Phonological loop

It is amazing how at times science can come around and back up an observation that one might have.

I observed a few thinks of the mind which might look subjective and odd at the time but you register them and wonder if it is true or not and if it’s true then there are consequences as a result. Consequences that we might not realise at the time until it starts to dawn on oneself.

The phonological loop is used as a reminder for the brain to remember things like names etc. It keeps repeating the reminder by sub-vocalising (silently speaking) as a reminder. What I found when researching this is that the brain only understands sound. Even visual image is converted to sound first and stored. So when the sound is played back one sees the image. The subvocal repetition cannot be the spoken word but must be just a tonal modulating version of it as that is the nature of subvocal speech. So if thinking itself is subvocal speech first it is not a surprise now because that is all the brain understands – sound.
Let’s see how this paragraph pans out with the rest of the article below.
Take these observations of mine for example:
– To comprehend what we read is easier if we also silently have to speak what we are reading. If fact comprehension is almost impossible if we don’t also sub-vocalise what we are reading.
– Then there is this: That verbal thinking is also in itself sub-vocal speech. We use verbal thinking to spin ideas into shape. It is the preferential process of creative thought. This is the anomaly that can be used to our advantage if this is true and that is we cannot think if we do not also silently speak what we want to think. We can use this to instantly bring on a silent mind making the Samadhi experience a lot easier to understand and also maintain. Samadhi is not only about the silent mind, of course, but also about experiencing the other mind spaces in us and also experiencing the higher states of being coupled with the Universal Mind.

One can see that this is what one would call a spiritual observational experience. When one looks at it in totality, one can see that the basis of all these processes is sound first.  Even verbal personality thinking is sound first. There are other forms of thinking like pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking. These are just words of how the mind can function in other ways. Pictorial thinking and intuitive thinking does not require sound to work: they are both observational forms of thinking. These forms of thinking cannot spin an idea into shape. They can only observe what arises from the repository of the mind in picture form in the mind as in psychological thinking creating anxiety and shenanigans and in the case of intuitive thinking, it seems the vehicle for our aha insight moments. We can speculate that these only happen when the mind is silent and insights are in response to being connected to the Cosmic repository.

So let’s look at what the scientist are telling us:

Anything the body hears in sound, external speech or internal subvocal speech, the mind codes the sound and stores it.

The reason for the phonological loop is so that the mind is continually reminding itself of what it just heard so it remembers it. You can see that it does it by silent subvocal speech. These silent subvocal speeches can be just a slight flutter of the vocal cords and take some observation to see that they are present.

The vocal cords would vibrate and the sound would reverberate in the chest cavity and the brain would get to hear it. Remember these inner sounds do not have the mouth and tongue to mould them into proper words and my guess they would sound like tonal modulations but look like the brain can understand them.

The central executive is the boss controlling all the mental processes.

 The visuo-spatial sketchpad is the component of working memory that processes visual information (the visual cache) and spatial information (the inner scribe). 

 Here it also suggests that the visual images are converted back to sound before it is stored in the phonological store. It is amazing that it is all about sound in our mind and body such that even the visuals are coded back to sound so that it can be stored in the phonological store or sound-store.

Phonological store– spoken words can go directly into the store and it holds the information for 1-2 seconds. If the information is not in the form of speech, it must be converted into an articulatory code before it can be transferred into the store.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘inner ear’ because it requires spoken words

Articulatory control process– used in speech production to rehearse information over and over from the phonological store in order to keep the information in your mind. Its function is to convert written material into an articulatory code so that it can enter the phonological store. 

Sometimes referred to as the ‘inner voice’ because it is constantly rehearsing and repeating 

Here it even suggests that the written word is converted into sound before it is stored and it is called the “inner voice” is probably because we also silent speak what we write so the brain know what we are writing.

Sound and vibrations seem like a very big part of how the brain operates. Some aspects of thinking have a sound aspect to it. Even the written word is accompanied by sound so the brain can understand the word. All visuals are coded back to sound and stored. What’s with this and sound with everything.

There are implications if it is sound with everything in body and mind. Does it mean that if sound is the basis of everything in the mind and body then dreams can be induced by sending a subliminal sound signal to trigger an experiential visual experience that has been stored in the phonological store as sound? Our dreams and lucid dreaming can all be externally induced and since the mind by the looks of things can understand tonal modulations then the subliminal signal can come in unnoticed while asleep to trigger dreams and dreams, not of our own making can be considered covert mind manipulation and altering perception while asleep.

This next concern is even more worrying. Inducing and changing perception via a tonal modulation coming to one via ones living space infrastructure via the electrical hum and through the appliances at home, and through the city infrastructure. The whole city buzzing to a subliminal tonal tune. Is your computer buzzing while you read this. Can you read that buzz and is it trying to tell you something. Even if it goes past you unnoticed remember your brain will be ready to receive it and you have seen from above that it would have no problem deciphering the message and would come through to you via induced thinking which can generate emotion and creating anxiety and fear and none of it intended by you. The Subliminals coming in will do so as in the phonological loop – a repeated reminder until it gets through. When it is repeated the thought does not get away from your mind as in psychological thinking. It acts as a reminder and does its job. Long sentences don’t work with this loop and in fact, even long words have difficulty coping with this loop as you can see in the references below. Remember that the brain knows to read tonal modulations even if you don’t. If you know and start watching your mind one can start to have better control over one’s mind.

The phenomenon if used negatively can be a hindrance but if used correctly they can act as a good reinforcement tool for education and revision purposes for exams or for learning a language. They run in the background while you go about your daily activity. You can find a lot of these subliminal programs using headphones for reinforcements purposes but these negative subliminals come off the ether from the infrastructure of your living space. They form part of the synthetic consciousness and run alongside the natural consciousness of the universe.

One can have subliminals coming into the home via your phone lines and internet lines via radio signals while the infrastructure outside your home act as aerials. This is how the subliminal tonal modulations can show up in your appliances around one’s home and the electrical infrastructure:

This is a damming report of what has become a global issue to control our minds and how we perceive things and how to get us to vote, make us buy stuff we do not need and what else you can think about and it is all coming in under the radar and our minds are willingly acceptable to all these covert shenanigans: 

‘Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak ‘shows global manipulation is out of control’

 Company’s work in 68 countries laid bare with release of more than 100,000 documents 

 “The documents reveal a much clearer idea of what actually happened in the 2016 US presidential election, which has a huge bearing on what will happen in 2020. It’s the same people involved who we know are building on these same techniques,” she said. 

Finally, if frontline thinking is sound first, then can it be heard by others by the mind and body coupling with the infrastructure of the living space.

A question of we tell you how to vote and followed by we know how you voted? big data collection. 


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