What is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti?


“Choiceless Awareness”

To watch without the “me” in it.

This will transform you instantly if you “see” it.

Watching without the “me” in it.

I want to try and show you this by using the road map of the thinking mind. But remember I am not here to confuse you. Krishnamurti explains it so it all sits naturally in you. You are all that you are and now be aware of what is it you observe about yourself and when you see without your experiences and your past in that looking, or your personality in that looking, then in that instant you see the chaos you have been causing to yourself and adding the chaos to the world, as a result, then in that instant, you are free of it. Remember you are not reasoning it out in your mind because reasoning it out needs the “me” in you. You are just watching “what is” without the “me”. And as soon as you “see” it then you are free of it. That is how it works. Personality is just not only a lie/illusion in you, but it also gets in the way of all perception and creates more lies in you. Out of these illusions comes Chaos in both yourself and it is your own personal contribution you add to the world.

The road map is just a prop to help you get into the right frame of mind to be able to “see” without the “me” in it. It might help when you “see” how to come to “see” without the “you” in it.

“Choiceless Awareness” takes some effort. It is not that easy to get rid of the “me” if you do not know where the “me” is created and how much of it is also hidden in the subconscious mind.

There is no method, but how can you instantly “see” the chaos that the mind creates for your own self and also for the world.

You can help yourself get there by first stopping verbalising your thoughts in verbal thinking. Stop verbal thinking and the silent mind ensues. This is going to help you millions because instantly you get the “choiceless awareness” mind but then hidden in your silent mind, the subconscious mind rises and hidden in it are your Samskaras (your past and deeds) which will start to rise when the cap of verbal thinking is taken away.

When you let the “me” completely die down in you then perhaps you might be ready for an easy listening “choiceless awareness” Truth of Things.

Don’t look at this as a method as it might be possible to be done in an instant. When you recognise the “me” in your sense of “choiceless awareness” in the silent mind, and how it might be clouding your sense of “seeing” then you can put it away in your mind. You make your own brew in your mind so you can use it comfortably. But you know what is required of you to get to the state of “choiceless awareness”.

Then when you see how the mind and thinking are responsible for all the chaos then it can be the beginning of a better world we live in.

The importance of Jiddu Krishnamurti to know “what is”.

Understanding Krishnamurti by using the Road Map of the Thinking Mind.


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