Are we using 100% of our brain

It’s been said that you use whatever %age of your brain which your task in mind calls for; 20%, 30% 45% etc. But is 100% available to you?


Your mind only accesses what you already know. It cannot call for what it does not see, can it? So the idea here is opening up the rest of the unseen, or intangible side to you so your mind can have access to it and in that way, you open up the full potential of yourself and your minds full potential.

The personality-based self-talking mind has its limitations. It can only work off its experiential past in you. Because it is not fully exposed to its unseen side its thinking is still within itself. Nothing “new” comes from an old pattern which you use to solve a problem.

Opening up the mind is first experiencing its limitations. Has the world created anything new lately, in the past 200 years? It has mainly taken off nature and its natural laws and amplified them and added it to the infrastructure of your living space. Everything is coming off nature. It is “inventing” off an existing pattern. Have you noticed that the infrastructure of our living space is very much like the workings of our brains? You want to know what is wrong with society at the moment then look at what is wrong with the minds which created it. One thing is very clear that society is just as chaotic as the frontline thinking mind. How can a chaotic mind create a society that is stable? It is fragmented as it only sees in parts and without the whole in mind. With this chaos in mind and its fragmented nature, it tries to create a society for us to live in. Society will be fragmented and chaotic.

So why are our minds limited in what it can do? Where is this coming from but from the frontline thinking process of the personality-driven verbal thinking mind? So what is wrong with this type of thinking and in what way is it limited.

How can the mind open up to the rest of the Universe? and to its unseen side of things.

Stop verbal thinking and the rest of your mind opens up:

The Buddhist have a name for these type of people who’s minds have opened up to use 100% of their brain:

Buddha was one. I gather he told his disciples not to call him a Buddha anymore but rather to call him a Tathagata. People who know the tangible and also see the unseen side to them: A Tathagata.

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