What aspects are always true to you?

A fact, unchanging, omnipresent always true.

I thought I look up the definition and wohooo, I had to step back as I got a whole book on what is a fact:

“In science, a fact is a repeatable careful observation or measurement (by experimentation or other means), also called empirical evidence. … In the most basic sense, a scientific fact is an objective and verifiable observation, in contrast with a hypothesis or theory, which is intended to explain or interpret facts.” Fact – Wikipedia

Let us try and stay practical and let’s see what the mind would consider a fact. If we can recognise facts then we can navigate ourselves through life a lot easier and reason things out correctly by just following the facts.

This is the road map of our mind. This is a fact. Why, because we know this is how we think.

The big picture of the illustration above of the thinking mind.

Notice that there are 2 mains parts to thinking:

-There is the verbal thinking part and there is the silent mind part – fact check – true.

-Notice also that the 3 processes of thinking and meditation and sleep all follow the same path in the mind – fact.

-Notice the frequencies which the mind uses for these 3 processes, from concentration and sleep all the same – possible fact.

-If you stop the verbal thinking mind then the silent mind ensues – fact.

When you sleep you go from an excited state of mind to a point where there is literally no-mind or thoughts anymore and one disappears into an abyss and the thinking mind stops – fact.

-The same process happens in the mind when is in deep cross-legged meditation when the mind disappears with no memory of where it has been until it returns in mind and does not know where one had been. Hence the thinking mind has an end to it- fact.

-What is verbal thinking? It is when one has to silently self-talk what one intends to think so one can think at all. If you don’t simultaneously self-talk what you are thinking then you cannot think and the mind goes silent – fact. This is a surprising fact! It is a great way to bring on the silent mind.

-The verbal thinking mind is a chaotic mind – fact.

-The verbal thinking mind is the creator of the subjective experience in you. It is the creator of the Lie in the Truth that is you. It is the creator of the non-fact in the fact that is you. It hence is responsible for duality in the mind of society. The Truth and the Lie in the Mind. The creator of the lower self, the personality as to the higher Self, the Mind working with the Universal Mind. – fact

-The verbal thinking mind operates at higher frequencies compared to the silent mind – fact.

-There is no self-talk in the silent mind when it is thinking. It is only an observational thinking process. It is a kind of pictorial thinking or image-making process in the silent mind and lots of it is coming from the subconscious mind when it starts to rise in the absence of the verbal thinking mind. There is no spinning of information to turn it into a Lie in you, in the silent mind. This cannot happen in a silent mind. It is important you recognise this as so you know that no new lies are created in memory when you are living with the silent mind. This does not mean some old lies in memory previously created by the verbal thinking mind might not rise up in mind and bother you again with some pictorial images. But you cannot make new lies in the silent mind. Only self-talk thinking or verbal thinking can do this. Verbal thinking the creator of the Lie in you. – fact

We all have a pattern of a combination of verbal thinking and pictorial thinking – fact

It is possible we are all not the same in mind as the permutation for this pattern is many.- possible fact.

-The processes of pictorial thinking and verbal thinking is separated by the 2 halves of the brain hemispheres. So when you switch mind spaces you are also switching brain hemispheres. – fact

Remember these are all gem-facts of the mind.

A fact, unchanging, omnipresent always true.

Let us get to the part of the Universe part of the mind.

A hypothesis is an explanation put forward to explain the infrastructure of the Universe. This is what the scientists are saying what the infrastructure of the Universe might look like:

When you put the illustration of the mind over this “fact” above it will look like this below. So we are just a sliver of the Universe and part of the infrastructure of the Universe – fact. A very strong possible fact.

Then they say every particle everything in the Universe from a quantum particle to a grain of dust, to a rock and to the mind-body of a living entity, to the planet and the stars in the cosmos all have a torus spinning over it and this is how it communicates to the rest of the Universe. It maintains the balance of the Universe by having an interacting feedback mechanism with the WHOLE and in that way balance is maintained.

The torus around the mind-body.

The torus over the Universe:


Resonance Science Foundation – Explore the Connected Universe

The mind – own experiential data illustrated and confirmation from backup information by the mystics of the past.

Follow the facts and stay connected to the Universe in anything one does.

Create your own wormhole into the Universe:

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