Darkness Visible

The dream of existence.

“I think whatever angle you view life from, Mind and Consciousness are the greatest mysteries of human nature; there also lies Man’s greatest potential.”

Everything arises and disappears in the mind.

It is interesting that the world around us is very complex but all are created by the mind. There is a very simple process in the mind that can go from something to nothing and the mind can make something for you or nothing for you and none of it is real, just an illusion in the mind. They call it the “dream of existence”. It is a very tangible process. You can experience this dream in meditation as it is, and then watch it disappear while still awake. In sleep, you are either asleep or awake.

All one’s “problems”, be it creative or psychological, can be understood from this baseline in the mind. The mind first has to experience these different mind spaces either through meditation or through the different thinking processes to see how these mind spaces appear and experience it and live in it for a while. The silent mind can be experienced by eliminating verbal thinking etc. Watch the mind disappear at the end of meditation while still awake. Everything one is and whatever one creates, comes out of this dream of existence. Comes out of this pattern in the mind. 

Even all one’s luck, it seems, comes out of this pattern in the mind, as the unseen in oneself opens up to the Universal Mind there is more potential for luck in you to arise as possibilities.

Hence, is a “new mind” coming forth in the horizon?

“Krishnamurti points out that the present crisis is not just what we perceive outwardly in society; it really lies in the unconscious, deep within oneself. So what is required is not more knowledge or more collective action, but a totally new mind. And that is needed, says Krishnamurti, ‘to deal not only with the everlasting but also with the immediate problems of existence’. It is important to see the urgency of having such a mind now and not wait for time to bring it about. The new mind is not merely logical or intellectual; rather, it is a mind that is completely free of all its old patterns and has, therefore, the quality of stillness, love, and compassion. ‘What the world needs is compassion, not schemes. And compassion is the very nature of the new mind. Because the new mind is the unknown mind, it is not to be measured by the known,’ says Krishnamurti.” 


Compassion does not emerge from the thinking mind. The thinking mind can pretend to be compassionate. Compassion only arises when indifference, its opposite, disappears from the mind.


Love does not emerge from the thinking mind. The thinking mind can pretend to be loving with a motive in mind. Love only arises when hate, its opposite, disappears from the mind.


Love and compassion only exists in the silent mind, when the thinking mind ceases to be.


Man’s greatest potential is his mind, yet we know nothing of it or the powers latent in the mind because we spend all our time elsewhere.

Making darkness visible.

30 December 2019


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