Natural selection is natural eugenics?

Natural selection is natural eugenics. The human species has never created anything new but rather they always had the habit of taking from nature and amplifying the natural process and using it. The progress from natural selection to eugenics is just a natural progression from the mind of the human species. All they did was changed the name from natural selection and created a new word called eugenics.

The mind of humans is great at doing this, taking a fact and spinning it in their minds to something else. The frontline of thinking or verbal thinking is a great spinner for this type of thinking and has been specially created for us to do this type of thing. Everything we see around us comes from this type of thinking: the infrastructure that we live in was created this way: from a fact in our mind to a lie or an illusion is manifested in front of us. The financial infrastructure even more ephemeral, unstable and a construct of the mind. And eugenics another construct of the mind.

But what we are looking at now is that the process of natural selection and the natural creation of the root races already created and the ones to come about ahead of us is all part of the process of natural selection. We are today part of the 5th root race. There are 4 of them behind us. We have naturally changed through this beyond recognition from the previous ones and is here today, here right now as a new entity. We were only recently clever enough to send someone to the moon. Natural eugenics all the ways all these years up to here today.

One can easily see that up to now what we were good for or our minds were good for was to take from nature and amplify to create this environment for us and with it continue onwards and forwards and fine-tuning its new discoveries and the process of evolution continues. This cannot be stopped like eugenics can be stopped. Anything that is the construct of the mind is an illusion created by first our minds and then manifested and can be stopped in its tracks, destroyed and naturally with time come to an end.

So what can we expect towards the end of this coming root race? Let us just look at the scenarios. What have we done for ourself so far and if we take all this that has happened as that which was meant to happen and then we can predict from it was is expected of it for the making of the future?

What have we done so far that is substantial enough to make changes to how we continue to live. The biggest and greatest natural machine that we have is sitting on our shoulders: our brain. The driving force behind this is our thinking and perception. What have we done so far with our thinking and perception that is going to drive onwards the next phase? Whatever is standing now on the counter that will be able to change our perception of things in our inventions so far that can alter our perceptions and thinking is to yet again take on the natural in our environment and duplicate it and amplify it and counter the effects of natural selection and replace it with a kind of artificial consciousness and hence starts the beginning of the next phase of artificial intelligence. Natural selection is subdued by the process of amplification of the natural.

The 6th root-race will really be the life of the machine and artificial consciousness that will be the controller. Our minds had evolved enough, first gradually through the many years for us to understand the whole and what that ONE with all meant and then do what they have always been doing to amplify and recreate the same and find a way to use it.

If you think of it what is the best way to see the unseen in you is through amplification of the natural to see how you work. We now proceed in the evolution of the mind without any feedback from Brahman, the universal mind as its intuitive voice has been drowned out by the artificial voice of the machine:

16th October 2019

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