Why Inner Voice Constantly Nag Us?

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One is actually nagging oneself with silent self-talk. Verbal thinking is a type of thinking where one has to silently self-talk what one is thinking for one to have to think at all. Some call it psychological thinking. If one wants to stop oneself nagging oneself then observe that you are silently talking what you are thinking and then try and stop the self-talk. What you will find is that you cannot think anymore or as you put it – you cannot nag yourself anymore. In fact, it was very observant of you to see that there is a nagging element to it. You have discovered for yourself a tool in your mind-body that you can use to bring on a silent mind. This is what a mantra does is cross-legged meditation – it distracts the mind away from self-talk and hence thinking as these 2 processes are wired to each other. One cannot exists without the other. So stop self-talk and the thinking process stops and this brings on the silent mind. You can use this technique anytime you want to bring on a silent mind. It is a walking-talking-anything-anytime meditation technique. No need for sitting cross-legged in the corner of the room but having said that cross-legged meditation is good for exploring deeper mind spaces in you.

When you have stopped your self-talking mind and this is an instant process of bringing on a silent mind in you then you will find in that silent state of no self-talk thinking another type of thinking is still in existence and that is intuitive thinking and a kind of pictorial thinking. This is less of a nagging type of self-talk thinking where the source was yourself, but a rather flow of thoughts from another source. The source is difficult to locate via observation. There is an element of daydreaming in this type of silent-mind, intuitive thinking. Some of it perhaps from your memory or repository of your past experiences. It can still be a kind of intuitive pictorial silent nagging and the difference from the previous self-talk thinking is the flow of thoughts in intuitive thinking cannot be manipulated to create the nagging psychological thinking that you had before. With intuitive pictorial thinking, one can only watch the “thoughts” coming through and passing by kind of flow of thoughts. If you stay in this silent intuitive state long enough you will find that these intuitive thoughts also disappear and the mind settles into another kind of mind-space in you – a kind of no-mind state of “being” with a “sense of knowing”. This is quite a pleasant state of mind and yet there is still this “sense of knowing” that comes with your observations as you are still using your 5 senses to navigate your waking working state. Now the source for this “sense of knowing” state of mind is not of oneself you might notice or at least that is what I have found for myself and strangely one can have a conversation with this source with a kind of “intention in mind”. “Intention in mind” is not the same as self-talk as we are now operating in the silent zone of the mind. One can intent a question to the source silently and in this way have a conversation with this source. All the information from this source is TRUE and is a fact. There are no lies or illusions created in this state of mind. Everything one will find is true and there is a sense of calm and relief in “being” in this mind-space as one does not have to figure things out as in verbal thinking. In this state, one could very well be having a conversation with the Cosmic, Universal, Brahman mind and its repository or its own Mind and perhaps that is why all is true with this type of thinking. Notice that our brain is still active here. Still working. Not completely at rest and silent with nothing in mind. There is still something to concentrate on. I guess but do not know that perhaps there is one more step the mind can take and that is to fall over the edge and into the void of nothingness with nothing to concentrate on. Just “being”. It must be wonderful to get and be in that state of mind. It would not seem like a working mind-space as nothing happens there. But all the same, it would be good to get there and see for myself what nothingness in mind feels like and be and become one with the source itself. I hope I could remember the experience of merging with the source when I get back to my working state of mind again.

or action of Truth via a silent mind,

Others have already been here: Edison on how he discovered the light bulb:

To think all this started because I noticed there was an inner voice constantly nagging me.

28 September 2019

Answer requested by Ed Kachur 


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