Can the Self be both Individual and Universal?

Yes, but we can separate the different mind spaces of the self, and see each mind space for what it is and for what they can do and then see if they can all work together at the same time, or not?

When the individual uses verbal thinking to spin a fact out into an idea then one is being individual. Personality is created by this same process and we are all individual in that way. Subjectivity has an individual element to it as we like and see and perceive according to our own past experiences. Creative thinking comes under the umbrella of verbal thinking – initially seeing a fact and spinning it into an idea and manifesting it and presenting it to an audience. Basically all made up stuff by the mind.

All the above is different from facts. Facts are part of the Truth of things. Natural law emphasises the Truth compared to the “lie” or illusion that is created in us by verbal thinking. We need to know and see that this is this and that is that. Not so much as one is worse than the other. When you see the difference one can see how when you take a whole bunch of illusions and put them together and then live in it there might just be a tipping point to this house of cards. One cannot create a life around a set of lies both externally and also in one’s mind. Something just does not feel right about me making this claim or being dogmatic about it, but also the statement about the illusions created in our mind and then making them real and calling it the real reality of things also seems the right thing to call out as a lie and that is they are just illusions and not real and everything that is made from this lie in us will always be a ? and what will the consequences be of living in such a living space?

So how does one get around this: find a space in one’s mind that thinks differently. The mind has a sliding scale of mind-spaces. Find one that thinks differently and which does not create illusions. Slip and slide until you find a space to work from the diagram below.

If you stop silently speaking what you are thinking in verbal thinking the mind then slips past a barrier and into the silent mind state of thinking.

There is a further sliding scale of silent intuitive thinking. Find one where you are happy to work from where you will only deal with facts from the repository of the Universal Mind or it feels like it initially and then with time might find this to be true and one is only dealing with the Truth and the facts of Truth. The longer you spend in these silent thinking mind spaces one can access what you are been given by IT and how your solutions and projects turn out by trusting ITS judgements. You get the facts from the repository and then slide back to verbal thinking and spin it into an idea and look at it. Is it Kosher or not and return to the silent intuitive mind and with the silent intention of mind ask the repository for feedback and perhaps you might get some new insight from it or new information and then back again to the spinner with verbal thinking and add to it and spin it again to create a bigger picture. With constant feedback from the repository of facts and natural laws of things guiding how could one go wrong with what is manifested.

When one puts all the above together as a whole from the creative noisy mind of creative verbal thinking to the silent intuitive mind working together with consciousness and the “intelligence” of the universe how can one go wrong in anything one does.

Explore the mind and see what you can find. Once you cross the barrier of verbal thinking the rest of the silent mind spaces is discovered only by “being” and inner observation with conscious awareness. It is that easy. Only by doing will the experience get embedded in you and become normal and permanent. You have to go there yourself. Then with time everything also changes in your body. We know from epigenetics the body can change with your habits. New DNA switches are switched on and off in your DNA template to incorporate your new mind and new way of thinking and I think that is how one gets accustomed to the “new” in you. Then your inherent latent powers start to show up with this new silent mind and the new way of thinking.

One has to fine-tune and discover the present thinking mind. No more chit chat of this and that type of thinking. This is a doing thing. The advent of the silent mind is easy peasy when one sees the mechanics of verbal thinking. No need for cross-legged meditation to bring on the silent mind.

Do you want to argue with Ramana Maharshi? Get rid of your thoughts and you will see the rest manifest itself with no effort on your part. In the silent mind state, you only need conscious awareness for the rest to come into plain sight in your mind’s eye. It is an effortless process of just “being”.

Quora will show you how the rest comes about: Marvin Glover

Science is starting to look at consciousness in a serious way: Nassim Haramein

Look at this for how the brain couples with consciousness when you have the time:…

The mystics of the past had the experience of meeting the Truth upfront. They came face to face with the “intelligence” of the universe and felt IT and described it. Now the scientists are using their Laboratories to show you how the brain couples with consciousness and hence couples you with the rest of the universe. We are all connected to the universe via consciousness and hence is ONE. If the scientists are not helping us with this then it would have been through the faith of mind to convince us this is happening but now we are at the cusp of seeing how this happens.

Individual mind

Universal Mind.

The thinking mind: memory might not be in the brain but cocooned in the Universal Mind.

End verbal thinking to create a silent mind.

Consciously be aware of the intuitive wave

I feel that pictorial thinking is also riding the intuitive wave.

Finally only the presence of a “sense of knowing” in conversation with the “intelligence” of the Universal Mind via a silent “intention” in our mind.

Thinking mind spaces:

29 September 2019

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