is rising from your subconscious mind which is saved in memory for you. The stuff that is hidden from you when you are preoccupied in the frontline verbal thinking mind. When the silent mind ensues when verbal thinking stops the subconscious mind rises and thoughts and deeds from the past rises in images in the mind and start to bother you. Within the context of Indian literature, they call these images rising, Samskaras.

The source of thinking from verbal thinking you can easily stop because the source of the anomaly requires the use of your vocal cords. If you consciously watch the flutter of your vocal cords and keep it silent then verbal thinking is dead in its tracks but in the silent mind pictorial thinking is much more difficult to stop and only by one coming to terms with your past will the subconscious mind be subdued. So you can now also see why the mantra is used in cross-legged meditation – to distract you from verbal and pictorial thinking until all thinking stops during a deep and sustained meditation process. This allows the mind to explore its mind spaces. The whole spectrum of it, up and down the road map of the thinking mind until you have full control over your thinking mind.

There is a baseline to most of the processes in you, in the mind and also in the metabolic processes in the body. If you can discover them and use them to have a better understanding and control over the body-mind.

When you get to the ends of your mind in the road map of the mind when all thinking in your have stopped, and where time in mind has come to a standstill, where memory is lost with no action in mind anymore, you will be in the presence of the infrastructure of the universe and of pure consciousness itself, then you can add Universe to your body-mind-universe.

Insight is the only trigger for the thought process which is no initiated by you. It comes from the ether of the unmanifested world of probabilities and possibilities of the quantum world where everything you will ever know exists. The evolutionary process and the future is driven by the insights you get from the unmanifested quantum field.

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