New mind and a New way of thinking

1st January 2020.

I think one can go insane trying to explain to people that thinking cannot solve any of these questions of what is reality until one sees that the “dream of existence” is just an illusion of the mind. The Truth really is just there right in front of oneself. There is a reason why the mystics head for the hills and stay away from the majority of the population. If you cannot see this phenomenon of the mind then they just cannot be bothered with you. So the ones that really want to know about reality after they have gone around in circles thinking about it and gone mad in the process while still awake and living will need to head to the mountains to find out. When they get there they find these guys all sitting cross-legged and with their eyes closed and meditating and you cannot talk to them and when you do talk to them you find it is all gibberish.

You might think that they care for you and that they are there to explain it all to you, but they are not bothered. They expect you to find it out for yourself. You just have to do what they are doing. In meditation, you will find your reality go from an active state of over-thinking and creativity and into silence in mind where all thinking disappears and the longer you stay in this space you will find it goes into a no-mind state. If you still persist in this mind space – your reality in mind disappears altogether. So you know from this you can create a reality in mind that abounds with activity and which can also go to nothing at all.

These guys in the Himalayas drop their perpetual verbal thinking minds so they can experience their silent Cosmic Mind. You are part of that vast Cosmos. The same energy field. It is considered by them to be their True Self. Their lower, small-s-self they say is their perpetual verbal thinking mind. It is a lie in you. An Illusion. The personality mind made from one’s experiences and excessive thinking without getting out of the loop of perpetual thinking.

 So when you see all this and experience it all then you draw something like this: 

1st January 2020, a new beginning for a new mind and a new way of thinking.


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