Synthetic Natural? Consciousness

I have been looking into some research that is starting to seriously look into how consciousness interacts with us. They go into some detail as to what signals the cells in our bodies transmits and hence adding all this up together the scientist are giving us an idea as to how we couple up with consciousness. This is natural consciousness they are talking about. But I am starting to think that some of their spooky conclusions might be flawed because they are not taking into account that there is a SYNTHETIC CONSCIOUSNESS in existence that is transmitted and created by the electrical infrastructure of our living space. So what they say is spooky is not really spooky after all as there is a tangible explanation for the spookiness. 

Even for the double-slit explanation when an observer is present – photons behave like waves rather than particles is because the presence of the observer in the lab observing has interacted with the electrical infrastructure of the lab and send a signal to the photon generator to behave differently. The interaction is not directly with the photon generator via consciousness but rather through the electrical wiring and infrastructure of the lab. Nothing spooky about this as the electromagnetic emissions from the lab because of ones presence in it is electromagnetic in character – that is they are like waves. The photons are still emitted as particles but their effects are hidden or camouflaged by these EM transmissions because of the presence of the observer in the lab. Duh OK. No mention of this in any of their explanations. You know what happens if any of this is true. Not that their experiments are not valid anymore but only their explanations are wrong and particle is still only particle and waves is still only behaving as waves and there is no nothing spooky about it and there is no Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in natural law.

This phenomenon of the infrastructure outside ones home bring in radio signals and some rogue radio signals into one’s homes can be easily be proved by using an induction loop receiver at the access in one’s home where the phone and broadband lines come into one’s home. I have written about this and please look it up. There is a synthetic consciousness in the ether created with modern living and this has been going on ever since electricity was created.

The tone in your phone line is used to monitor one’s thinking via tonal modulations because of one’s magnetic modulations of the body that couple up with the electrical infrastructure and when the microphone in the landline phone is remotely switched on (handsfree option is switched on remotely) the home becomes an induction loop system. The same induction loop system that the hard for hearing use to amplify the magnetic fluctuations for their hearing aids. Are we wired to our surroundings? If we are it is better we know as to how modern living standards and hidden technologies are influencing our lives. If not we are going to living in a daze of unknown phenomena and spooky happening. The natural unknown and unseen in us as per natural law was made for us via the natural evolutionary process. 

Here is an example of a recording from an access point. The diagram below explains where the access point is located.

Trace of recording at the access point using an induction loop receiver:

This is the recording: I leave you to make sense of what is coming down one’s phone line from outside one’s living space to inside. Everything that is heard here at the access point is carried through the rest of the infrastructure of the living space and to all of the appliances. I guess this happens because everything is connected to the ground cable of the power lines. I also must add that any anomaly or discrepancies that you might spot here in this recording if its original source is via a radio signal it could be coming from anywhere in the world or next to you. Also with your induction loop receiver in place at the access point and you walk to your landline phone and pick up the receiver and speak into the receiver without dialling a number – you would hear your voice at the access point. So voices and radio signals travel up and down this phone line. I am only a penny investigator and trying to find out the limitations of my own mind and how it can be influenced unknown to me, altering and triggering my thoughts and my perception of things. If I was still in only my verbal thinking mode I would be still reading about it to figure this out but occasionally switching to a silent mind and intuitive thinking I could sense myself through this maze. One then tends to develop a sense of how the natural laws of nature might work and also perhaps how natural consciousness connects us to the rest of the universe.

The synthetic consciousness has come about via ideas and illusions of verbal thinking and we have developed these ideas so far as to imprison ourselves into these ideas. The action of Truth via intuitive thinking and the silent mind is a different mind space altogether and the ideas from creative verbal thinking will be a lot more kosher if it went by the intuitive thinking process first before they were created for shenanigans instead. 

I was also curious as to what is in my vicinity that is unseen in as in radio signals. I noticed that there was a dominant signal around 143 Mhz. Around the FM range. So hooked up my software radio SDRRTL dongle to my computer and looked for the signal. I found this signal at the frequency around 143 Mhz. It is around the Ham radio band.

This is the trace for the recording: There was a tone hidden between the 2 peaks. It was a modulating tone just like the one from your phone line when you lift the receiver of your landline phone. 

It sounded like this:

This is a tonal signal transmitted via a radio signal that gets to every nook and corner of the living space. It will get absorbed by the infrastructure of the wiring outside your living space, come in through one’s access point for the phone and  broadband lines and the one’s power supply cables and into the wiring system around the home and get to all your appliances and the TV and the computer screen and it will play a tune for you in tonal modulations that carry a rogue subliminal message and tell you how to vote.

If you use an induction loop receiver on your walls and electrical sockets or listen to your refrigerator and one’s kettle boiling up with white noise or the buzz of your LED bulbs or your computer screen – you might hear a message or something of one’s mind in it. Better you know that not hence you know how the firewall in one’s mind needs to be designed.

Perception can be changed by these subtle differences in consciousness as it merges with its synthetic counterpart such that one might not be able to see the difference between one from the other. One needs to know that this is this and that is that. From what I know it is only the no-mind state of nothingness/being where there is no movement in mind of either verbal thinking or intuitive thinking or pictorial thinking that the mind can totally escape this intrusion and the other way is to not accept all your triggers for your thinking and cut down on psychological thinking which is an extension of verbal thinking. This is the source for most of the problems in the world today and also in our collective minds.

Perhaps these are new times: it is for this reason that this has been highlighted in our space and the present time to bring on the advent of the silent mind in our evolutionary cycle and the development of the next root race and to discover the powers latent in US as a whole. Working as ONE for Unity in Mind and peace on the planet. It is not going to come in any other way but through thinking – or rather, the control of the mind via control of verbal thinking and looking at other mind spaces to live in.

The whole process of evolution can be SPOOKY!

29 September 2019.


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